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5:23 PM.
" Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy June 30th, half of 2008 has passed already. Omg so freaking fast.

Am writing my portfolio now and am at the part of the UK TRIP! which makes me miss it all over again.

Anyway, Empty has been playing in my head all day for no rhyme or reason. IT'S SO PEK CHEK!

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

And Mr Ng gave some talk today about Finding What Matters to U and we played identify the rich man but all of us failed.

zzz, RJC should reply me by 4th july if not byebye LOL.

Love, Nic.

10:26 PM.
" Friday, June 27, 2008

YES! We all survived one week of school :D

jingqi and I went shopping today! But it was disappointing ): We tried on the same stuffs at pull&bear but they were only so-so and forever21 was bad and zara was crowded and boo. BUT! we each had a blizzard! And it was yum! (afterwards I got diarrhoea) but that's not the point :D

And animal farm shall stayover after EOYs! :D or maybe we shall da tong xiao ma jiang ...

I have great big plans on a friday night! :D
Love, Nic.
it's built to last, I heart you guys! ((:

9:35 PM.
" Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got a letter today. It was from the Blood Donation place. The envelope said "Because of you - Lives are saved." And that made me really happy (:

Inside there was a letter it went:

You saved 3 lives.
The recipients, their families, and we at Red Cross cannot thank you enough.

And it made me really really happy (:

And there was this award thingy (no, not mantis jingqi)
Bronze medallion (no not swimming either) 25 donations
Silver m 35
Ruby m 50
Gold m 70
Diamond 100
Champion of Champions 125

That's the number for girls, guys have to donate more, duh.
Anw, WOW, it made me so inspired to donate blood! But it reminded me of my nearfaint encounter which made my heart skip a beat.

And there was an inflatable paper ball like thingy that was the shape of a bag of blood it said

"Thank you for filling them with hope. Because of you - 3 lives have been saved. We have faith that you'll find happiness to fill more lives with hope"

And I was really really really happy (:

Maybe other people have gotten this letter tons of times and maybe I didn't save 3 lives but only 1 but since Red Cross sent out uniform letters to everyone who donated blood when their blood have been used, they couldn't edit it for me but anw if you didn't get that cos I didnt get it, I felt really happy (:

But I lost that feeling a while ago and I don't know why.

Love, Nic.
Finally, friday.

10:56 PM.
" Monday, June 23, 2008

Birds/Niaoers should not be allowed to reproduce! How can such foul creatures be given the right to manufacture more of their kind and pollute the entire world?! Pigeon shit is poisonous, IT CAN KILL! THEREFORE I URGE THE UN TO COME UP WITH A RESOLUTION TO DENY BIRDS THE RIGHT TO REPRODUCE MWAHAHAHAHAH *CONTINUES TO GUFFAW*

On the other hand, the first day of school wasn't that bad, but that's only the first day.

Love, Nic.

9:31 PM.
" Friday, June 20, 2008

"we are the noodle family!
broth runs through our veins~"

And so the crane('s unidentified wife) gave birth to a panda named Po and thus the birth of THE GOLDEN WARRIOR A.K.A KUNGFU PANDA.

Why isn't the sale here yettttttttttttt!

12:57 PM.

Just submitted my application form ... I also dunno what I'm doing leh sigh.

Guess what? I'm going to watch kungfu panda again with my mother later -.- LOL cos I think mama will like it and I'm a very good daughter :D And I'm really going to quit school! cos I believe I'm the next Bill Gates.

Love, Nic.
who's going bonkers

10:24 PM.
" Thursday, June 19, 2008

Decisions, decisions, I hate making decisions. I don't like choices either.

Kung fu panda was ROFLMAO and watching it with SE made it even funnier (: Ohyea, thankyou humgong for the giant box of cookies and getting lost (AGAIN) while finding my house -.- loser leh, dunno how many times alr.

I don't think I like French food, besides French fries and French toast.

I'm annoyed, I'm very annoyed. I hate school, I really hate school. No, I hate lessons but I like school when it's recess, lunch or CCA OR free periods when teachers don't appear.

I like erjie's barbie doll tshirt.


Love, Nic.

8:26 PM.
" Saturday, June 14, 2008

Okay people be prepared for an ultra long post with lotsa pictures (:

This post is about my trip to UK with SE from 2nd to 12th of June. The time difference was 7 hours and UK is slower than Singapore.

We took a morning flight and had to be at changi at 7am T.T where we all did last minute phototaking at the airport -.- with all the parents lol.

And then ALL ABOARD SQ FOR THE 13HOUR JOURNEY! T.T I HATE PLANE RIDES. Overall it was a horrible ride - my nose was running, had giddy spells and headache at certain parts and couldn't sleep ): But I watched Jumper, which I don't think is nice, and Enchanted and Koizora, or lian kong as most of you know it, but I think the plot sucks la, and I didn't cry -.- call me heartless. I mean what's with rape, unplanned pregnancy, foetus dies, and male lead dies?! So stupid! But then again it's a japanese drama. Anyway,

that's the only photo I took on the plane, me and joel :D he looks bad :P
I sat beside shimin cos I was at the aisle and joel was separated from me by the aisle -.- we tried to listen to music but then people kept walking pass us to go to the toilet, and the air stewards were walking up and down so we were interrupted many times >:( AND I DID SOMETHING VERY STUPID! called left my mp3 player on (when I wasn't listening!) for the bulk of the trip and thus it ended up with super low battery at the end of the flight -.- damn.
On the flight, we were super noisy and some people complained :P but whatever. There was another group from Gan Eng Seng who were on the same flight as us. Okay, that's random. Er, samson ordered like 5 packets of chips and annoyed the air stewards LOL and we ate jagabee :D
Little one (tan jiahui) was very scared of landing so I swapped seats with joelyee and held her hand all the way till touchdown :D joel says I'm 'motherly' ... LOL must have gotten that from xixi!
Then we arrived at Heathrow (:
Went to eat dinner near Bath where we were all zombies and rodion doesn't know why they put lemon in water. He believed samson's story ... loserodion.
Anyway stayed at Travelodge with shan and yunxiu for the next three nights.
Next day we went sightseeing at Bath. Following pictures were taken there.

Year4s! xiaowen, fel and me (:

The Roman Bath - why the call the place Bath (DENGDENG! enlightenment right?) It's raining so you can see some rain drops in the bath

Some wishing well thing. kawai, samson, joel and I each threw 2 pence in and made wishes (:

Then we (kawai, sam, joel, me) roamed around Bath. We ate some award winning cornish pasties and went into this Art Gallery thingy to kill time.

Don't you think this human with the super large head and smile skipping is super cute and happy?! And the entire thing is only balanced on the part of the 'rope' that touches the base.

Saw this sign and realised it's vegetarian food, and it's really free! But sam was too 'shy' too try ... urgh.
AHHA! This is a super ZHUAI bird. It's huge! We think it's a seagull and if you try to go near it, it will just move a step or 2 ... won't fly away! SUPER ZHUAI! yucks, BURN you damn thing. (HOR JINGQI!)

Sorry if you know me, you'll know I hate birds, niaoers actually. And the birds in UK are super disgusting I needed bodyguards by my side 24/7 namely anyone LOL.

This beautiful fountain spits out water from the Roman Bath. It tastes like shit mixed with rotten eggs, literally. Looks are deceiving.

Random shot. If you could photoshop and make the peripheral of the busker be blurred and only he's clear, it'll be a nice shot! But I don't know how to do that. (xizi, care to have the honour?)

And that brings me to a random point that all my photos are not edited! Firstly cos I don't know how to do it and secondly cos I don't have the program and thirdly cos I'm lazy to ask anyone else to do it and lastly cos it's REAL :D

Then we visited some place I forgot the name -.-

little one, me and jiemin (with her eyes closed) and the pretty flowers :D

Flowers there are really big and pretty! Maybe cos they have 4 seasons and it's currently summer ... ignore the sweaters.

Saw a phone booth and we HAD to take photos!

jiemin on the phone with a long queue of irritated people namely joey, karis and tesia. I like this shot cos jiemin looks so oblivious to her surroundings while the rest of them are so annoyed (:

That's me with kawai and jiemin('s head) in the background lol they sneaked behind me and I got a shock when I turned around


sam made joel piggyback him to the toilet -.-

This is actually a busstop. They have little houses for busstops! How cute ... no, I'm not in there, I took the photo.

Er, pretending it's prison -.-

Random flowers around a house (:

Subin VERY contented with her icecream (:

taxy, kawai and I back at Bath

... like our middle names?

me and karis, background is the famous bath landmark, sorry I dunno the name lol

A goose and her goslings ... I only took it cos the goslings looked fluffy and cute

kawai and yunen taking pictures of each other -.-

Random fake pretty cupcake looking things I saw at a shop window! (pigger, you so wanna eat it right!)

DENG DENG! FISH AND CHIPS~~~ (are you envious of the picture, zenn?)
HAHA, AT THE TRAVELLODGE! Shit I'm in my PJs and stitchy is on my shoulder, his face is covered by shan's head
shan, me, en, jolene, little one, mich
LOL AND MY BAG IS WIDE OPEN WITH MY PAUL FRANK POUCH STICKING OUT (ahem repeat, paul frank pouch jingqi :P)

Next day we had Cotswold walk. It's a pretty LONG walk with nothing much to see besides trees, grass, maize and the b-e-a-utiful sky! omg the sky is reaaallyyyyy pretty! makes pictures oh-so-nice to look at, just like in postcards :D and jeff & haopengyou agree! :D It was supposed to be a 7km walk but was shortened by alot alot cos we had no time and the guide knew there were losers like me who would have died by the end of 7km lol.

Random houses before the start of the walk

me, joel, hpy
we look very happy hor? :D
OMGGGGGGG~~~ yes, it's NOT EDITED! I mean look at the tiankonggg~~~ and the cao~~~
kawai, me, little one and the beautiful scenery (:
spastic samson and kawai pretending to be er, PK-ing? (lol I know what's PK LEH! learnt it during the trip -.-)

that's my bei ying -.- I was wearing a checkered shirt that matched my checkered bag

Then we went off to oxford university town. It's a quaint little town that I like! Visited some campuses and yes, I wanna study there (lolol) the guide was super nice and informative (:
MORE SKY~ the building is part of their library

SKY + boys playing cricket
Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed with the sky as you can see. Anyway, the next day we went to Windsor Castle for a lil tour.
fel and me outside the castle
SE~ on castle ground :D shan't bother listing who's who, if you wanna know then ask me la huh.
christina anana and patsy castle church and the tiankong :D
I like this pic, the random pink guy makes a good model lolol
my imba camwhore skills --- SIX PEOPLE!
joel, kawai, mich, me, little one, yunen :D we're waiting to see the dollhouse and state apartments

cat with eyes closed ...
But it's cute both ways x)
rod also bought this super cute bear for his sis (which I bet he's gonna steal)

Then we were off to LONDON!

jiemin and I at piccadilly circus :D

We went to SOAS (forgot the lengthened version of the school name) to have a music lecture and had our lunch there (:

yunen and I at the SOAS canteen :D

little one being very confused

little one - note the way she holds her cutlery ... sigh.

Ahya, I can't remember the order of where I went when so just go with the flow lol. The following pics were taken at the British Museum. Didn't hang out with the seniors cos they were rehearsing for the performance at St Olaves so I was with the year2s - jolene, yunen, tjh, mich - and darren throughout (: Ohyea, though our performances had veryvery few audience but we still got quite a bit of tips and the experience of playing in a church with super good accoustics was fantastic! :D

MUMMIES! Real preserved mummies ... eew.

THAT'S AN UNWRAPPED MUMMY ... EEW! It's like chaota black eurgh.

AFTER SEVEN ATTEMPTS! we successfully got everyone's head into this picture, phew! and we look like retards in the museum lolol
darren, jolene, yunen, mich, me, little one
I think this picture is artistic but everyone else doesn't, bla.
darren's shot at camwhoring - NOT BAD! we're at the stairs of the museum lol
darren, me, little one, mich, yunen, jolene

Talking about camwhoring, Tong Kawai possesses great potential! He just needs to learn a few more tricks and practise lol! that's us, at the entrance of the museum, asked some guy to take photo for us (:
darren, mich, yunen, little one, jolene, me
me and darren with our hoods
at tower bridge! jolene, yunen, little one (a bit cutoff), me :D
WHEEEEEEEEEE~ the same people (: with darren and mich

(right to left) me, karis, faith (splits top) tesia, jiemin (splits bottom) joey, ben ... if you get what I mean haha
me and hpy on the bridge to Royal Festival Hall :D
We went to Royal Academy of Music (RAM) to have our music exchange with the students as well as our workshop. The exchange was shortlived! but fun and an experience (: I met Tom and Enya and they seem really friendly and nice (: Tom is super cute! and blur and shy I had to start the conversation -.- and he's the same age as me! (:
That's Duke Hall in the academy, really grandeur and pretty (:
For lunch, eileen (our guide) dabao-ed sandwiches, water and these COOKIES TO DIE FOR!!! Read the title ... ohgod, I'm making joel buy a packet back for me :D
We also went shopping at Covent Garden (LOL OLLY THE PLACE WHERE YOU GOT LOSTTT :PP)

me and karis (:

Then we went to eat Pizza Hut that night to celebrate yunxiu's bday! eileen is super nice! She bought party hats and a really yummy double chocolate cake and let us have free flow of pizza (which taxy broke the record and ate ELEVEN? slices, beating the guys and my entire table cos the 4 of us ate 2 slices each only!) WHEE, she's super nice la :D:D:D

me and yunen
fel with 5 party hats lolol
yunen trying to imitate joel's smile LOLOL :P (humgong, you loser! :P)
me and humgong, that's joel's cantonese name that kawai and I came up with. Feel free to call him that :D
yunxiu blowing out the candles on her pretty cake on her 17th bday (:
jiemin and me! :D me and kawai :DD I think we look nice in this pic
me, hpy, rod and aaron behind :D
the sun was setting when we finished our concert at the Royal Festival Hall
I ABSOLUTELY HEART THIS PICTURE! Note the plane, I like the plane against the hues of the sunset (:
oh btw, the sun sets at around 930pm cos it's summer hoho
the bridge to RFH at sunset

More sightseeing, following shots outside Buckingham Palace.

I like this pic. The taxi says 'Hands up if you want faster broadband' and the statue behind has his hands up lol! Not bad ah.
me in my beret with kawai!
Went for dinner with joel, darren, kaili, eileen, jefferson at wagamama, this japanese ramen place and walked for about half an hour to get there. It was worth the walk! On the way back saw some random shops and sights (:


Random building - I like the two tones, and the moon (:

Took some people sightseeing one morning, I felt like a tour guide :D

JUMP SHOT! in front of St Paul's Cathedral :D
Out of three, it's the only one I'm jumping in ... what a weird pose, I know.
shan, me, rod, sam, joel, kawai, yunxiu

sam, joel and kawai near Tower Bridge ... I think they look so cute!
me, joel, kawai, sam :D
After sightseeing, I went shopping with joelyee at oxford circus where we met patsy, billybob, little one and mich lol. It was VERY FUNNY shopping with joel. We walked v.far to find Longchamp and embarrassed ourselves at Armani and he bought 2 belts I bought 2 pairs of shorts :D It was fun! :D

me posting my postcards :D

On the last day (T.T), we did last minute shopping~ after sending joel off to the train station to Liverpool where he's in now and is coming back tmr (:

shan and I in SPASTIC SPECS! (no, we didn't buy them)

At the airport, final camwhores :D

shan and I in MY best smile! (do we look alike?)

patsy, billybob and anana in our spastic smiles :D:D:D

kawai, taxy and me :D

samson pouting on the plane LOLOL

Didn't take shots of the International Student House where we stayed in in London, but I really loved sharing the room with the seniors and faith and of course, the gossips till 2am!


Love, Nic.
hope you had fun reading this :D cos I had fun writing it while reliving the memories :D

Now I feel guilty about homework and whatnot that awaits, I wanna return to UK!

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btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
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