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10:16 AM.
" Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm watching Enchanted later; out with jess tmr; shopping with erj on fri; prolly going escape on saturday; wanglihong on sunday; HONGKONG ON MONDAY.

Hohoho, merry christmas.

I went caroling last friday and it was great fun! And err, jingqi came over to GET WET IN THE RAIN -.- plus take neoprints plus bake and play ahtubo lol.

And pigger pangseh me again! So we can never get our chi proj done now ): ah, who cares la.

I don't want school to start, I'll be soursixteen booooo.

I am in no mood to blog, so I'm writing random sentences -.-

Love, Nic

Oh, since I'm going to hongkong, my blog will stay dead. Please still come cos I still love you (:

8:17 PM.
" Thursday, November 22, 2007

Went to watch Hero today! It was funny but kinda draggy. Like it though, and the lead actor isn't that good looking ): oh well.

Next I wanna watch Enchanted, Golden Compass and I Am Legend. Ohohoh! And there's this new show coming out starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro (correct?) OMG ALL THE FAMOUS BIG SHOT GUYS MANZ, but I think it'll NC16 cuz it looks kinda violent like war and rape and stuff o.0

Then ros, sop and ash came over and played MAHJONG cos just nice 4 people :D And ashley takes a superrrrrrrrrrrrr long time to decide and sophia was sooooo lucky, dunno win how many times. ASK YOUR MOTHER GO BUY 4D! lol and my erjie cooked dinner :D

I gave up watching Heroes (the serial) cos it comes in so many parts and it's getting sooooo confusing. So before Tyra Benz comes and bug me again, I think I should continue watching ...


I'm bored, I shall steal a quiz from jiaxuan (:

Your Boy Side
guess how many? after all I'm 90% a man lol
[x] You love hoodies
[x] You love jeans
[x] Dogs are better than cats
[ ] It's hilarious when people get hurt (lol sadist)
[x] You've played with/against boys on a team (PE counted?)
[ ] Shopping is torture (HOW CAN IT BEEEE??!!)
[ ] Sad movies suck (I like emoing sometimes, maybe I got it from my shifoo lol)
[ ] You own an X-Box
[ ] Played with Hotwheels cars as a kid (eew?)
[ ] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter (I'm already so hot can xD)
[x] You own a DS, PS2 or Sega (technially, that's my mom's but I play it most of the time :D)
[x] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers. (YEA! I WAS PINK RANGER AND MY SISTER WAS YELLOW LOLOL)
[x] You watch sports on TV (err, pingpong counted?)
[ ] Gory movies are cool
[ ] You go to your dad for advice
[ ] You own like a trillion baseball caps
[ ] You like going to football games (dunno, never been to one. wanna take me?)
[ ] You used to/do collect baseball cards
[ ] Baggy pants are cool to wear
[ ] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
[x] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors (green and red, I loveeee santa)
[x] You love to go crazy and not care what people think. (I'm like that alllll the time ... no?)
[x] Sports are fun (HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT :D)
[x] Talk with food in your mouth. (most people do what, no meh?)
[ ] Wear boxers. (define boxers.)

Total = 11/25 points (omg only 44% neh *gasp!)

Your Girl Side
[/] You wear lip gloss (mostly overseas)
[x] You love to shop (LIKE DUHHHH!!!)
[ ] You wear eyeliner
[ ] You have some of the same shirts in different colors (that's kinda retarded lol)
[x] You wear the color pink (yea but I don't look good in it)
[x] Go to your mom for advice
[x] You consider cheerleading a sport (all the cheerleaders are damn skinny what lol)
[ ] You hate wearing the color black (no it makes you look slim :D)
[x] You like hanging out at the mall
[x] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures (never tried, but I think I will :D)
[x] You like wearing jewelry
[/] Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe (not big, but they're there)
[x] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies (I LOVE SHOPPING.)
[ ] You don't like the movie Star Wars (I LIKE! :D)
[ ] You are/were in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance (I'd look like a dancing chicken -.-)
[/] It takes you around 1 hour to shower, get dressed, and put on make-up and accessories (depends what event)
[x] You smile a lot more than you should (at least I think I do ...)
[x] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes (heh)
[x] You care about what you look like (you don't meh?)
[ ] You like wearing dresses when you can (prefer skirts/pants)
[ ] You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne (I WILL SNEEZE LIKE MAD)
[x] You wear girl underwear (find me a girl that wears men underwear la)
[x] Used to play with dolls as little kid (I was forced to play barbie with my sister heh)
[ ] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it (never tried ...)
[/] Like taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone/camera when you're bored (myself + other people la :P)

Total = 13.5/25 points (OMG I AM A GIRL!!! lol)

Okay, credits to jiaxuan. I'm gonna watch something else alr. Tata!

Love, Nic.

9:50 PM.
" Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I've been so lazy to blog cuz I've been watching Hana Yori Dango I and II! Well, I've finished it and might I say that all 4 guys are pretty gay, especially domyouji but the lead actors are kinda cute together! x) And Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui) looks so much better here than in Hana Kimi. Andandand, my favourite guy is the playboy, Nishikado!!!

And I kinda like this series better than Hana Kimi COS IT'S LONGER. Damn jdramas, forever 9-15 episodes long -.-

If you're completely clueless up till now, let's move on.

I've been doing nothing but watching my jdrama on mon&tues&today. Yea, that's about it. And PIGGER PANGSEH ME ON TUESDAY *muahahaha* nola, just joking, CUZ ASHLEY STOLE HER AWAY! okay, joking, joking. And MY ERJIE'S HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

*smiles like a retard*

And I'm gonna watch HERO (the movie) with ash, ros and sop tmr :D

Love, Nic.
no, I'm not drafting any jap school posts ... lazy la (:

1:46 PM.
" Monday, November 19, 2007

Wello! Continuation of my trip to the jap school. This post only covers what the school looks like and the classroom too (:

Day two maybe later or some other dayyyy~

So, let's take a tour :D

When you enter the school, you'll see 3 rows of shelves. They're for putting shoes cos they change the shoes that they wear indoors and outdoors. Each class has it's own shelf and on one side, shoes for girls, the other, for guys. My class is 1-2. And there are 3 levels only! (as in like sec1,2,3) And they don't have uniform! Can wear whatever they like (: unlike our big, fat, uniform that makes everyone look so fluffy.

My shoes are in the plastic bag ... the most unglam -.-

Behind the shoe shelves, is the staff room! I got to go inside :D In the morning, you can see all the teachers walking around busily cos the windows are made of glass -.-

The school logo, I think

Some banner hung on the outside of the corridor. It says something like students&teachers advance together? lol.

The football field. jiaxuan and I were laughing cuz their field has no grass -.-

Moving on to the classroom ...

This says: youkoso ichi no ni he nikoru san, jiaxuan san
meaning: welcome to 1-2 nicole and jiaxuan :D

Everyday, they change their date on the blackboard, they also write who's on duty that day, and their GOAL of the day. Cute hor?
That day's goal was to listen to what the teachers say haha cos they were very noisy the previous day (:

And on this whiteboard at the side of the class, they have their timetable written, what books to bring/work to pass up, and who's absent, came late or leaving early. SO ORGANISED LA.
They only know their timetables at the last period of the previous day, it's not fixed like ours.

THEIR SEATING PLAN. I was seated centre block, first row, blue color seat. Sigh, I'm like destined to be in front -.-

At the back of their classroom, it's like their lockers where they stuff whatever junk they want like books and sweaters. Cos most of them bring two bags (one for books and another for bento? or random stuff) they usually stuff one bag in the cubicle. Yeap!

(from left to right) jiaxuan, MEEEEEE, chinatsu (girl who gave me jelly!), sanami (girl who's really good at english) and tomomi (((:
And the objective of this picture is to show you that the WOODEN TABLES ARE SUPER CUTE.

And they have this hook to hang your bags so it won't touch the ground!!! INGENIUS!!! We have to buy these tables man.

TADAAAA! I absolutely love the blackboard. Oh, and it says "ji suo bu yu, wu shi yu ren" LOL and they asked jiaxuan and I to read it in chinese -.-


Okay, I just had my kimchi rice and huaishan soup, feeling super good now :D

Love, Nic.

12:10 PM.


And hor, I might get the 2nd day's one out today cuz I'm all alone at home with homeworknothing to do :D

That's a lot of hors.

Love, Nic.

6:25 PM.
" Sunday, November 18, 2007

In case you're wondering if I'm dead, well, I'm not.

I've been having insomnia lately. Can't sleep, been waking up at the oddest times of the morning like 4am (ZOMG THE TIME WHERE PEOPLE FEEL MOST SUICIDAL according to Royston Tan *GASP!) and even when I take afternoon naps also sleep for only 10 mins -.- WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!!

My personal message on MSN is "why should I be sane without you?" and it's lyrics from Never Be Lonely but I think for my case it should be "why should I be insane without you?" cos I'm always so crazy :D

Yesterday so many people wanted to date me! (as usual) There were seniors! to buy present for zarapara who's bday is today HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZARA! ii lubb euuux ... and jingqi-su! cos she's so bored (and can't wait to see my bob) but I chose to accompany ashleytanyuanzeng cos he's so desperate to get a new blogskin + I needed him to help me with JLPT listening cuz he's about the only wuliao person who would read out paragraphs and paragraphs of repetitions like "ona no hito to otoko no hito ga hanashiteiru" lol.

But my dear friend came late! So I finished sewing my grape that doesn't look like a grape but I think is super cute but in the morning I bought a jacket that had a skull on it :DDD it's a damn small skull but it shows my KEWL-ness lol. And then went shopping! with my cousin peiyuin for a while (: before I went home to await thegreatashley.
We spent sooooooooooooo long looking for ash's blogskin and finally found one! (GUYS BLOGSKINS ARE DAMN HARD TO FIND, CAN SOMEONE CREATE MORE GUYISH BLOGSKINS MANZZZZ) It's super cool, guyish, with a green guitar! Thought of getting the pink one but it's so lovers-like, it's WRONG. Then we played monopoly in chinese and guess what? The biased computer won again -.- Then he went home and we camwhored in the dark just before reaching the forest -.- what a great place hor?

My mother cleared a few boxes of junk this morning and found this super cute pikachu!!! KAWAII NE!!!

And yea, I'm still working on my superlonglonglong overdue post on the jap school. Heh, sorry jiaxuan and all you people waiting :D

Kay, I gtg eat dindin.

Love, Nic.
Maybe I just don't belong la.

9:11 PM.
" Thursday, November 15, 2007

I know I have a longgggggg overdue post on my 3 DAY TRIP TO THE SINGAPORE JAPANESE SECONDARY SCHOOL but I might get it out by tmr or saturday or sunday or ... It'll probably be in 2 posts cos pictures make everything complicated rar. But anyway it was a really enlightening, enjoyable, great, fun + *insert all positive adjectives here* Definitely MUSTGO AGAIN! :DDDD

So anyway, I still think I look weird in pics but have to post the pics la, cos the children are just too kawaii! Especially this little boy omg he's the cuter, shorter, cuter, cuter, cuter version of zenntan! So you can imagine just how cuteeeeeee he is. Plus they're all really small now cos in sec1 and they speak jap and they are JUST DAMN CUTE LA OKAY. I swear I think I mix too much with xizi that I have become paedophillic (dunno how to spell -.-) ... and jiaxuan (the girl who is in the same jap class as me for the past 3 days) says its okay cos only 2 years difference MUAHAHAHA.

Bah, I'll miss 1-2 so much!!! And emma tooooooooo. I have like japanese contacts and smses in my phone with all these cute people saying thankyou for the chocolates I gave out today (:

zettai mata ikitai~

Love, Nic.
kbox is off tmr, boohoo ):

8:18 PM.
" Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MUAHAHAHA HERE IT IS!!! (zzz, only the first day)

Warning: I don't look very nice in the pics, so don't look at me. For once, LOOK AT THE OTHER THINGS IN THE PICTURE HOR :D Yea, I know you're thinking, how can nic NOT look good? xD

Singapore Japanese Secondary School a.k.a SJSS
I wish I could document every single emotion I had ... but I can't. So I'll try my best to tell you e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Cos it was such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. You can't imagine how different yet similar 2 cultures can be. If you ever come across such an opportunity, don't be stupid like ashley and forget to submit the consent form or be like siswo and not wanna go, GRAB IT YOU FOOL!


Firstly, we had to wait for the hosts at the 'lobby' of the school. My host was veryveryvery late and it felt like you were picked last to be on a team. Plus, everyone was staring at you like you're some idiot. So anyway, she finally came! And with this namecard,


Then we had an opening ceremony where we were given FLOWERS! PRETTY FLOWERS! And that already made my day la (: Next, they have like homeroom (or our interaction period -.-) where their form teacher, a super nice lady by the name of nakamaru sensei, comes and the students take turns to 'be the monitor' and say our "class stand" and "class bow" or their "kiritsu" meaning class stand, "kiwotsukete" or smthing of that sort, that means stand straight or attention, and "rei" meaning bow. And they say "onegaishimsu" or like duo duo zhi jiao instead of our good morning or good afternoon. COOL EH? And the same person (which is changed each day) also says announcements and stuff.

After history (superduperboring) , the singaporean students had separate classes and we played games and did karate! :DDD

This quiz has 6 questions and shows how jap you are. Of course, it's a joke.

1. When you talk on the phone, you always bow.
3. In one telephone call, you bow at least 3 times.
4. When you pose for pictures, you MUST have the peace sign.
5. You must find out the blood type of foreigners.
6. When you're in a crowded place, you use your hands to "pekopeko" to pass through. (sorry la, dunno how to explain pekopeko, it's an action made by the hand)

This is some japanese game where you have the whack off the bottom pieces one by one without letting the pieces on top fall (:

Japanese top!

We did origami! And made a samurai hat (supposedly)

(some girl from my jap class that's ashley's girlfriend*BELLE*'s friend -.-) and me in karate suits!

Me and the karate teacher! He's actually a science teacher lol dunno if his black belt real or not ...

Then we had lunch and their school doesn't have canteen so everyone brought bentos! Super cuteeeee. I brought like 3 pathetic sandwiches -.- and chinatsu, this really cute girl, gave me a jelly! :D

It's pineapple and lychee combo :D

Err, then some extra lesson? I dunno ... well, I saw EMMA! :D Who's some big shot conducting the lesson :P And I reallyreallyreally missed her (: After that was science lab where they were learning about crystallisation and molecular structure. And the teacher was so impressed with jiaxuan and me cuz we could write NICE-LOOKING *ahem* jap words heh. The teachers are really cute manz.


Then math lesson where they were doing graphs of proportions which at first I thought was COORDINATE GEOMETRY :D:D:D but anyway, it was funfunfun cuz I understood (: Yay, ANOTHER CUTE TEACHER.


Then my host called arina, had CCA which was artclub and I love their room! I mean, LOOK AT THE PAINT, SO PRETTY LA!


Ohya and look, they all use blackboards leh! So cute ;)


They do nothing but draw whatever they want and waste their time away until 5:15 comes, they back up and take the school bus home. Lucky pigs.


Haha, two more to go before I finish my overoveroverdue post. Maybe tmr kay? Cos I have nothing on tmr (:

Love, Nic.

8:48 PM.
" Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's start from the past (hardly any pics, wait till I think I look nice-er)
2G chalet was awwwwwwesome! That was when I realised it only took 24mins from city hall to tampines on mrt and it's really convenient lol. Met weijia first then a lotta people came even weiwei and muqiao and yuesing! Ah, cute! Then we went supermarket-ing and ate lunch. Borrowed DVDs till we missed the shuttle bus so we had to cab there.

Oh, the chalet bungalow brought back so many memories of last year's and 2G (:

We PLAYED MAHJONG! (HAHAHA JINGQI-SU!) and wanted to bowl&sing but too late then played vball and ate maggi mee -.- Then I had to leave and go bangkok! Argh, apparently they still had a lotttttttta fun (without me) the next two days. CAN WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE SOON? Cos even Eustance's suffering from post chalet syndrome hohoho.

Only nicky was laughing at my hair and saying how it could bounce lol. And ohohoh! since we couldn't go sing, nicky, daniel and I went uppity-up stairs and had our own karaoke! With our handphones (and daniel's highhigh voice) and sang till we lost our voice :D FUN!!! That's why we're going this fri, to sing our voices hoarse (again) ! WHEEEEEEEEEE, then we drank honey water (((:
And before that amanda and I camwhored like maddddddd. Like 18 pictures & more. Ohgod, you can't imagine. If you ever get hold of my camera, HOHOHO. We are so crazyyyyy!

This is only 1 out of 18 yo.

HAHAHAH. See what I mean lol (: Don't say I act cute, you think I am :P

Let's do it again ;)

I HEART 2G'06 FOREVER! &ever&ever&ever&ever ...


Thailand trippppp - was basically waking up, eating buffet breakfast, shopshopshop eateateat walkwalkwalk go back hotel, pigout :D

Pretty pic of the planeeee~ I know it's illegal to switch on electronic devices lol :P but it's SUCH A B-E-A-UTIFUL SKY!

Didn't buy lots of stuff, and we only shopped at emporium, paragon, centralworld and little shops near our hotel. We're so ... pampered.

Cute skull case I bought to store ... tissue -.- kawaii neh?

But the food was sooooooooo good. Mango with sticky rice, pad thai, thai iced tea, beef ball noodles, tom yam soup. Man! I bet your mouth is watering already :D

Oh, there are realllllllly a lotta sissys there. Yeo suspects it's becuz of the language ... and I kinda agree. It's really sissypok lol. [JEZZ YOU SHOULD STAY THERE HAHAHA :P]


Yesterday I did nothing. My cousins [super cute small lil people] came over and played DS Mario Kart like mad lol. I'm gonna WIN THE GRANDPRIX AND UNLOCK DRY BONES HEHHE ;D Okay, I sound deranged. And we baked Cookies 'n' Cream cupcakes! They were yummy (: And I have an ouran theme for (my/my mom's) DS. Yay, kyouya!

Super cute/annoying cousins! Isabelle and Michael (: eating the cupcakes we made!


DS THEME - OURAN!!! (heart!)


bottomy :D

TODAY. I went for violin lesson and then sat ms ku's van to SE.

ms ku: actually quite liu xing leh
me: huh? when?
ms ku: my time la!
me: -.-
ms ku: actually you look like a jap girl
me: -.-

But then she said some enlightening words

"Looks don't show a person's character"

WOWZ. Yay, I'm not like WillyWonka, or Edna Mode, or Ririn (: But they're all really cute people, no?

Then I have shown my hair to everyone at SE (excluding those peoples who didn't come like darren&jiemin&whonot), 2G (excluding other people), plus chingying, vanessa, tzelin and steffie. Okay, random people but tzelin and steffie like my hair! So I guess it's not that bad (: tzelin said I should do more crazy hairstyles and set trends, crazy girl. And then we started talking about pokemon -.-


Then I had lunch and watched stardust! with sexytaxy, haopengyou and joelyeexianguang :D with taxy moaning on the taxi on how hungry she is.

Stardust is a wonderfully cute show! Luckily I didn't watch it on the plane, it would have ruined the whole cinema atmosphere. GLOWGLOWGLOW I WANNA GLOW lol let's be fireflies. Ah, I shan't spoil the show for youuuu out there. GO WATCH IT! just cuz nic says so (: And there's eye candy too, though he may start of kinda bad looking ;)

And I'm going to the jap school tmr! Though my buddy isn't emma anymore, hope I can see her :D And imma go see how they do their bentos and bring it on wed and thurs and maybe to school! (((: Andandand they have origami classes! TRES CUTE (lol robert deniro in stardust) !

Shall I watch heroes tonight? I kinda wanna stay online ...

Now I'm talking to mel and mel (who's my primary school friend SINCE LIKE PRI1) met lionel! (who's a super tall&smart&cute lion) and mel is telling me that he himself thinks short girls are cute therefore I'M NOT CUTE MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Pardon me, I'm delusional :D

Love, Nic.

9:07 PM.
" Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'M BACKKK!!!! Well, duh, if not I wouldn't be posting.

I'm getting used to my shortshort hair now (: Okay, I shall reply all your lovely tags! Which you guys bothered to even come here though I was in bangkok~ eee, in xizi's words, lovelove!

ros: hello, I'm not willywonka rar.

jess: LOLOL! hua chi! want a bf for what? you've got me eh? I'm 90% a man plus a reallyreally good listener and talker and crazycrazy girl :D andandand I have short hair now, look more manly! Okay, only we've got some height issues to settle (:

ash: LOL! see you soon and we can both camwhore with our funky hairstyles :D

jingqi: I MISSED YOU GIRL! crazy mahjong addicted auntie. yesyes, we can always mahjong now that I'm backkkk~

jarrel: duhhh I rmb you. and why do I have to treat you to wanglihong's concert?! o.0 denny's lying lol

anon: HELLO DAJIE/ERJIE. But I think you're a dajie (: I MISS YOU TOO!

sunye: LOL you're impig right o.0 heh. hello to you too.

mich: lol heyhey see you tmr~

jh: LOL! I can't imagine joelyee shopping freak o.0

joel: why shop? got gf ah huh? must keep up with fashion standards lolol

And that's it! Thanks again people. I'm tired to blog now zzz thailand was tiring ... tell you guys abt it tmr. I shall post pics tmr too cos I wanna reveal my hair to SE before I post pics, heh.

Ohyea, 2G CHALET WAS THE BOMB! lol and can we have another one? lol (((: okayokay, tmrtmrtmr.

Love, Nic.

7:50 PM.
" Monday, November 05, 2007

I just look ... different.

It takes a while to get used to, I guess. Anyway hair grows back and laugh all you want to cuz I'm strong yo.

Love, Nic.

2:18 PM.

That's why I don't like watching any dramas and getting so addicted. Cos once it's over, it's over. Watching it again is useless and the feeling isn't there anymore. It's unlike songs where you can listen repeatedly and the feeling remains ... well, until you get sick of it. Argh, and then you have to look for another one to replace the emptiness. And the byebyecycle repeats.

7:13 PM.
" Sunday, November 04, 2007

There, I linked you.

6:11 PM.

Desperation falls upon my knees.

I NEED TO BE SLIM!!! I intend to take up a sport this holidays (even you even consider these 2 months a holiday with all the hmwk&what not) but I doubt it will come true T.T I need to grow taller and slim down!

I have 14 months to grow to 160cm before my free lunch flies away!!!


On another note, I'm gonna list down what holiday hmwk I have, my calendar for these 2 months and who I NEED to see, so you can date me asap! (: lol it rhymes

LA - 5 article reviews
HCL - lame project + book review
Bio - prac paper
Chem - prac paper
Phy - ws
Math - ws


My schedule starting tmr:
you can still date me on weekends lol :D
5/11 FREE lol
6/11 golien chalet
7/11 - 10/11 Bangkok!
12/11 SE
13/11 - 15/11 Jap school
16/11 - 21/11 FREE
22/11 3J outing?
23/11 - 30/11 FREE
3/12 - 15/12 Hongkong!
17/12 - 19/12 SE camp/chalet
20/12 - 24/12 FREE

After these, the dates are err, usually for hmwk doing or celebrating. And, dec is kinda uncertain cos we gotta go caroling&busking :D Wellwell, we can always fixed dates later. Ohman, I really seem desperate leh -.-

Anyway, also putting these dates&hmwk at the side of my blog cuzzz I don't wanna keep referring back to this post. And some FREE dates I need to do hmwk&projs, so I'm less free than I seem. mmhmm.

Okay, moving on to who I need/want to meet tsk.

dearest pigger, cos we have to do the lame chi proj -.-
sophiaaaaa, cos she's dying to see me (:
ashleigh, to play/prac for JLPT!
jezz, to ... burn holes (:
mahjong aunties!!!+ uncles? to do what we do best, duh.
MY ERJIE :DDDD who's coming back in 16 days yo.
emma? maybe? (:

Yeap. Be honoured if your name's up here okay!!!


Today's the 4th of Nov, the day where you can confess to someone you like and if the person likes you, he/she will pull the string and pour flowers on you and you two shall live happily ever after (or not). But if he/she doesn't like you, the string pulled will splash water upon you and you shall be drenched&humiliated for the rest of your life.

Duh, the girl got her flowers.

I love fairytales. I love JDramas. I love having flowers poured on me.

Love, Nic.

3:54 PM.
" Saturday, November 03, 2007

I feel like revamping the golien and appl3Juice blog but I'm such a noob I can only take blogskins from blogskins.com -.- so if you guys mind, then too bad, we shall leave it at its dilapidated state.

Oh, I just realised blogger has limits to the no of pics I put!!! Damn, that means I have to del pics next time so I can put new ones? ARGH, THIS SUCKS.


Went to Sim Lim Square to err, figure out why my cam was so blurry sometimes and not blurry sometimes. Turns out it was because of my noobiness, again. And I realised my camera had another function of shooting 2/3/4 pics in the same picture (though I dunno what the use is for) and it's quite cool! (:

Random picture of the cam shop the man took to show me the function lol

After that, mother and I went to Isetan cos we thought 12.30 was too early to go home lol. We're so lame. And we wasted 1.5 hours and went home at 2 -.-

I like this topman tag! It's super cute, isn't it?
For All Your Shirting Needs :D

Okay la, actly I took a photo of this tag cos I thought it was For All Your Flirting Needs rather than Shirting Needs -.- I'm not horny, I just mistook the tag! We all make mistakes okay.

And then we decided to indulge in Gelatissimo, you know the one outside Isetan cos my mom claims she's never eaten here before. TADAA! Love the signboard, so retro.

A random picture from the shop. It's so pretty&happy!

Muahaha. Our choc mint flavoured ice cream. YUM. Look at it ooze out of the cup!!! But actly it's quite expensive. One scoop like this costs $4.20 lor.

And so we couldn't waste a single mouthful :D
mother: we did this ice cream justice.


Okay wait. Story first.

My mother wanted to buy a phone. So we went down to the singtel shop on thursday. I saw a BIG FAT poster saying that if you buy w910i, you will get 2 FREE wanglihong concert tickets + ringtones, screensavers and wallpapers in the phone. DUH, I WANTED HER TO GET IT! Plus, sony rocks (hahaha cos my mom said sony = sound of nicole yim lol) and the tickets were worth $256 and my mom only had to pay $198 for the phone cos she upgrade then got some discount on 3G phone. That means the phone was practically free!

But the singtel man, Gilbert, said the tickets were "sold out long ago" so my mom thought nvm la, good phone then buy lor. But being very kiasu, my mother was scared there would be a discount during the weekends (as that happened to my previous phone -.-) so she didn't buy it and told Gilbert to reserve it instead.

And today, when the papers came out,



So we went down to the singtel shop and realised that Gilbert didn't know too. But you had to pay $100 extra today for the concert tickets and goodies so yea, mother bought it :D And that means


Plus, mommy gets this lovely w910i! I decided not to (steal) it from her cos my memory is 1GB, too FAT to fit into her 2GB slot and tht would mean my files would be gone. And I kinda feel attached to my phone. I like my whitewhite w850i! ((((: YAY.


Heehee, and attached is a form to fill out so I can have the chance to MEET WANG LI HONG IN PERSON!!!!! Oh, what a lovelylovely form :DDDD

Sigh, so much excitement for one day. Oh, and when I charged the phone I realised there were NO WANG LI HONG GODDIES. Felt so cheated la! So mommy called the singtel people and they said only black colour phone got. WTH! Never tell us properly these singtel people! Gilbert and his colleague Aaron! (lol sound like I know them personally -.-) So she's deciding if she wants to change to black phone or just forget the goodies and stick to the red. Ahh, she has 4 hours to decide, singtel closes at 9pm today.

Anyway, hehehe now not only xizi can boast about going to wang li hong's concert, ME TOO!!! Talking about that girl ah, where is she?! She disappeared, maybe went skiing?! or snow boarding?! or making snow angels?! lol I think a lot.

Love, Nic.

7:36 PM.
" Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm backkkk!!! -.- So today! we went to the dragon kiln. It was a spastic ride there cos TAK gave us all these super cute animal pens! which I carried in my pocket the whole day (even to CIP lol) and we were playing with them on the bus (((:

PIGGER AND ME with benz spastic head -.-

holding pigger's pig, jingqi&yiying's koalas, my elephant, and zenn's mouse

ME, YIYING AND PIGGER with our respective animals :D
I chose the elephant (which is tooo slim according to aaron), yiying (and jingqi) chose the koala (which had hair coming out of its ears LOL), pigger chose the pig cos she's a pig -.- and previously zenn's mouse had a red nose lol

We did pottery there, duh, and (tried) to make bowls, which were ... ahem.

the 4-sided-starfish looking thing is jingqi's, the squarish one with dots is mine -.-, the b-e-a-u-tiful rectangular one which a heart is pigger's (omg hidden talent!!!) and the smiley one is yiying's (:

vanessa, (hidden xiuli), wenyi, samuel (the only one looking at the cam) and ben sim

the other side of the table where (almost) everyone's looking: someone's hand -.-, jiaqian, yiying, jingqi, chingying, (CAMERAMAN = ME), mingxiang's back of the head, half of zhanjie's face (:

Now, let's look at beauty at it's extremes. First off, we have the U-G-L-Y!

Cello by Samuel Chang of 3J

And then we have BEAUTY!

Duck in a bowl by Siswo Hartoyo of 3H

Sigh... what can I say. The duck is so cute right?! As in it really looks like a duck lol and it matches siswo's big hand perfectly, lol! Actly it kinda looks like a dino o.0

And we saw monkeys!!! Like WILD MONKEYS!!! So fascinating :D We saw 3 of them but I'm lazy to put the other monkey up. I mean they look pretty much the same to me.

And finally, what we set off to see --- THE DRAGON KILN! ... I think I've been here before though -.-

But of course, CAMWHORE!!! (excluding the bus ones) Well, obviously there were more. But since none of them were of me and someone, why put them up on my blog?! Heh (:

Amanda hearts Nic and vice versa! aww, samuel don't be jealous :P I'm sure she hearts you too.


Yay! Happyhappy morning (: and we had this talk about yr5 subject combination. Seems like it's GPA 3.2 or your life ends and you'll never end up with the career you want to. And GPA 3.6 (according to haopengyou) if you want H3. So, muggers unite!

4J'08!!! LET'S GET THE CLASS LEAGUE AWARD :D and not let it fall in the hands of 4K, 4I or 4L *schemeschemescheme* Let's elect a better chairperson. No more nic for chairperson, SHE SUCKS! (:

Argh, I actually like the 2J classroom better than the containers ... can we keep it, pretty pretty please?


Off to CIP in the afternoon. There was a live band made up of yr5s performing at the foyer and I shan't comment. It takes a lot of guts to perform live in front of your peers kay! I give them props for that (:

We only performed for less than an hour but it was a real joy seeing the patients enjoy our (crappy) music (: Didn't go for dinner with the rest of the people cos I had a major headache, not because of any other reason that you're thinking off.

Ohyea, my mother's not getting the new phone anymore. No more W910i to playplay with.

Love, Nic.
Lend me your shoulder, anybody.

P.S. anyone got wo yao fei by F.I.R? Please send me!!!

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