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7:57 PM.
" Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TADAAAA!! I KNOW HOW TO BLOG PICS LIAOOOOO!!! -.- thankyou haopengyou ((((:


Okay, in case you're some anonymous reader who refuses to tag or somehow can't see my tagboard like *ahemJIAQIANahem* then the left! is me and the right! is jingqi. I think I look nice(er) in this pic so I put la. I know you want to see my pic with you but too bad go find one that ME,I,NIC look nice in, then we'll talk about it :D

Anyway, this is our 5 minute pose!!! Cos we posed for 5 mins before forgot-who took the pic -.- Yeap. LEVELCAMP07, WHOO!

And this is the promised pic of my Golden Village Club Card. HAHAHA MY C!!!! Heh, damn cute hor?

So, I'm now watching this supercute show where when there's a hole in school ties, this guy sews a iron-on animal on it, like a pig or a duck. SO CUTE RIGHT?! lol.

Love, Nic. (again)

5:19 PM.

My comp is damn laggggg. And it's supposed to be like broadband fastfastfast?!! KUAI DIAN LARRRZZZ.

Mr Noel Yap (hopefully) is my form teacher next year, YAYYYY!! And he's gonna teach us geog, YAYYYY!! Wheeeeeee. Not that we don't like Mrs funny Bok but Mr Yap is cooler yo, and more lenient heh. And Ms Ng's gonna continue teaching us mathhhh, YAYYYY! But Ms Tiong not teaching us anymore ))): Nobody to pushhh us like siao for chem lol. Maybe we'll get TanJanFee ... ohmanz. HAHA AND MR LIM STILL TEACHING US PHYSICS!! Our berryberry good teacher ! ((: lol dunno if it's good or not.

Err, how do I know my lovelylovely teachers next year? Well, I have the bestest math teacher in the world who turns I-don't-know-how-old today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS NG! (you have the same bday as my aunt lol) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARRYMO TOO! (I call my aunt marrymo ... don't ask why)

Random convo on what we call our moms:
zenn: I call her mom
xx: I call her mee ... cos lazy to say mah-mee (as in mummy la -.-)
me: I call her mother
everyone else: ROFLMAO (like it's very funny. funny meh?)

Then went to lunch with pigger and yiying at mos burger cos THERE WAS NO PIZZA HUT AT TIONG BAHRU. lol yiying's memory failed her. That mos burger's aircon spoilt or something, DAMN HOT. And yiying also realised the paper sticking out of the aircon wasn't flying LOL. Even the toilet was cooler la -.-

We were laughing at this couple whom we couldn't decide had what kinda relationship going on. Bro&sis or you know, couple, so we called them the complicated relationship couple HAHAHA retarded -.- And then the girl started putting her leg on the guy's seat (cos they were sitting opposite each other) and look very sao (lol) and the guy did so too so we concluded they were a couple. (omg why did I blog this?) Oh, and the guy was doing VERY funny things with his straw and pigger was trying to imitate him lol.

Oh! I collect my GV card (LOL I HAVE A C!!!! I'm 90% a man, remember? I need C's! lol) and it's shaped like a popcorn box. Super cute! I would blog the picture but i dunno how -.- NOOB NIC STRIKES AGAIN. Okay, please tell me how to blog a picture, EASILY. Thankyou hor.

My grandma cought me socks from New York!!! I MUST WEAR THEM ALTHOUGH THEY ARE ...






white school socks -.-


Love, Nic.

9:55 PM.
" Monday, October 29, 2007

MUAHAHAHHAHA I finished writing it :DDDDD


And I just posted 3 posts in a night. I'm darn bored, aren't I?

8:24 PM.

Can a report possibly be written in point form?!?!?!?!?!?! ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!

7:35 PM.

I think coconut oil really makes your skin smoother!!! lol I shall continue drinking it though I see the emulsion when it's added to my juice ...


I just ate 3 cream puffs. Damn, these days the only interesting things are the food I eat boohoo. Anyway, talking about the Rubik's, I can solve 2 layers without any assistance but I still need to look at the youtube man to solve the 3rd&4th layers. I need to memorise the damned algorithms! which I have no determination to do so in the near future.

Oh, Happy Birthday Zenn! You're still a (short) little man to all of us though you may have grown (: Bah, anyway he's not going to read this heh.

Scandalous newsflash!!!! tsktsk.
Let's call them Y and Z.
Y came to school with a new hairdo worhxzx! And jingqi and I recognised it immediately! Cos she's her favourite girl. Okay, anyway, then we realised it was zenn's bday! So mmm, maybe that's why tadaa! new hairdo. And then we had a new discovery yet, she had the same hairdo as Z who Y treats as her RIVAL IN LOVE. *GASSSPPPP!!!* So exciting right? You gotta love co-ed schools :D (co-ed means the school contains both sexes -.-)

We finally finished watching dead silence. It was kind of a lame ending but still the err, 1st or 2nd horror film I have watched in my life. Wait till I'm SIXTEEN (hohoho) then I will not be able to sleep at night after watching alllll the NC16 shows. *insert evil laugh*

Okay, I better go write my essay now or they'll forfeit my entry as becoming the geekiest student of Dunman High. Tata!

Love, Nic.
the trauma hasn't subsided yet.

I'm addicted to jing tian ni yao jia gei wo.
"Jolin in the house"
"DT in the house"
Can you believe DT stands for David Tao -.-

8:08 PM.
" Sunday, October 28, 2007


2:31 PM.

I think my SMS bill is gonna burst this month for the first time in my life!!! -.- My mama's gonna make me pay ):


I could have died yesterday.

The SE meeting lasted for like 30-40 mins which I took double the time for traveling to and fro -.- Yeap, we're highly efficient people.

Digressing, I'm gonna get fat(ter) man. I ate chicken rice + dou jiang you tiao at vivo today. Plus the tempura + sashimi + macha parfait yesterday ... ... ohnoez. Okay, I shan't explicitly name my meals on my blog.

Back to yesterday. Yeo came over and then we went to Malaysia for the oh-so-boring wedding dinner. We reached Malaysia like 2 hours early? In fear of the jam. And my nose started to itch and I sneezed alllll through the night. It was horrible ))):

Okay, wedding dinner. Didn't take any photos cos I WAS SNEEZING LA. Saw Fatty and mingyang! Ahaha Fatty's really fat now. He has lotsa armpids. Ohohoh! The dinner was so boring I actually solved the first layer of Rubik's!!!! *PLEASE INSERT APPLAUSE. THIS IS A MILESTONE FOR NIC THE NOOB *

The bride was quite pretty. She has a nice smile (: And she looked happy YAY. Isn't that what weddings are supposed to be like? The holy matrimony of two lucky beings who have found each other and decided to spend eternity together, aww. What a load of crap. Once they start having a baby then see la hor. Lol I'm so darn practical, at times...

The host was reallllyy lame and the first dish they served was accompanied by disco lights and really loud music. It was so amusing cos they waiters even went on stage and we thought they were gonna start dancing with the lobster salad lol. The food came at snail's pace. Like reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly s---l---o---w... And my sneezing got worseworseworse and that gave us an excuse to go home :D

I thumped into bed (after brushing my teeth, duh) and I think we all did. It was past 12 midnight. *MY BEAUTY SLEEP~~~!!!* crazy nic.

Love, Nic.
be careful what you wish for.

10:03 PM.
" Friday, October 26, 2007

HOHOHO. Like the skin? It's so happy! (:
It's damn cool la. The italics and bolds are automatically colour-changed. Okay, it may be super old to you, but nic is a noob can?
Though I don't really get the scissors thing ... ah nvm I still like it (:
My tagboard looks kinda screwed though. Maybe I'll check on it tomorrow, IF I have time.

SE meeting tmr morning, then wedding dinner at night. Yes, I'm getting married to wanglihong in Malaysia. Please come if you do have time. Ah, busywusy (:

Majong addiction ! SAVEEEMEEEEEE~ lol.
The mahjong tables&tiles are still glaring at me.

7:36 PM.

TODAY WAS SO FUN!!! We're contemplating of starting the Joy Luck Club II LOL. Crazy aunties unite!
" we are your aunties! and we are honest people!"
God, that has got to be my favourite line from the movie :D

Random note: GIRLS AREN'T MADE TO WAIT! All guys should never ever make girls wait. It should be declared a CRIME! to make girls wait.

Anyway, met xizi, yiying, pig and jingqi at cine and we took the lift to the 6th floor but kbox was on the 4th -.- Ah okay. IT WAS DAMN FUN LA. Camwhoring + singing + screaming + eating + dancing. Ohman when xizi says she is buyaolian, it really means buyaolian LOL. And pig likes to add random sounds into songs. Crazy girl. And yiying came! YAY. But she pao qi-ed us later for her church friends, pig too ): (HAHA JOKING LA)
But anyway I love singing duets! which I did with jingqi and xizi. FERGAL(pig) SANG FERGALICIOUS LOL. (which I see is on kiankok's nick lol) and yiying can rap, seriously, lol.

Song of the Day: Tell Laura I Love Her

And then 2 aunties came over to my house to play mahjong!!! HEEHEE. It's highly addictive. xizi and I taught jingqi how to play and I bet she's alr addicted (: Now, the mahjong table&tiles are staring at me with longing eyes. AHHH! (no, I must resist!!!) Oh, I won 5 chips :D xizi was big winner LOL. And when we got bored we played monopoly in chinese on the computer where the characters speak jap and can bomb each other lol. How twisted. AND WE HATE THE LAO TU BO MAN. The computer is super biased la! rar I died first lol.

XIZI SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! I WILL MISS YOU A LOT A LOT A LOT!!! My lovelylovely desk partner who always touches(lol) me ((((:

Love, (auntie)Nic.

Let's do this again, aunties (:

8:21 PM.
" Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yanghua's hair looks funny but Mrs Bok thinks its nice. But then again Mrs Bok is funny. She said to samuel:
"you need a wife you know!"
LOL so funny! And she loves samuel, we all think (:

The Click Five sucks live. I officially only loveeeeeeeeeeee wanglihong! (:

I finished watching hanakimi. It's so niceee! Horikita Maki (Mizuki!) is sooo super pretty though my lovely Nakatsu!(heart x 1000 lol) didn't end up with her. Ah well, she got a kiss from Sano so yay though it was pretty unnatural and odd.
BUT THE SHOW'S STILL NICE. I like the entire castttt! lol. I cried you know T.T cos they were all saying byebye. I don't like saying byebye to people I lovelove (hah, what a lie). xizi said:
"lizard jiu shi lizard"
)))): nic's an emo lizard.

I'm addicted to ye lai xiang. Guess who gave me the lyrics? It was *insert drumroll* SISWO! ROFL you'll never expect siswo to be the one right? LOLOL. He's damn funny, singing it in jap class. And Endo confiscated my Rubik's! cos she was jealous I wasn't paying attention. But duh, I got it back. Hmm, took the MRT (HOHOHO YES) home with siswo, ash and yongyi! ((: zzz and we saw this girl Rubik-ing rar.

Love, Nic.

6:32 PM.
" Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My chem teacher is super cute! She gave those people who got A+ for overall a present (whoawhoa) and it's a ... TEN YEAR SERIES! LOL! Super cute hor! A bit duhhh... but so nice! Somemore inside got write an encouraging msg on how I persevered and attained my goal and good luck for my future endeavours ... SO CUTE LA! (yes I got A+ for chem overall :P) Plus all the people (okay la only 4) who got it were not Singaporeans! Shame on you boohoohoo :P

I'm such a mean-bean-pokeye (:
who cannot solve Rubik's cube and LinJJ refuses to teach anyone! Selfish flower (lol joking) but I can make the flower (which does not look like a flower) and then put it back in it's original place though I often screw that part up. Anyway, jingjie asked a good question:

"if you can't solve it, why did you buy it?"
and I have no idea why.

My grandma just came back from New York (AHHHHHH! I KNOW! RAR.) T.T I WANNA GO TOOOOO.

yiying changed her hairstyle! Or rather parting, and she looks nice!-er. See yiying I really think you look nice!-er lor (:

I like The Private Life Of A Plant. As retarded as it may sound, it was nice.


All the random statements.
Anyway some deesgusting fella pissed me off today. The sec 2s were having post exam activities and we had PE. So we couldn't use the bball courts. So, we used the vball court lor! Then they chased us away and we went to the tennis court lor! Then they come and CRAMP OUR SPACE AGAIN. Naturally we were pissed but since Nic has superduper lowwww tolerance level, she said:

"what the hell might as well have recess at the canteen instead. we deserve our PE too you know?"
and he said
"okay lor, go canteen lor, if you can find hell there"
or something of that sort.

Like wtf are you talking about. Seriously, if you can't make people comprehend your sentences, then speaking is of no use to you cos communication is all about understanding other people.

Then suaysuay must meet him again.
"so how was hell?"

But I bet you've alr been there (countless times) before (:

He can't sue me for this, can he? Cos I'm doing a public service of telling people that classes doing PE have rights and one of the basic things that humans are supposed to know how to carry out is communicating, especially talking (unless you're a mute or you're deaf) which then I can't blame you.

Love, Nic.
You and I both loved ! (:
song lyrics la, what you thinking?

7:10 PM.
" Monday, October 22, 2007

zenn is so SHWEETXZXZXZ! (:
(as in not to me luh -.-)

I could have died in boring ole school today.

Would someone bake me cookies too?

Love, Nic.
did you know tianmimi and dayong sampan have the same tune?

9:26 PM.
" Sunday, October 21, 2007

"can I cry on you?"
"too late"

my random moment from hanakimi (:


7:57 PM.

Thankyou! whoever was there to listen to my random babbling of why I was so emo?!
I AM REALLY FINE NOW LA. zzz nic can't stay emo for long ((((:

Love! <3

7:44 PM.

I DID NOTHING TODAY -.- (like sunshine :P)

I feel fat, I had another caramel frappe. It's just so addictively FAT and nice. Especially the whipped cream where you can't bear to say "less whipped cream please" cos it's so sinfully yummy and you can't have any less than those few swirls. Fat&Evil, those cuppa things.

Met joel at loser starbucks (the one at cityhall) where we did nothing, NOTHING AT ALL. It was fun though (: Then jh came and she didn't like any drink from starbucks (weird girl, I tell you) so we went to buy paopaocha? And walked around Raffles City for who knows how long. Well, at least it beats staying at home.
Oh, joel's quite good at Rubik's cube, at least he can solve one side. jh and I suck, we're like blind, cannot see any pattern, maybe that's why we're haopengyous! (:
Can you believe I stayed at starbucks for 3 hours doing nothing?! lol.

Ohno, it's another random post.

Talking about the show which I have been watching, I CAN'T WATCH EPISODE 9 LA.

Love, Nic.
Is there such a thing as a phobia of MRTs?

10:27 PM.
" Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'M FINE, REALLY. I FEEL SO STUPID NOW. wth emo nic (yesterday) lol (:


I went to dinner with weiyang, yucong, laine and jess. It was highly! awkward but fun (: mmm. they're pretty much the same, and the guys' complexion are damn nice compared to us girls T.T anw, they're still the weiyang and yucong I knew! (: let's have this super awkward outing again guys! lol. and we found out some dirtylilsecrets (okay la, not very dirty but quite lil -.-) and they're still out, as in weiyang, yucong and laine and if I were older I would have followed but bah, next time probably.

I bought a Rubik's cube! After the craze in 3J started by our LinJJ! (will you? man) and I hate it cos I can't solve it T.T I need a Jin Jie *spoken in Mdm Ilyana's tone* (:

I had such a retarded time with Jess :DDDDDD

Love, Nic.

P.S. I really feel damn stupid, like why the hell was I so emo yesterday?!
P.P.S. as you can see, I'm really fine zzz

8:35 PM.
" Friday, October 19, 2007

I know you're all expecting something here but I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

9:09 PM.
" Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.
these are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
silver white winters that melt into springs,
these are a few of my favorite things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad.

So Nic isn't that sad anymore. Anyway there's always next year right? And "I think a BIG FAT 68 is quite good!" (: thankyou kawai! and lovelylovely jingqi, jh, joel(lol the J's),ashleigh,yadda.

I don't want to finish the series yet I want to! And I got jh hooked :D

I drank the root beer float - OOHLALA! (my adipose fat tissues have increased in volume according to avis)

Love, Nic.
you make me smile, please stay for a (longlonggggggg) while (: heh.

5:03 PM.

I don't know why I'm feeling this way. Maybe it's disappointment cos after all I did get pwned, as zenn says, by him in physics though I double-pwned him in chinese. 85 vs 68, that's 2 grades apart. 68 vs 46, that's 2 grades apart too. But doesn't the former look so much nicer?
Ah well, I got 57.2% for geog, not 52.7%, phew.

Looks like my 3.8 is unachieveable. Maybe I set too high standards for myself. I should just be like *insert name here*, I don't wanna be mean.

I'm scared for tomorrow, I wish Ms Ku was here.

I want my root beer float though I wanna lose those adipose fat tissues.

I don't want to start learning about binomial theorems and titration and mechanisms, I'm not even over the exam blues.

I guess I want too many things.

Love, Nic.
Leave me alone, get outta my face.

6:11 PM.
" Wednesday, October 17, 2007



LOVE! <3

5:24 PM.

Hello! Hoping to see me cry and sob and DIE here, well you're not going to :P

I know you came to see my marks -.- I'm okay with it (as in my results, not you sneaking here to see my results without tagging, rar) except rather disappointed with my chem (pronounced ch as in chimpanzee according to ms ng! jingqi lol) and bio and GEOG! T.T But no, Nic did not cry. Nic thinks it's lame to cry over results, but let's remind her that she cried when she got back her first science paper in pri3 cos it was her first band 3, LOSER! Okay, whatever lol.

Here goes:

LA: 73/110
HCL: 68%
Math I: 79% (ZOMG T.T)
Math II: 81%
Bio: 72%
Chem: 74%
Geog: 57.2% (alrdy +ACE, lorrrr T.T)

" ru guo na dao 80 yi shang de ren, jiu shi A+! hen guang rong de!"
Yeap, my CME is in chinese cos DHS is a SAP school.

Ah, enough about marks, drives me kuku.

Eew, I'm drinking carrot+orange juice+COCONUT OIL. The oil is supposed to make me more miao tiao and my skin not so dry o.0

I'm eating a whole damn lot for dinner. I'm having mee rubus and satay and ROOT BEER FLOAT for dessert. Cos I have some root beer in my house so I asked my mom to buy vanilla ice cream :D YUM. Although I lost 1 kg and am officially **kg (sorry, a girl's weight is private and confidential) I will put it back on tonight. And for PE, cos Pigger and I felt so slackkkk, we decided to run one round around the track and it reminded me of how much I hate/loathe/detest/abhor running (:

Omg the juice stinks of coconut oil but tastes like orange+carrot juice. How odd is that?

Yesterday I went to watch Nanny Diaries right, and Chris Evans is cute (but wanglihong still wins) and the little boy is sooo cuteeee!!! Cuter than zenn, I told jingqi but then we realised zenn is only cute when his mouth is shut and hands are immobile (: Yeap, and we (JY and me and christine) shared this SINFUL CHOCOLATE SHAKE. It's damn rich&yummy and I have a 1 FOR 1 VOUCHER FOR IT. Beg me people, beg me.

At night was super funny. We (me, jh, joel, jolene) RAN (YES, RAN!) to Esplanade from city hall to catch ONE piece (hurhur somemore not the one Ms Ku was performing) and then we went to eat -.- joel's gonna join ACG WORHX! It stands for Anime, Cartoon and Gaming. OHMYGAWD. Dunman High is gonna have a CCA like that. How retarded. Oh! and we all wanna be 165cm cos it's the minimum height for a girl, hor joel? and my 2 seniors are going for a date this Saturday though 1 may not turn up -.-
As you can see, we had a highly! retarded conversation that lasted quite long until I blurted out something to someone so here's my public apology:

SORRY JOELLLL! But you've already forgiven me (:

Heh. and I lovelove! them too. Yay, happy ending lol. And then we went home to await TODAY. Hohoho.

I WANT TO BE 165 CM! cos that's the only apt height.
Love, Nic.
No more 4.0, how about 3.8? Greedy, greedy Nic.


My funny convo with my oh-so-cute-junior, darren!

darren: where you going for the holidays?
me: thailand and hongkong.
darren: like your cousin!
me: huh?
darren: your cousin, you know.
me: huh?
darren: she's going thailand too!
me: oh, I'm going with her!
darren&me: ROFLMOZEDONG.

yeap, see what happens to your brain after it ceases to function?


I'm going to watch H - ah, but you already know (:

10:02 PM.
" Monday, October 15, 2007

The 9 o'clock show on ch8 should be categorised under 'tragedy' cos everyone dies -.- But it's a nice show overall cos it's like Macbeth -- Tragic Hero(es)!!! Ahh, let's subscribe to MOBTV cos I wanna watch Goong & My Girl & this show again. But I won't subscribe to MOBTV, it sounds too lame.
Ah, whatever.

T.T I think death is a really scary&sad thing, really.

I did nothing today but got hooked to HANA KIMI JAP VERSION! Cos according to Jezz, the Taiwanese version is a total rip-off but I think the guy who acted as Sano(or Quan) in the Taiwanese version is much better looking but the lead actress (Horikita Maki) is so much prettier than Ella! (ella ella eh eh eh ... lol jingqi) Ahh, I only caught the first episode so my holidays are gonna be stuck watching this and Nodame Cantabile -- anime + real people version + read the manga :D Okay, I sound like a real jap freak now.

Ohyea, Ashleigh came over to ... do nothing. And he FELL ASLEEP while we were watching Harry Potter ... what a pig. Oh and I was so angry! Cos Starhub was being a loser by not letting me watch cable and go online from morning to about 2+ until Ash accidentally sat on the remote and discovered that it could work -.-

I CAN FINALLY SEE JY AND CHRISTINE TMR! It's like I haven't seen them in sooo long. Too bad pi can't come and rosalineeee has to rush off and boob is being oh-so-indecisive. Owell, hope there's funfunfun tomorrow (: And there's always that concert at night with my insane seniors :D

Am currently trying to play Kiss Goodbye on the piano (hey I mastered 100years - front part - and gu dan bei ban qiu by myself, what makes you think I can't, huh?) But with the recent *ahem*distractions*ahem*, it's gonna take long.

See you tomorrow, lovelies!
Love, Nic.
one down, five more to go (:

9:27 PM.
" Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello people. I'm going to repeat what I posted on SE's blog -.- wait, I go copy and paste HEH.

Concert at Esplanade this Tuesday 16/10/07 (yes, one day before we all return to hell) at 6pm. It's FREE! So all you misers out there should go!

Repertoire includes:
Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1 in D maj, Op6
+ Rachmaninov Symp No. 2 in E min, Op27

Yeap, Ms Ku would like everyone to go, so you should unless you have some superduper important stuffs to do (mentally preparing yourself for the next day is NOT COUNTED -.-) and do dress nicely cos I don't like people who wear shorts and slippers to a concert, so unglam and no respect for the performers can?! Okay, that's just a personal opinion. See you Tuesday! (:

omg I'm funny. Okay, on to my day. Wait, before that, I think ??? & stranger on SE's blog love me. Well, then again, everyone does :D

I did nothing interesting today besides go for violin class and eat mos burger 2 days in a row -.- oh and read The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose. It's turning out to be a good book (: yay.

Oh, before I forget ...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JY!!!! (and Dunman High)
One is 15 and the other 51. Cool eh? :D

Love, Nic.
Ah, what a boring post ):

9:36 PM.
" Saturday, October 13, 2007

+EDIT : please read xizi's blog it's funnier than the underwear boy.

Mymy, what an interesting (and small) world this is (:

Many people have been asking me to join Facebook (okay la, only jh and olly) but Nic has many other interesting things to do to cure my boredom! not. But I can watch anime, heroes, ugly betty, play loser bball, READ lol I shall see how long I can survive without facebook (:

I wanted to play loser bball today, but I didn't ): cos there was a guy downstairs and he looked pro. But then again everyone looks pro to me when they're playing bball (except maybe jh :P)

Disclaimer: Loser bball is where one plays bball by his/herself. And this one person happens to suck at bball but one just wants to feel better by thinking one is exercising and trying to lose weight while growing taller. One can only play loser bball alone. Two is a crowd.

Anyway, I bought a book called The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose. The cover is super nice. It's white with like purple flowery words. (Maybe I bought it for the cover -.-) The first two chapters are nice though (: I shall continue reading it lol. And I decided to return the 2 library books I borrowed cos they're damn loser and I read the endings alr xP I know, I hate people who read endings first, so pointless, I shan't read the ending of The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose. I will read the entire book (: And I have decided to continue reading Harry Potter! Kay la, I am the last person in the world who would read right? So this is a big achievement for me (: Common, show me some love.

Ohyea, at kino just now, I was at the kid's section (don't ask why) and there were so many kids! (-.-) and they're so noisy and annoying. omg sometimes I seriously wonder if I will grow up to hate kids and thus never have kids and thus will not get married. *GASP! I know, it scares me.

AHHH, I'm 90% a man and I won't get married. HELP!! I'm a loser.

Ohman, I shouldn't insert such thoughts in my blog.


Sometimes I think mediacorp is advocating UNSAFE PREMARITAL SEX *GASP! (hohoho, I bet you all are very interested now cos Mr Ken once said VIOLENCE & SEX are two very powerful words heh)
E.g. 1: Look at the 9 o'clock show on ch8! xiaoqian and xicun are not even married and they have a baby!
E.g. 2: Look at the 10 o'clock show on ch8! kaixin and meili are not married too and they each have a baby! And that jiang ge's ex-girlfriend also has a baby!
What is this world coming to? I thought unsafe premarital sex was a huge nono in Singapore. Ahh, whatever. The 9 o'clock show is damn exciting although it's the DEATHNOTE COPYCAT SHOW as stated by tianshi&me (:

Ignore that, it's super random.

On another note, wednesday is coming lehhhhhhh. And I have to find something to do on Monday *HINT.

I watched Goong S just now. It's okay I guess. But the characters are not that mesmerizing. But it's still super funny la. And I watched a bit of bleach this afternoon and I finally got my whole collection of CCS! After a long wait (:

Love, Nic
Please ignore the last 2 paragraphs as well.

10:18 PM.
" Friday, October 12, 2007

I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO AND BLOG! AND I HAVE ONLY HAVE 40 MINS! (Cos I must sleep at 11 to maintain the beautiful self I am and so I can be congming! like I already am :D and cos I need to wake up early to go err, shopping.)

Anyway, I hate the lame I&E/E&I/WHATEVERLA boardgame. I am a winner. Kian Kok is not supposed to be richer than me. Kian Kok does not deserve that $5 starbucks voucher, I DO. Damnit. And I don't deserved to be DOWNSIZED (meaning retrenched) AND HAVE 3 CHILDREN (whom I want to murder cos they cost so damn much) WHILE BEING A SUPERCOOLWOMANPILOT!!! That is just not my life man. Stupid game with purple/black/green rats with purple/black/green cheese. It's unrealistic and stupid. Never play that game. You spend 3 hours and you're still stuck in the ratrace.

I am not ranting. I am not a loser okay! This sounds like my erjie when my dajie asked her to see a fortune teller.

"But what if he tells me I will grow up to be a loser? I cannot take it!"

Yes, it's times like this. So don't play the game. You will fear life and children and rats and cheese. Stick to playing hopscotch. At least you can sweat and lose weight.


Lol, I'm sorry Sophia now everyone knows YinRong. But nevermind la, everyone knows me too (:

Okay, continuing my lameduck day. JingQi, Sop, Pigger and I sat at the canteen for an hour+++ waiting for the rain to stop cos yiying and xizi (LAZY EAR PIERCED PIGS lol) don't wanna meet us. Then we wanted to come my house, go bowling, watch movie yaddayaddayadda ... and we went to Marina to eat Yoshi. Pig and I are not losers. But in school we saw this sec2 guy/boy/gay? (okay you get the idea) wearing FBTs. HE'S A GUY! WEARING FBTs! LOOK LIKE NEVER WEAR ANYTHING?! Somemore his thigh is whitewhite not tantan and it's DA TUI. Ohman, this is getting gross. But we couldn't help ourselves. IT WAS DAMN FUNNY. He doesn't have nice thighs, doesn't have shape (I know round is a shape la but...), and he doesn't have a nice face!!! (I'm sorry man, though i dunno you) You're an embarrassment to yourself. And what are the guys in this world becoming. Wearing underwear to play bball and FBTs to show off their not-so-nice thighs. OHMAN.

I bought Sop her present alr! It's the supercute orange handphone holder ((((: And we criticised every single *ahem* thing we saw cos we love the colour too much. Yea, and I went out with my mom to eat dinner and I bought this piano book! Cos it had T-W-O wanglihong songs in it!!! I am his bestest friend (who will kill Julian and make him write a songMANY SONGS for me although KissGoodbye's MV has MYLOVELYNAME in it. Don't believe go check hor.) Yea.

JY keeps on showing me past embarrassing photos. While I was still Bracey and others. I have to stop her. Okay, BYEBYE PEOPLE! I will blog again tomorrow.

Love, Nic.

10:00 PM.
" Thursday, October 11, 2007

This is my 340th post. I have never noticed the number of posts I have written but 340 is a lot, isn't it?

I think wanrou and xiaoqian are so pitiful! (I'm talking about the 9 o'clock show if you're clueless) Ahh, ouyang should just leave wanrou alone because even if she wants to forgive him, she can't! I mean it's impossible to forgive someone who killed your entire family. It's too cruel. And xiaoqian got cheated by the two men she ever loved in her entire life! So tragic! CHOU NAN REN. and Dragontooth is such a lameduck name. And so is judge ironfist&angel of death ... like what the hell. Ohmygod, I'm have no life, I'm blogging about the 9 o'clock show on ch8. AHHHHH! Well, it beats exams (:

Sophia, Bimbo and Pigger came over today. Pig came early cos her dental appointment ended early -.- and then Sop and then the superduperchaojiwudiLATE Bimbo Tan. And the funniest thing was that while walking bimbo back to my house, we saw this whole bunch of half-naked guys playing bball downstairs. They were all wearing the bright-red-bull-attacking-pants except ONE FELLA WHO WAS WEARING UNDERWEAR. SERIOUS. IT'S WHITE AND IT'S LIKE THE V-SHAPED ONES. THE BIKINI ONES. HE'S A GUY! PLAYING BBALL! ZOMGGGG! And we almost died laughing. omg it was sooooo funnyyy!!!! We're not pervs, we just happened to walk past okay.

Anyway, we did a lot of random quizzes. And I'm 90% a MAN and 10% a woman but Roseline can't seduce me lol.
Our baking wasn't exactly a success. It didn't ooze out ): But it was nice. Topped with Ben&Jerry's Chunky Monkey, it couldn't go very wrong, could it? ;)
And we watched Bring It On Again. It's super funny. There's this super white girl who looks like Mrs Kang. LOL serious. She does ballet and is superrrrrr crazy.

"I can't be a circle. Circles mean emptiness. By making me a circle, you're saying I'm empty."
"No, circles mean hugs and crosses mean kisses!"

roflmao. And then Pigger went home and we ate dinner and I SAW WHO YINRONG WAS. He's not badding okay! My Sophia has hope. And waterpolo worhx, got muscles and tan skin. LOL! Bimbo and I approve, but they're probably alr dating (: plusplus let's hope Sop revives her blog cos we found her an oh-so-nice blogskin.


I am going to school tmr! So JingQi has company and after that we're going out to be random. (I swear we will not go to the library) Ah, GOOD LUCK TIANSHI! Go log it (:

It's the 11th of October. I can't believe today came in a flash.
Love, Nic.

P.S. My silly friends got off at raffles place and took the train all the way to redhill before realising they were going the wrong way. Thus, they are my besties (:
P.P.S. Do you think my blog is entertaining? o.0

10:02 PM.
" Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Warning: this is gonna be a longlong post.

Hmm, where shall I start? Okay. EXAMS ARE OVER ZOMGGGGGG WE ARE FREEEEE. Excluding the fact that we still have the lame I&E board game thingy, I HAVE NO SCHOOL TILL WEDNESDAY!!!! Wheeeeeeeee~ :DDDDD

And so after school pigger, xizi, yiying and me went to Bugis. Poor jingqi got food poisoning laaaa (let's curse sakae!) And then we went to Goldheart to check out the studs and all the people there are superduper funny lol. There was this guy, saw our uniform and was like:

guy: whoa dunman high, last time you all only can carry black bag hor? that was a long time ago la hor?
us: lol?
guy: my brother used to be from dunman high. maybe only about 3 yrs?
yiying: what's his name?
guy: sherman?
us: ...
guy: you all are err...
us: sec 3
guy: that means 15 la, mm, cannot cannot cannot too young alr.
us: LOL?
yiying: how abt the flower studs
us: no la too big la
guy: mm, it's too big la but the guys will like it.
us: GUYS?!
guy: ya maybe the guys from my time...
us: LOLOL.
another guy takes out bottles of water and goes: BUBBLE TEA, BUBBLE TEA!
us: LOLOL!!!
woman: you all want receipt?
xizi: yea
woman: for what? ORH! to claim money right!
us: lol great minds think alike.
the same dunman high bro guy to me and pigger cos xizi and yiying were so auntie in paying: do you guys feel embarrassed by them? do you want to stand one side?
me&pig: ROFL.

ANYWAY, though it doesn't sound very funny la hor, but it was! And now xizi and yiying have prettypretty earrings and I bet they're either spraying the alcohol solution on their ears or admiring them in the mirror LOL :DDD Next year, it shall be sunshine's turn! (((:
yiying said it doesn't hurt, it's a lie ;)
heh, shan't scare you la (:

Lunchunch, nothing funny happened at lunch. Except we started talking about scandals&anorexia :P

Guess what we did after that? You'll never.

Since there was no nice movie to watch, we decided to walkwalk. And we walkwalk-ed all the way to the library. And borrowed books. ROFLMAO. We are true Dunmanians who mug all the time! Nola, we were just bored. But the library was super entertaining. There was this wall with I (HEART) MY LIBRARY then people fill in messages la. And there were super funny ones. xizi has the photos LOL.

I (HEART) MY LIBRARY becos I can doze off in peace
I (HEART) MY LIBRARY BECOS I CAN READ BOOKS FOR FREE! (this is really highlighted in green la and signed off as auntie wang. aunties these days...)
I (HEART) MY LIBRARY becus ii lubb dontknowsometwitlanguage
I (HEART) MY LIBRARY somevulgarwords
I (HEART) MY LIBRARY may Allah bless the person who built this building.
Ohman. I (HEART) MY LIBRARY too.
The last one is ... holy.
And the I (HEART) MY LIBRARY thing is getting annoying.

Then we went home. And I always miss the busstop at Bugis! I walked one round before I got to it -.-
And I was bored so I went to Denny's house and watched HEROES SEASON 2!!!! HAHA BEN ZHANG YOU CAN'T SAY I'M SLOW AND NOOB NOW :P Okay, I shan't be a spoiler to those who still haven't startedfinished watching seasonahemone. It's superduper niceeeeeeeeeee!


I shall do the Yeo quiz which I have been so laggggggggggg (:

List out your Top 5 Birthday Presents Which You Wish For:
1. to make rodion treat me to lunch on 31st Dec 2008 cos I would have grown to atleast 160cm :DDDD (don't try to bring me down!) (and I will still be cute when I'm tall)
2. FIND TRUE LOVE. (roflmaozedong)
3. have a super cool job that I lovelovelove and earns bigfatBUCKAROOS!
4. world peace ((((:
5. to be happysappywappy forever&ever&ever

1. The person who tagged u was: a yeo
2. Your relationship with him/her is?
Y&Yco. The yim and the yeo.

We're future business partners that sing She will Be Loved while walking through the forest leading to my house (:
3. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
~ tall (like me)
~ crazy (like me)
~ do you vant to subway? :D
~ we make reservations for two!
4. Most memorable thing he/she has done for you?
err, gimme a Rain CD for christmas. I don't know why (:

5. Most memorable words she has said to you?
" we share the same saliva " ;)
6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will?
need psychiatric help

7. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be?
become a man
8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will?
kill her. HAHAHAHAHAHA. oops. (that was my evil twin)
9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be?
she did something reallllly bad that I can't think of now.
10. The thing you desire to do most for him/her would be?
give her a BIGFATHUGGGG.
11. Overall impression of him/her?
she's my yeo (:
12. How do you think people around you will feel about you?
everyone loves me. what are you talking abt.

13. A character trait you love about yourself?
my ego is hard to burst. HAHAHA. And I'm miaotiao&tall ;)
14. A character trait you hate about yourself?
if I think about it, I'll tell ya ;)

15. Person you want to be?
Some super happy person
16. Say something to the people who care for you!
I LOVE YOU! (like you love me) Now let's go party (:

17. Pass this quiz to 10 people to know what they feel about you. in no particular order...
1.tianshi! (jingqi)
2. jess
3. jiahui (but she's alr dunnit)
4. jy
5. boobeh (sop)
6. charlie?
7. sunye (lol)
8. chulei
9. weijia
10. bra-ney (pi)
(only people with blogs get it :P)

Who is #6 having a relationship with?
charlie loves math. Maybe he's doing a math paper. As in doing as in writing as in solving questions. ohman, don't think sick.
Is #9 a male or female?
weijia is a powderful woman (:

If #7 and #10 are together, will it be a good thing?
sunye and bra-ney. maybe?
How about #8 and #5?
chulei and boob. that's just wrong.

What is #2 studying about?
jess is studying how to be an all time slacker which she alr is (:
When was the last you talked to #3?
i talked to jh today and she wished me luck for math! ((:

What kind of music does #8 like?
chulei likes bleach/naruto/anime music
Does #1 have any siblings?
jingqi ah. ohman i'm also not sure i think she has a bro (:

Will you woo #3?
How about #7?
sunye's taken (:

Is #4 single?
JY is scandalous HAHAHA.
What's #5's surname?

How about #10's?
LOhohohohohohohoho prida piva but then there could be many others la (:
#4's hobby?
JY loves to laugh, seriously.

Do #5 and #9 get along?
boob and weijia, YEP!
Where does #2 study at?
Jess studies at RVHIGHhightothesky.
Say something casual about #1?
she is going to pierce her ear next year :D
Have you tried developing feelings about #8?
no, I'm sorry chulei. you're just not my type.

Where does #9 live?
Weijia .. haven't been to her new house yets
Are #5 and 1# best friends?
boob and tianshi, maybe baby? In some twisted way?

Does #7 like #2?
sunye likes jess. I really doubt it.
How did you get to know #2?
my drama mama bestie!
Does #1 have any pets?
jingqi, do you?
Is #7 the sexiest person in the world?

Ohman that took longgggg. Well, I shall go tag the people whom I tagged (o.0) and then go to sleep lol. TIARA CAN I HAVE YOUR LINK AGAIN PLEASE! =X

Anyway, Boob and Bimbo and Pigger are coming over tomorrow (:
Love, Nic.
What a disgustingly long post (:

9:52 PM.
" Saturday, October 06, 2007

MY FONDANT WAS A SUCCESS!!!! ALL FIVE GOT CHOCOLATE OOZING OUT OKAY! Nic has great potential :DDDDD Cos yesterday only 2 burst out and obviously we baked it for too long. But we have to find a way to take out the fondant so that the top doesn't burst and look so *splat* but anyway, yay me! (and Florence)
I'd take lovely pictures but I didn't LOL. Come find me and I'll show you some on my handphone :D

is a not so tall, not so fat haopengyou! She loves physics, like me, and she gave me her MI JUE which will allow me to get 80 for physics (and be as tall as yaoming) Visit her blog! The link is to the right to the right (sing to tune of Irreplaceable by Beyonce :D)

omg her name is damn big


Olly came over today to study. We each did like a lot of work. She thinks I like someone whom I don't want to mention lest the person come and coldwar with me again. I think she likes this guy who stays at Oxley Rise and may be Mr Lee Kuan Yew's grandson HAHAHA.

I watched the Xiaxue and Steven Lim saga on youtube. It was highly entertaining. You should spend 10 mins of your life watching it. If you dunno who they are, you are a sadsad person (:

Love, Nic.

2:33 PM.

I posted at SE's blog, go read! It's one of those random posts (:

Nic feels lazy ... it's a hothot Saturday with log/mole/speedofreaction/partialfractionsnothing to do. I went to the dentist this morning and I have a big surprise to show everyone :D

JINGQI is a crazy girl who's in DunmanHigh this year. She's in the same class as me. Tall(-er than me), loves rainbows (and me) and she's choir president worhx lol. Visit her blog today! The link is at the right hand side (: (it's under the name JingQi)
There you crazy girl, I blogged about youuuuuu.

Ahh I'm supposed to do some quiz by Yeo but I'll do it after my hiatus is supposed to be officially over (:

I wanna watch movies and have fun!
Why is my wanglihong NC16?!

Love, Nic.

5:02 PM.
" Friday, October 05, 2007

I know it's not 11th October but I survived 5 subjects! Whoopee! It already feels like exams are officially over ^^ But we still have chinese and chem and math(zomg) lol. I'm really a Nic, not the imposter.

I have a baking crave after I saw some guy on the Martha Stewart Show bake cupcakes. So I had an immense craving. I told Boob, Weijia, Olly, Fish and some other people so I decided to bake banana cupcakes. But I put too much eggs and milk and too little butter but it turned out alright (: Olly says it's the best she tasted in a long time. I think she's deprived. She should taste my ERJIE'S(http://ooohcake.blogspot.com) hohoho. (this is free advertisement erijie, you should pay me :D) And if you're reading this Olly, wait till about Dec and you can payornot to taste my Erjie's cupcakes/otheryummydesserts so we can all get fat. YAY!
Ohyea, Pigger says I can serve it to my future boyfriend lol.

And(ahem) I shall tell you how my chocolate fondant goes :D

Anyway, I think I screwed up my jap, math, bio paper. I think I did okay for physics (HAHAHA CAN YOU BELIEVE I SAIDWROTE THAT) and I can't wait for next weekNOT. I brought a tissue box to school today. It's super cute! It's a winnie-the-pooh-xin-nian-kuai-le-tissuebox lol. And piglet (that realllyyyyy looks like Pigger) is damn fat and cute wearing a qipao lol :P Anyway, I brought it cos I had a horrigible runny nose on the PHYSICS DAY. And I had no tissue so it was really gross. But I had no runny nose today -.- Maybe it brought me luck lol.

AHHHH. I'm supposed to be logging/mole-ing/QA-ing/coordinategeometry-ing but who cares.

Love, Nic.

a bona fide smile

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I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

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