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7:34 PM.
" Friday, September 14, 2007

Look at this sec4s! They were swarming out of the hall today. All smileywiley while we were jumping in agony to see how their suffering was finally over. So, to completely enjoy myself when my pain is gone,

Here's my hiatus.

I never thought this day would come (lol) but I'm not gonna blog (not matter what funny/crazy/absurd/retarded things happen to me) from today till *gulps* 11th October 2007. If you see another post after this within that period of time, it wasn't written by me.

Love, Nic.
P.S. I don't know how it started and I don't know it ended but this cold war is over (:
P.P.S. If you ask, I may still link you within this period of time LOLOL. But I won't blog, I solemnly swear I won't.

9:31 PM.
" Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm really going mad.

I finished the damned E&I! OHMYYAY!

I haven't studied for EOYs and geog test and mole concept test and jap oral. But I get to skip afternoon lessons tmr (:

I shall relinquish my post as mugger (: I'll pass it on to whoever's not reading my blog.

Today's September 11th! Six years ago, New York got bombed, OUCH.

This is why JiaQian is a pig.

me: Eh you pigger.
piggger: *looks at me* you nigger!

Ohmygod, it was so unintentionally funny la! She meant to make it rhyme but it turned out like that! She really didn't mean it and it splatted out of her mouth lolol.

Love, Nic the Nigger.

7:29 PM.
" Monday, September 10, 2007

I've been a nicenicenicesupernice! senior (: I went to tag so many junior's blogs! I think I have good makings of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, building strong relationships with everyone.
(omg I can't believe I said that.) Anyway, continuing ...
Let's see, I went to Mich's, Darren's, Ziruo's, Jolene's, (SMALL)JiaHui's, Joey's, YunEn's and err, that's all? Well, that's a lotta blog-hopping doncha think?

So, juniors, if you want NICTHEGREATEST to link you!, pleaseee tag and tell me cos I'm lazy to go find the adds again heh. Would love for you to taggg me often, cos I'm rather pathetic laaa. (see how desperate I am, red + superhuge font)

Ahh, I'm really going bonkers. I'm superduper tired and everyone seems to be mugging (while I do this damn E&I essay). Mugmugmug. Mugmugmug. Mugmugmug. Where are the cups people?


Besides the point, I chanced upon this blog with this woman of the same name as me(damnit) who is a total embarrassment to all Nicoles in the world. I need to summon my Chewy and do something about it. Hmm.

Love, Nic.

10:47 AM.
" Sunday, September 09, 2007

Should I change my blogskin? Ah, after exams luh.

10:48 PM.
" Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've been hooked on Modern Minds and Pastimes (yes, I realised it's not that bad! Well, The Click Five can't get that bad :D) and Wang Li Hong! (again.) This time, it's the Bimbo type lor, the luo ye gui gen that got Dajie crying (I LOVE YOU TOO WOOFIE!) and the bu wan zheng de xuan lu(lv). Ahh, LOVES! (:

I've decided to be a typical Singaporean blogger today -- COMPLAIN! Cos 3 things annoyed me terribly today.

NUMBER ONE: My mom and I went to eat at a certain Japanese restaurant at Great World City and there were 2 girls seated next to us. They refused to sit opposite each other so they had to drag two tables together(meaning they deprived 2 people of their seats) so both of them can sit on the cushion. So retarded and inconsiderate la!

me: you dare to scold them?
mom: *shakes head*
me: I dare leh
mom: aiya it's the shop people stupid la, they deprive themselves of business lor
me: really ah, I really can scold them you know
mom: don't bother la

Plus there was a long queue outside la! STUPID DUMB GIRLS. Please la, if your butt is so fragile that you can't sit on a normal wooden chair, go insert some silicon?! Or something.

(random: omg I put my iTunes on shuffle, it's luo ye gui gen now! Ahh! Okay, resuming...)

NUMBER TWO: I hate people who wear shoes and shuffleshuffleshuffle their feet. It's annoying! And show you have no class so please, LIFT UP YOUR FEET WHEN YOU WALK. Or get some boingy shoes from Nike luh.

NUMBER THREE: I went to alter my pants at Far East Plaza (the pants was too long, duh) and there were these two seemingly (really seemingly, not bluffing okay) GAY GUYS (I mean one wore bright blue and one, pink).

Apparently, blue gay guy's girlfriend altered some lame dress with the Auntie. Then she dumped her lame belt that she claimed she did not want into the plastic bag to give to the Auntie to alter. The Auntie did not see the belt and the blue gay guy says the Auntie trying to cheat their money so the pink gay guy suggests they yi ren fen yi ban. Since the total cost was $45, the gay men should pay $22.50 right? But they just dumped $10 on the counter. Omg such inconsiderate, dumb gay men that are so poor and wanna cheat the Auntie of $12.50! If I see them again, I'll slap them la (while wearing gloves).

The pink gay man had such a greasyweasy face, so DISGUSTING! I bet the girlfriend of the blue gay man don't even dare come cos she's wearing the belt and going out with a NON GAY MAN! Hwahwahwa. And they made the Auntie cry lor, she kept telling us she didn't see the lame belt and somemore the men wanna cheat an Auntie of $12.50. WTH RIGHT?!
PLEASE BE A GENTLEMAN, OR AT LEAST, A GENTLEGAY RIGHT?! Damnit la. Aunties have rights okay.

Anyway, do I sound really angry? I'm not la. But I'm angry at the gay men, they're so ... gay. Hee, I watched No Reservations! It's super nice (: Nic is lucky cos she got to watch all the movies she wants to except Bourne and Secret! Well, now I wanna watch I Know Who Killed Me and a lotta fantasy shows coming out. Whoopdeedooo~

Ohyea Yeo and I went out with laoshi yesterday. We had Starbucks! Haha, three times in this week for me! 2 caramel frappes and 1 java chip VENTI! shared with Zara la, the venti :D

I'm so gonna fail that HSK thingy.

Happy birthday Dad.
Love, Nic.

10:49 PM.
" Thursday, September 06, 2007

I have decided to do it myself yin wei wo yao gai bian zi ji so everyone else gets the marks cos Nic can't be bothered to meet up with everyone else since everyone else doesn't wanna plan anything.

I love you wang li hong, ni shi wo de ou xiang.

And so are you AnMeiHsu's mother, let's commit suicide three days before new year.

6:25 PM.

Nic is annoyed cos she wants ERIC DILL! Not that Kyle Patrick is not good looking enough but that's not the point. I WANT MY BUBBLEGUMMY CLICK FIVE BACK! Boohooohoo ):

I love hairspray! It's such a feel-good show. Plus watching it with my gay apunehnehs was a *yay!* Eee, Zac Efron was such a charmer with his hair, his suit, his humongous eyes and his hairspray! hahahaah (: Though he looked sooo bad in high school musical I (: Ooh, and there was this bunch of crazy girls who took photos in the cinema with their bright lights! Like omg wrong location dears, this is not a photo booth that ran out of light zzz. BUT, it was such a lovelylovely show :D

Ahh, troublebubble I hate E&I and tsk.

Love, Nic.
EAT DARK CHOCOLATE! and listen to Greetings from Imrie House ((((:

11:41 AM.
" Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's September! And I didn't go on my holiday ): Owell, more time to do work and watch movies (: Nic was so horrid that she forgot to wish Charlie and Beaver happy birthday so here's a public one -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (you're as old as me now)

The trip back to RV was hmm, enriching. Waiting for Ms Tardy wasn't as bad as what happened there. I mean, if you want students to go back, make an effort to see them at least. Ah, don't wanna talk about it.
But I saw some cool people! Like WeiLing and Charlotte (zomg she's taller than me now o.0) and the anorexic Simon and the ever-so-shuai WeiYang and some deesgusting people and ShuFang! And Erny and pretty Lisa and XueTing! Eee, she's so nice la. And err, Dennis? And YuCong and Gary and Daryl and blabla. Everyone's changed so much, it's scary. Until Simon told me I haven't changed like since P4. Ohdamnyou! Hah, I think I'm 1.5cm taller at least ;)
Then Ratatouille! Where we saw Winona who got touched (lol shook hands luh by MASI OKAAAAAAAAA!!! Pig. Well, poor Denny and me and Russell there's always next time. (:

BLEH. That was a whole damn lot of info.

Sophia's coming over, but she hasn't called me yet, what a pok.

Err, Yeo came to stayover for two nights and we neopet-ed like mad lolol. And we carried on the Wong tradition by going ot on Sat and Sun morn. We wanted to make a reservation at Sun With Moon! (we're damn cool) but the chinaman said that they were fully booked. Owell, we ate at Shimbashi anw (: Yums.

Yesterday I mugged with Joel cos we're the only 2 losers that had nothing to do. Well, hope I can meet Zara on Wed! (to mug) everyone's becoming a mugger, I should start something new (:

Thursday Hairspray? It even rhymes.

NIC'S A PIGGGGG. I want to watch movies, eat popcorn and play.
Love, Nic.


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