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8:20 PM.
" Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eeehee do you know term3 ends in 1.5 days? JOY!

I can't wait to see Jess&Mel again on Friday! Maybe Denny'll be there too, and Mr Softee and WeiYang and Simon Heng and err, LAINEE! Yay. Let's just pray the bloody guard lets us in or I'll show my NIC PROWNESS LOLZ.

Anyway that avis is so evil! His grandmother is super, and we are a crappy bunch of students neh. He didn't come last week! And we basketball-ed on the wet ground, so fun, no siva to nagnagnag. And at the end of the game, xizi said we should shoot from 3-pointer-line to make our wishes. I wished for my growth spurt (duh) and IT GOT IN! Whoa, the feeling was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I have hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Have I told you this before? Ah, whatever, JOY!

Hmm, only one more LA essay to do! I shall try and pia now so I can slackkkkkkkk till Friday -.-

Ohyes, GET WELL MARRYMO! We're all here to support youuuuuu~

Congrats to my Whaley who is ever so smart and passed her driving test in ONE TRY! Yay! Another chauffeur for a few more years till it's my turn~ :D
Love, Nic.

Happywappysappynappygappykappytappy TEACHER'S DAY! (In advance, I rabu holidays)

9:52 PM.
" Friday, August 24, 2007

Boo, we all felt the SE spirit today! Cos my beloved desk partner (though only for a short period of time) is LEAVING!!! Thus, we bought gifts, wrote cards and yaddayaddayadda. Plus! We played captain's ball. But it wasn't that fun cos we didn't have the 4 guys (lol) and they were SITTING THERE WATCHING! Can you imagine how restricted we felt bleh.

Anyway, take care ziruo! (:


I started my mess that ruined your life. Can't anyone learn how to take a joke? Why does a useless comment turn into something life-changing? Will your popularity drop cos of this? Will people start hating you cos of this? Okay, so you get a lot more ridiculous questions a day, will you die? Go ahead, do the same thing to me, it doesn't matter. If it's not true, why the hell should you bother? Why the hell are you getting so uptight over a small matter like this? Ask around, everyone's been through teasing. You think this'll be the first and last time in your school days? Face it, vent your anger at me if you want to, but I've already apologised. If your life has changed so very drastically cos your friends are teasing you oh-so-often, maybe they're not your friends. If they know you well, would they think this is true? Would they believe some random girl who merely posted a joking tag on your blog? Or would they trust you?

Don't think this is some milestone in your life, it isn't. You're not gonna die.

8:04 PM.
" Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ooh, yay I can finally blog. Cos yesterday google was pms-ing so I couldn't.

GET WELL SOON JINGQI! I bet you're rotting your soul of boredom at home. But fear not, I can teach you coordinate geometry cos I love it! And I think I'm the only one in class who does lol. I HATE THE MOLE, and everyone else too. Bleh, BRD was not BRD without you! *hug

It's raining damn heavily now, all of a sudden. My mom's scared there's some typhoon somewhere o.0 hopefully not?! But it was damn sudden lol. And you can hear wind, and see lightning and hear thunder. So glad I'm indoors.

There's that macbeth essay to write T.T help me. Oh, good luck to all my lovely year4 seniors! For their EOYs start tmr, with Hamlet HAHA. I shan't gloat, it'll be my turn soon!

3rd lang was a WASTE OF TIME. All we did was see presentations and it was spent helping Siswo solve log (YAY!) and read Joy Luck Club (lovely story, I'm at page 40-smthing lol). Bleh, and there was this St Nicks girl that was tall and (relatively) pretty and allll the guys were ogling. Ash was like "omg! good leh!" after the presentation and Chew and I were like "good meh.." and this REALLY SMALL LITTLE CATHOLIC HIGH MAN! That looked like a little tan sensei lolol. Well, luckily no prepared oral speech this year, phew.

I have a geog test and chem (MOLE! damn.) test one day after jap EOY oral, damn?

I lost my calculator the other day! And I was so exasperated. BUT it was kiapped in between Siswo's handbook -.-

I HAVE A LOTTA THINGS TO SAY LA, but the damn macbeth essay is making me feel like I'm slacking so tata talk to you tomorrow (:

Love, Nic.

8:24 PM.
" Monday, August 20, 2007

NIC THINKS SHE'S GONNA DIE! Cos she has no ling gan for LA essay and there's that bio brochure to do and it's pricking her at the back of her mind (and so is that LA proj!)



GET WELL SOON SUNSHINEEEE! so you can come back and see my face (: lol

I'm going on a holiday, a holiday, a holiday~
NVme :P

10:02 PM.
" Sunday, August 19, 2007

Do you know what it feels like, loving somone who's in a rush to throw you away?
(haha, I don't)


Choosing between going to the Macao (or Macau) Youth Symphony Orchestra and to support Charlie at NSC (cos everyone wants Nic to go everywhere :D), I chose the former. Sorry la, I still wish you guys all the best. It was quite fun (: They played Home and Chan Mali Chan and some insecty song that really sound very insecty lol. There was this reallly cute lil man in violin I! Ohmy, he's so small and cute. And the conductor was really funny too (: Subin and her sis Sujeong went too. Cool leh, they're so korean and they speak english and chinese. Fluent in 3 languages! Damn, and Subin learns jap too.
I think they (the Macao YSO, not Subin and Sujeong lol) were kinda disappointed cos it wasn't very full but it was a great concert nonetheless!

This year's National Day songs make me go a bit high. Maybe cos the Kit Chan one is so international and WILLYOU? is so JINGJIEMAN! lol.

I'm addicted to Pokemon! But I'm so sad my Puplip evolved, now it's ugly. All the basic pokemon are damn cute la, then they have to evolve, boo.

Daniel's gonna dream of Roseline :D
Love, Nic.


11:18 AM.
" Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's raining so very heavily now. Everything outside is a blur, and all you hear is the sound of raindrops. So peaceful, so alone yet so intimidating. The best thing to do on days like this is to stay at home and daydream, or sleep (:

Fireworks is a wondrous thing. I shall go find out from wiki how it works! According to Ms Tiong it's by burning metal o.0 but I'll get back to you on that.
Yesterday I went to Mandarin hotel to see fireworks and have a really extravagant buffet and we waited and waited till like really long before seeing the fireworks. But it was sooooo worth it. It was right in our faces la! Like within such close proximity. Apparently it was a competition between a few countries so it lasted for 20 mins! 20 mins of pure joy! I'd post pictures but it's really blur cos of my 2.0mp phone zzz (forgot to bring camera la). Anyway, it's happening again tonight! And it can be seen from my house but the miniature version of what I saw yesterday. So if you're free, go on down to MARINA! Cos it's reallyreallyreally worth it! (:
Or you can come to my house for the miniature version heeee.

I always feel like there's a lotta work to be done. And when I list it down, there's really a lotta work to be done.

Let's see. OHMY! My embarrassing moment yesterday. I had to pass money to SC for teacher day celeb thingy and JJ wasn't in school yet. So I msged him "JJ! I need $36! Come come quick quick urgent urgent!" And I got a reply 2 mins later, "Jingjie is sick. He is still at home sleeping." And I was like OMGOMG so embarrassing la! His mother must think I'm some female loan shark or smthing zzz ohmanz!

Lately so many people are seeeeeeekkkk (sick lol). The damn flu bug must have started from the panicking sec4s and liu chuan to the juniors according to xizi and now the whole school has it. Bleh, GET WELL SOOOONNNZZZZ eoys are coming lol.

What a random post.
Love, Nic.

6:08 PM.
" Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I failed my chinese test 5.5/10 booohoo. Actually it's 55% but doncha think 5.5/10 looks nicer? Like never lose so many marks lol (: Ah whatever, just get a scolding from my tuition teacher luh. It's below class average of 57%! Wth right. But they're so many pros in my class, it's really not my fault boohoo.

I really don't like physics. It's boring and mentally draining. And with a teacher like mine, OHMYGAWDDDD.

Anyway, geog lesson was really funny. Mrs Bok kept praising samuel for how smart&intelligent he has become since he sat in front. And kk's 2nd button came out! xizi was like "OMG SO REAVEALING!" jiaqian and I were controlling our laughter lolol. Not like we wanna perv la but IT'S JUST THERE! Okay, luckily he wore xx's jacket then covercover lol.

This is a very suayyyy semester.
Love, Nic.

10:32 PM.
" Tuesday, August 14, 2007

TO MY DEAREST BOOB!imean SOPHIA! You have saved my lifeeeeeee teehee. If I get supersuper high marks for this physics test then thankyouuuu dearrr~ I owe you bigfat time :D I'll buy you a Caramel Frappe from xing ba ke? Yay, I bet she'll say yes. She can't resist the temptation :D

I've been confessing my love for so many people oh-so-often these days. Imma girl with a biggg heart :D

I feel so relieved the jap project is over! The embarrassing moments of my sissy "WA NE!" and I missed it. I just said a "desu" OHMANNZZZZZZ. But anyway it was a success to all of us and I didn't realise it was so funny o.0 lol I think YongYi!'s (haha Endo probably gave them full marks tsk) group did a good job. Masahiro is kinda drama lol. And that Tan Sensei is so intimidating la! Luckily my questions weren't ask by him (: Poor Lion and Siswo heeeee.
Anyway, I think there's just the LA essay, bio brochure, LA project (OMG BOOB WE NEED TO MEET) and that physics test before SCHOOL'S OUT! For a week only la. Poor Singaporean students, we treat oneweeka day off like some golddddd.

Oh man! There's scary avis tmr, sigh, buhbye.
Love, Nic.

Should I change my blogskin not? I like this one! But I love NY more! heh.

8:27 PM.
" Monday, August 13, 2007

I just finished doing the damn!LA script. There's still the damn!film and damn!storyboards but those are left to the proooooo~ namely Weijiathegreat and BossBensim lol. Ah, why so bigggg percentage?! It's only a film right--------! But luckily we have Mdm Ilyanathegreat! who will give us highhigh marks to tide us through this year for LA. Hope we get her next year too cos heard there's a documentary to do o.0

TSK, I should give her my blog URL *dingdingding!!!*

I SOUND DAMN HIGH HOR? Though I failed my math test. NIC'S FIRST EVER REDDDDED MARRKKKK. Argh, I expected it anyway. But after the corrections, you always feel you can do everything but it somehow slipped your brain teehee. Anyways, I got 14.5/32!!!!
But I love my mommy. She said "Not a bad fail what! (:" AHAHA *gringrin*

There's a damn!physics test this Thursdayyyyyy!!!!!!! The worstest thing is that we only knew today lor. These irresponsible teachers are so ... irresponsible! Boo.

My mom bought a DS for herself. Cool right?! I mean like
"my mom bought a DS and my newest toy is a gameboy"
How cool isssat? Cos she says there's this brain game which improves you memory o.0 And the best brain age is 20 and I'm --- 20! Well, that's the lowest you can go la. But I'm playing it most of the time.
Pokemon is addictive! Though it's so like the old yellow/green versions, it's still fun! I love my penguinnnnn~ I named it Queen. Hohoho, cool right. Ohkay, I have to go nowz. Byez.

Love, Nic.
*If you're reading this Jess and Whaley, I LOVE YOUUUU UNTIL MY DYING DAYYYY~* (lol.)

5:31 PM.
" Sunday, August 12, 2007

Harlow! It's back to the S word tmr. Aye, I hate the M word and the S word and the H word. Lol, sorry I just finished watch Rush Hour 3 you see, and there was this part where (*the spoilers go here) and yea lol. I watched it with the Yeo! But we didn't smuggle any food ineat anything cos

1) I wasam still sick! Grr.
2) There was a longgg queue to buy snacks cos
3) We were kinda late after our neoprints which cheated us! Although it's supposed to have been infra-red-ed into our phones, it wasn't zzz.

Anyway, it was a mini Y&Yco. outing, but fun nonetheless. Oh, my eyes hurt though teehee :P

I love procrastinating, doncha?
Love, Nic.

10:45 AM.
" Friday, August 10, 2007

When I brushed my teeth this morning, I came up with a great blog entry but now it's all gone so I'll do what I can.
Have you realised that I haven't been using BOLD letters? Well, it's becos this font cant be bold-ed! Lol how random so I have to use the huge font size to get your attention lor haha.

I want to watch a lottta movies! Nola, I keep feeling like there's a lot, but I shall go check the GV website now. Gimme a min.

(after 10 mins)

881? Heard Nicole Lee say it was nice, but hmm still on my waiting list.
RUSH HOUR THREE! I think imma go watch that with my mommy tmr :D
Secret? Nah, unless there's a hopeless romantic willing to go with me hurhur. (Hello Jess!) But I don't really fancy Jay Chou (Please don't hit me.)
Bourne Ultimatum OOHLALA! But I'll have to catch the first two first lol
HAIRSPRAY! It looks damn fun la
Ratatouille It's Paris, and it's cooking, what more can I say?
No Reservations Been a long time since a Romantic Comedy eh? And it's to do with cooking tooooooo!

Yup so far that's it! I love watching people (and rats, for that matter) cook lol. You can start making reservations now. Call my hotline soon! Whilst dates last (:

ANYWAY, HAPPY (belated)BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! I trust you Singaporeans must have worn red yesterday. Except for those two who came to my house lol. The parade looked fun! Although I only like the fireworks and singing parts (cos I can sing-a-long!) And there was this random man singing WILLYOU? Lol who is he ah? But in the end the jingjie man still sang along with the rest of the people :D Yay. My mom was sad when the fireworks ended, cos she lovesssss to watch fireworks lol. But we're going to see some fireworks competition next week so yea.

And Singapore's 42nd bday is over. Ohmy, so fast leh!
Grr, before you know it, EOYs are over too! Haha, my wishful thinking. Still have to get past that horrid horrid physics test first.

I made my mom queue for 30mins to get my National Day stamps when I could have bought it online. I'm so up to no good heee.

I always feel like I've GROWN! But I never ):

OH, I wanna watch King and I too. Kay, I'm going to look at violins (and buy a tuner at long last) today, hopefully I can find one! Anyone wants my maple? HAHAHA.
Love, Nic.

5:59 PM.
" Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What a boring day! I stayed home and coughed, and coughed, and coughed.

Day before national days aren't supposed to be like this, bummer.

5:52 PM.
" Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm SICK. Down with this sore throat which has mutated into a cold&cough. My mucus keeps on flowing, can't even bend down it'll be like a waterfall, eew. And this morning I had brown phlegm! Eew. Aah, it'll get better. Luckily it's a holiday and I won't miss lessons. You guys must think I'm absolutely&completely out of my mind (: Anyway, thankyou! for your concern those who have realised I haven't been very Nic-ish these 2 days (:


Bio test very easy meh? I don't think so what.. anyway I have lost 3 marks T.T shan't talk about it. And that math test! Zzz, next---
Upcoming test on kinematics. OHMYGOSHXZSHXZSZX DIELA. Lol, that reminds me of BSP class where Sop and I were vandalising Rosalineee's paper with 'ii lubb euuxxsh worxx!' And all those gay shit. And then it reminded me of ~ViNcEnT QuEk~ <-- my bio teacher! His msn nick is THAT. Wth right? Nola, actually he's quite funny and zilian (: And not a bad teacher compared to Mrs moodswing Lim. Pregnancy, drives you nuts. Ohman pregnancy reminds me of Mrs Bok! Always telling us what a wonderful experience it is.

'Girls, you are given the chance, it's a once in a lifetime experience. If you don't try, you won't feel like a woman you know?' LOL.
And that day, when Ziyu cut his hair, she was damn funny.
'Eh, Yizu you cut your hair ah?' LOLOL. Ziyu became Yizu. It sounded so wrong la. Then, she continued.
'Actually you look nicer you know. Last time like forest like that, now like a bush. Samuel, maybe you should cut like him ah Samuel?' HAHA. She's sooo super funny.


Love, Nic.

8:12 PM.
" Saturday, August 04, 2007

Soon Monday shall and be gone and horrid Tuesday too. Then FIVE WHOLE DAYS OF JOYYYY~ Happy birthday Singapore, you bring us 5 days of joy.

Today we went to the lame CME thing and realised we've been to 2/4 of the sacred worshipping places we were supposed to go to -.- the Sikh Temple was the funniest la! Cos everyone had to wear like scarves over their heads. Lolol. JingJie was the funniest! He looked like a trueblue malay/a snake charmer/AREALLYFUNNYJINGJIE lol. KianKok and Zenn looked like malay dancers and XiuLi looked reallllyyy like a nun! (no offence) But it was soooo alike! The dark blue scarf and she's so skinny and gaunt. (no offence) Okay, I'm being mean.
Too bad YiYing and Joanna were sick and ZiYu ponned. They would have a good laugh and we would have a good time laughing at ZiYu lol.

Then we had Pepper Lunch! As in me, XiaoWen, Bram, Bev, LingHong and EnNing. Too bad Fel was sick too. Aww, get well soon people. FIVE DAYS OF JOY ARE COMING, CAN'T MISS THAT. zomg I think I'm getting addicted to pepper lunch la. Super nice curry beef rice (compliments of Beverly's recommendation). Enning is a garfield who's (happily) leaving on Wednesday. Lucky her, gets to flyyyy to Canada, for good. And we're all stuck here. Well, everyone has me, so you lucky pigs! :P Err, then I went to dhoby ghaut to do something, tsk.
What a day.

Biowio test!
And sorry for not updating, I had a busywusy week (:
Love, Nic.


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