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7:19 PM.
" Monday, July 30, 2007

Curse that damned math test. Don't talk to me about it.
&Wake me up when next Monday ends.

Leave me alone
Get out of my face
I'm tired of love
Feeling so misplaced
Time for you to go
You still know I'm better off on my own

Leave me alone
This isn't gonna work
Don't call me on the phone
Because I'm all out of words
I'll face the unknown
Thinking about all the ways that I've grown

12:16 PM.
" Sunday, July 29, 2007

I have regained my mugger spirit after that slackin' IDMI week. I also decided not to have self-pity (like I always do) and adopt the "Just Do It!" spirit. Mmm. Someone (LOL trying to be cheem here, it's just jess) once told me: "Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done!" And well yea, I shall try to do that.

Nic the mugger has officially returned.

On a lighter note, my disgusting class CIP is next week, so please come down to support (: We're selling popcorn which has yet to be sampled. If you get food poisoning, it's not my fault.

Thanks to everyone who listened to my emo talk and read my previous vengeful post or comforted me in one way or another. I was probably just PMS-ing.
Love, Nic.


8:34 PM.
" Friday, July 27, 2007

It's been a disgusting day.

I hate CIP. God. Can't the school just make that CME trip thingy a CIP THING?! Like nobody wants to go la. Or organise another trip to Towner Garden. We learnt a lot form that one, didn't we? Or just don't have CIP LA! I mean which adult actually goes down to help some organisation when they're so absolutely tied up by workworkwork, familyfamilyfamily, worrying about moneymoneymoney?
Can't we just pick up litter from a reservoir and call that CIP?! Kills two birds wth one stone. Supports ABC Waters AND completes some CIP hours. Ohgod. Better still, let's all go shop at ageing mall. Promote ageing mall, complete CIP hours AND get to shop for daily necessities. Isn't it better? God.

KINEMATICS!!!! *faints.

Do we really need to learn set theory and DNA. Just go hospital and ask the nurse where to check DNA, don't need to learn how it really works now right?! Unless you intend to be a doctor, where you will revise and go for further studies, it's totally pointless right? And set theory. Do you really think they will tell you to draw 2 circles and box it up and give you some weird code so you can shade&shade&shade?! NO! Useless. Partial fractions? Who in the right state of mind will ask you to convert some fraction into another fraction, huh? Useless. Let's see... what about digestive system?! GOT APPENDICITIS, CUT IT OFF. GOT STOMACHACHE, GO SHIT. GOT ANOTHER ANOTHER PROBLEM WITH THROAT, MOUTH, SMALL INTESTINE, LARGE INTESTINE, RECTUM, LIVER ... GO SEE DOCTOR LOR. Ohgod.
In my opinion, we should all just QUIT SCHOOL! And work as maids or sweepers or just kill yourself. Save the trouble.

Answer my questions, somebody.
Lovingly written by Nic.

P.S. She's just having a bad day.

5:26 PM.
" Thursday, July 26, 2007

My comp is super lag la bleh.

I just watched 200 Pounds Beauty on my sucky Palsonic DVD Player all by myself (: I ate a Magnum too! eehee, it was a rather nice movie but Transformers still rocks more :D I didn't cry at the end, in case you were wondering. Ooh, the guy is gooodlooking neh. And the only problem was that my sucky Palsonic DVD Player couldn't change the language so I was listening to chinese&korean at the same time while looking at the english subtitles. So smart right.

And now Nic is looking for the soundtrack. Olly, where are you when I need you?


I am so proud of myself! I finished Azkaban in approximately 4 hours I think! That's a great achievement to someone who doesn't read, at all. But I know the whole lot of you out there think I'm such a big fat lagger. Owells, I'm proud of myself hur :D

Kian Kok is very funny. I forgot to wear my watch today and it was a bad omen! Sop said Kian Kok's watch looked like mine so I tried it on and I wore it the whole day forgetting to return it to him! But he didn't seem to care -.- ohwell.
And he's the random-est person I've seen. He was reading Command and Conquer lol (HAVE YOU HEARD OF THAT BOOK LOL)
Okay, maybe only I find it funny.

Ahwell, to start of GoF or not, that is the question. It's addictive this book I tell you. I'm starting to sound like Yoda.

The worst is here.
Love, Nic.

8:24 PM.
" Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OMGOSH. I forgot to tell you abouts NWC lol.

(at the interview with PUB erngineer)

Yi'An: what's the organisation that manages waste in Singapore?
Zenn: N..W..C.. National...Waste...Centre...
me: he's telling a lie. it's fake, how can you believe him?
(next minute)
Yi'An to engineer: How does the NWC help in....
engineer: huh? NWC?
everyone present: bursts out laughing.

And that's what you get for listening to Zenn and not me!

8:05 PM.

I must say this year's IDMI has been much more enjoyable compared to last year's. Though I was utterly stressed (like everyone else, and I'm always a worrywart) but my group is kinda cool.

Yi'An is super creative with her tinge of blur-ness (NWC & muachi?)
Yang Hua talks a lot, I mean a lot and it's in chi and eng, super confusing lol and she likes to sing, as usual
Xiu Han did all of the poster, kudos
Zenn is highly abusive & sleeps on the job (but he provided the laptop la)
Ming Xiang is super lame and ah, I shan't say more

I liked singing wei shen me! with Yi'An annoying Zenn out of his wits where he threatened to knock us with this HUGE rock. (It was enormous!) And always urging them to do their work and assume the title of - slavedriver, hur. The project is totally pointless to me but it beats going to school and studying zomg. (Told you I'm not a mugger :P)

Ohman I'm gonna miss waking up late and lazing around in bed.
Tomorrow is THEDAY lol and I just hope we don't get cut off cos our presentation is too long or asked some unanswerable questions zzz.


Apparently, I'm going to the beach tomorrow! And ponning third lang again. Whoopsiedoo! And I'm at HP3 page 201, not badding hor? Charlie was EVILPEEVIL.

Charlie: whoa you damn slow leh!
me: huh?
Charlie: only at hp book 3. i think i lend you the 7th book after i finish NS la.
me: wth.

Who said I was gonna borrow it from you. I WILL BUY IT NEH. Actually my cousin's giving one to me so I DON'T NEED TO BORROW IT FROM YOU! Stupid.

Ohyes, I got the 3rd book from Joel's classmate o.0 thankyou kind soul! Lol.


Fri: LA film (but no one's gonna hand up)
Bio ws (ohdamn)
Sat: There's a play on, should I go?
Dinner to watch fireworks! :D
After I survive that,
Fri: Chi compo (tianahhhhh~)
Not to mention a chi test next week on a random day and getting back chem test & practical results. And a CIP proposal to submit.

Ah, let's just get through tmr, kay?
I shall go sms my lovely IDMI-mates to remind them abt tmr. I wonder how many msgs I wasted this week alr. Sigh.
Love, Nic.
I solemnly solemnly swear I'm up to noooo good (:

7:59 PM.
" Monday, July 23, 2007

Eee, I have a ton of things to do so I shall do this quickly.

I NEED HARRY POTTER BOOK 3! ANY KIND SOUL I WANT IT TOMORROW cos I can't wait till Friday for dear Fishhay to bring it heehee.

Today's IDMI was okay. I think the interview was quite fun. OMG NWC I TELL YOU NEXT TIME LOL. Zzz, Yi'An's blurness again.

Err, we walked for like half an hour to the damn PUB place! God. Luckily it wasn't raining or wasn't too hot or I would have died hur.


Argh, gotsta go now. Bye!
Love, Nic.

9:56 PM.
" Sunday, July 22, 2007

How can an awfully pleasant day turn out to be like this.

2:56 PM.

I wish we had more time for IDMI. Aye, but it's the last year doing it so yay. But I kinda like it, it's slack-er compared i school.

Everyone's struggling to finish HP and the Deathly Hallows and I'm at the second book o.0 YAY ME!

I want my click five album! Singapore is so wols la zzz.

Nic is feeling very random.

3:52 PM.
" Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally down to blogging. Yesterday was busybusy~
Before we start, my previous post: It's an angmoh man from South Africa and it's mosquito larvae lol! My bad (:

I had the bestest lunch with my mom! Kuishinbo japanese buffet at Suntec City. Omg I may sound laggg but it's really good! They have everything there la. Sushi, sashimi, nabe (lol the jap steamboat like thingy), teppanyaki, soup! and DESSERT.
They had alll sorts of sushi! Even chilli tuna o.0 But it was reallly good. And the sashimi too! Not of inferior quality. The teppanyaki was good too. Esp the beef! There was this super interesting soup. It came in a little teapot and had prawns and meat inside. And you drink from the teapot lid! SUPER CUTE!
But the best was the DESSERT! (as my mom and erjie always say) They had mochi, lots of mochi (LOL I'LL TELL YOU THE MOCHI STORY LATER) and white chocolate with strawberry shavings outside and inside is milk chocolate. YUM. And they had all sorts of cakes and tiramisu and heaven... BUT! the best is vanilla and soft serve icecream! YOU GET TO SOFTSERVE YOUR OWN ICECREAM! How cool issat?! Although the green tea didn't really tast like green tea, it was so smooth and yumm!
A definite must-go! Its a buffet. EVERYTHING is freeflow, yes including the icecream. Oh and they have all sorts of drinks too. Go google Kuishinbo for more details. Really rocks! $19.80++ per head for weekdays lunch for 1 hour. If you can eat, GO.

Okay, after that I went for IDMI. First we went to Macritchie reservoir but realised there were only students so we moved back to united square though we were prohibited to give out survey forms. Yang Hua and Yi'An were super effective la! And Zenn and Ming Xiang were losers. Zenn was the worst la, got rejected donno how many times.


Yi'An was contemplating on whether to buy muahchee for her grandma.
Yi'An: Should I buy not? My grandma likes leh
Zenn: How much is it?
Yi'An: $3
Yi'An: But my ahma like!

So she decides to msg Daphne and Daphne says buy!

Zenn: How much inside one box? Alot not?
Yi'An: 6 pieces
*I think for awhile*
me: Muahchee can count one meh?
Zenn: Yalor can meh?
Yi'An: Of course! It's big what. Like that *shows the size of a mochi*
me: Are you talking about m-mochi?
Yi'An: Ya! That's what I said!


*After we laugh to death*
Yi'An: Haya, it all starts with an M and end with an I anyway.
*thinks awhile again*
me: Isn't it muahchee m-u-a-h-c-h-e-e and mochi m-o-c-h-i?
Yi'An: Huh? Not m-u-a-c-h-i meh?

OHMAN YI'AN IS DAMN FUNNY. And so we told her that muahchee cannot be counted lolol. You want some muachi?

Okay, so we went home and I had to get ready for King Lear! It was a boring play cos we didn't understand much of the plot lol. But JingQi and I got excited because of the bastard son Edmund. Lol and I kept rubbing it in. Bastard son, bastard son, bastard son. And at the end of the play JQ only clapped ever so loudly for the bastard son lolol.


Lolol. He is quite good looking (: And Ian Mckellen was really good! Cool la. Good exposure! (: Although we were so damn tired after that.

me: Why you wear CS tee?
Siswo: I came straight from IDMI mah lazy to change. Not like you wear until so glamorous.
me: o.0

What a funnyfunny day.

Went to Pasir Ris at 9am in the morning zzz. I think our IDMI group is quite effective neh (: And Charlie asked me to go watch the Great Science challenge thingy but I was late la and my mom said I couldn't make it in time so I gave it a miss. Good luck guys!

And they started late -.-

I got my Chamber of Secrets alr, gonna start reading it soon. Byebye!
Love, Nic.
Everything's my fault, why don't we just start a fan club?

8:30 PM.
" Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yi'An watches Bleach too! How cool issat? (:


My mother told me some deeeesgusting news this morning! It's super ERXIN and HORRIFYING. ZOMGZ. Apparently, it's in the newspapers, go check it out. Actually don't, it's damn gross. EEW. Okay, here goes, take a deeeep breath (especially if you're prone to misquito bites!)

THERE'S THIS MAN! (Lol) in SINGAPORE who thought he got BITTEN BY A MOSQUITO on the FOREHEAD. He said it was very PAINFUL. Like throbbing o.0 So he consulted a doctor who claimed it was merely shingles and prescribed him some shingles medicine. BUT! It worsened! And they realised ... ... (disgusting part ahead)


YUCKS. PICTURE IT IN YOUR HEAD, IT'S DAMNNNNNN DAOWEIKOU. And I have a damn mosquito bite on my hand now zzz.


4:26 PM.

I am completely taozui in my Wang Li Hong now. Whooo~

Finally got the CD! :D And I went shopping with myself after IDMI. I went to popular! It's the only place that once I enter sure buy something one lol. I bought the NEW SE FILE! Cos the current one is completely&utterly broken la. So new treasurers! I have to claim money from you heh.

This year's IDMI seems more slack than the previous one. And that's GOOD.
I'm reading Potter at an incredible speed compared to my previous books where I take a year to read 10 pages or leave it halfway unread lol.

I don't like S.H.E and Wang Li Hong duet-ed with one of those people for a song. Why, you may ask? Well, it's because he pities her and thinks they are very sad so he's being a super kind soul (: See, that's why I love him!
If I offended you, TOO BAD! :P

Tomorrow is King Lear! And I'm sitting with crazy JingQi. I hope there's no super funny part where we will burst out laughing and embarrass the whole cohort of people going. Or even worse, have a Ziyu-man appear and die of laughter. Lol, let's pray for a good performance (:

I better go prac my violin and read up on King Lear lest I don't understand the plot!
Love, Nic.
WangLiHong is LOVE!

10:39 PM.
" Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Her nose is running, her eye is itchy, she has giant mosquito bites and there's IDMI. There, we found the cause. Sniff*

It's dark and late and there's school to go to tomorrow. I detest IDMI. I don't see the point of doing this. Meeting mentors and issuing surveys? Aren't you paid like $4/hour to give out Yoshinoya flyers o.0 WHAT"S THE POINT?! Don't bother asking anyyy teachers. They claim that "school is not just about academic work! You should try other hands-on activities and not just academic-based studies!" And the count the bloody mark into your CA/SA. Retarded not?


I like the !elocin phase (:
Love, Nic.

P.S. I sniffed throughout this whole post. I REALLY THINK I'M SICK!

5:26 PM.

Yesterday I felt reaaalllyyy guilty cos of the geog&chem test today. But after today, it wasn't so bad watching HP missing the time to mug (:

I liked HP! Cos I never read the book la heehee. I'm currently reading book 1! Lent to me by beloved Fishhay who claims I can return it to her by the end of the year (: Yay.
I LIKE LUNA LOVEGOOD! She's so dreamy and crazy. "Well of course, we flyyyy~" LOL. And the kissing scene was badbadbad. Daniel Radcliffe needs to work on that. And I don't think Draco Malfoy is good looking? And I thought Luna Lovegood was supposedly his sister when I watched the trailers. LOL. It must've been the blonde hair. But I think the movie was too short. Weren't the others at least 3 hours? And I MISS QUIDDITCH :( And Emma Watson is so prettyyyyy :)

I miss my Fartner. Third lang seems sooo different without her. Boohoo. Though there's Nicole, Ashleigh, Timo, Weng, Lion , Siswo... It's just so different, you know? And Siswo's leaving next year! Our third lang gang's dwindling :(

My hearing is IMPAIRED. Due to a certain shortass that used the basketball to whack my right ear. It went ALL RED! And it hurt. He claimed it was not on purpose, you believe? Somemore he said he couldn't see me. Wth! Same height range, my dear, same height range.

I like walking with JiaQian to go find teachers. Especially Ms Ng. She's super funny I tell you. She thought day 6 was day 1 and missed lesson. Then she thought day 8 was day 2 and missed lesson. Luckily JQ and I went to find her. And then she somemore answered the staff room intercom thing with such patience. Lol funny Ms Ng.
Anyway, going back to our journeys to the staff room. When we pass SSSSSS's classroom we will laugh&laugh&laugh (shut up JingQi) and I would do the leg-dance thingy that she'll try to follow but fail terribly. Ohmy, shorties unite!

I'm getting crazy mosquito bites again! My mom claims it's from my stinky bolster which has been with me for 10 years. "You never know what bed bugs can do ah! Later when you free ah, go check the internet on bed bugs. Got it?!"
I shall go do just that now. Bye!

Love, Nic.
tomorrow's IDMI, SIAN!

8:50 PM.
" Monday, July 16, 2007

Daniel made manymanymany funny comments today. I think he was high too (:

1. He claimed he was sexy.
2. He claimed Eustance had a muscle butt o.0 and I bet JY's still fantasising about it, I shan't elaborate.
3. He was sad that the little boy from Temasek Secondary was sexy-ier than him.

Three's a charm. Now isn't Daniel funny?

p.s. I finished my zuowen!
p.p.s. And only summary left for Tamara Owens!
p.p.p.s. HP IS TMR! (It's the bonding that's fun, I know the movie supposedly sucks to all readers but I haven't read it yetttt)
p.p.p.p.s. I can't be bothered to study for geog *poof

7:08 PM.

Today was such a slacker day. I didn't do my zuowen and blooody physics ws. I realllly think I'm gonna fail physics this year. I don't understand a single thing about kinematics. It's mind-boggling o.0 AND THAT SUCKS, rar.

We had racial harmony celeb! And I went a bit high. Becos Ms Ng didn't come in for math, we had 2 bio periods in the lab (gel ____porosis? lol) and recess! and slacked for another 2 periods. Then we had a mass dancing session lol! I think I was the only high one la. We wanted to kill Mr Chia!'s camera. It was such a deadly weapon to catch us in our worst, most awkward positions and paste them all around the school. Jian! That's why I hate photographers, unless I feel pretty and want to be taken (: If not, STAY AWAY OR I'LL WRECK YOUR CAMERAS.

JingQi, YiYing and I were ogling at the French guy. Actually I wasn't lor then Loy had to talk about chest hair and his goofy smile lol! Omg I sound perverse.

The emcee guy for the whole celeb was so lameeeeee. But you can't blame him, he's a geper o.0 And he looks like Daniel! (everyone looks like Daniel lol)

OMG AND THE TEMASEK SECONDARY SCHOOL DANCE WAS NICE! The girls were so hottttt-ly dressed and the ZI YU MAN WAS SO COOL! He reallllyyyy looked like Ziyu! Too bad he didn't come. And somemore THE ZIYU MAN HELD THE RADIO AND DANCED! OMG SUPERDUPER FUNNY! Ohman, if only we got a closer look. We laughed until I could have died. It was a splitting image, I swear.

Hmm, more work to be done and workshop's in 2 weeks! Eeks, gotta start mugging now. Byes peoples! (:
Love, Nic.

8:31 PM.
" Sunday, July 15, 2007

I AM NOT EMO-ING! I just have extreme mood swings. And I'm not PMSing. I'm SUPER HAPPY NOW! Cos of the wuyuetian song!

Lol, Joel's right, it does sound like Barney lol.

Wheeeeeeeeeee~ omg I'm crazy. I can't be bothered to study now. I can play the transformers song on the piano! Like the first few lines :) Superduper happy!

I'm high on music now !
Love, Nic.
wo you chu lian le~

11:35 AM.

It's official. My mom hates my hair. She thinks I look old and mature for a 15 year old. She thinks I shouldn't tie it up all the time but she hates it when it's let down. It's sad when your own mother doesn't like her daughter's hair, really depressing.

Nic is sad.

THEY DELAYED WANG LI HONG!!! That's sad too. How can they delay Wang Li Hong?! It should be made a crime, an unforgiveable crime.

Nic is sadder.

I need caffeine. My eyes are droopy and I feel so restless yet there's tons of work to be done.

Nic is very sad.

People have issues. Everyone has issues. We shall all stay un-complicated.
Love, Nic.

Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money

7:23 PM.
" Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ohmy, I forgot to add that i almost went DEAF. I was seated next to CO for the canteen performance. Not just that, beside the SUO NAS! Gosh. All CO should be deaf by now. Just by sitting next them, I'm half-deaf, can you imagine?
They should include suonas in the guiness book of world records for instruments that cause deafening. They could rank no1.

Did I tell you I had a horrible lunch? I did. But laksa for dinner made it alll goooood :)

Eeks, Nic's in love! Is that very amusing/intriguing? Esp Ben and JingQi, tsk! MUGGERS HAVE LIVES!
Damn, I'm admitting my fate.

Love, Nic.
P.S everyone loves me, especially Oliviaaaa! :D

6:02 PM.

Open house was fun! But I'm so damn tired now. My feet hurt, and I have 2 big fat mosquito bites again. I think I have a disease. All the mosquito bites I get are huge&red&superduperitchy! Lol. AND! We could have died and be forever known as the Dunman Highhuh?!String Ensemble if not for Ms Ku and Shi Mei's rescue, phew.
The LA presentation didn't come true cos there was no one willing to sit and listen to us :( Same went for Der Hui and Elizabeth. Dang, I spent so much time on that ppt okay!

Lunch was horrible.

I think many people have seen these black people walking around school thinking who we were. And Siswo even wanted to bow to me o.0 Coolio.

Siswo's sister's name is damn cute! And I'm watching HP with Ros, Ash, Weng, Lion, Timo this Tues! Heck the geog test la o.0 (not mugger talk) Siswo refuses to go cos he wants to study. I always knew he was the superduperuber mugger :)

I have so many things to do!
CIP proposal
IDMI stuff
LA compre
Chi essay
Bio essay
And the list goes on.

Life as a secondary school student in Singapore is hell. ALLITERATION! :D
I'd better get started now tata.
Love, Nic.

10:37 PM.
" Friday, July 13, 2007

Yawn. Nic is tired&in love.

See you tomorrow.

9:36 PM.

I'm watching HP on Tueday (reallyreallyhopefully) with 3rd lang people! :D Super psyched.

Almost finished doing my ppt on UKFrance trip presentation thingy cos open house is tomorrow! Come to DHS open house! And at 1pm, I'll be doing a presentation in the hall! It's under Language Arts :) Come support support!
At 1030, 1230, 230 and 330, String Ensemble will be playing! Come support too!

Lol and the irony is, most people reading this would come from DHS zzz. Anyway, let's wish for success tomorrow! :D

Love, Nic.

PS. I miss UKFrance!

7:39 PM.
" Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That thing at the bottom right hand is some cute quiz I did and the pics are super funky! Eee, it makes me so happy - I'M A JUNKIE MONKEY! And I'm a sophisticated conquering lovebug!

:D So not auntie, can?
Love, Nic.

6:41 PM.

At least iTunes did the job of ripping my CD.

I'm currently reading(can you believe it?!) Adrian Mole. Omg he's super funny and quite clueless. I bet when I'm old and wrinkled and I read it again, it'd remind me so muchh about adolescence and growing up.

I passed my BP test! 26/50 leh! It is an achievement for a class that only 1/3 has passed (:

Urgh, I have to forsake watching Harry Potter! For open house ): It was supposed to be a lovely day with me and mom and now it's with Dunman High ): See! I sacrifice to make you come to Dunman High so you'd better.
And I have to do this presentation on UKFrance trip with Liang Wei cos DeHwee picked Elizabeth over me. Hmm, I wonder why... Anyway I have to come up with a powerpoint by this Friday! Whatthehell right. Plus chem test's tmr and I have IDMI stuff to do. Wasn't IDMI supposed to be done during MI WEEK?! Zzz. I rest my case.

Jing Qi says I'm like an auntie, but I don't want to be an auntie! Damn, do I blog like one? Comments appreciated. Dinner time!
Love, Nic.

6:39 PM.
" Monday, July 09, 2007

I feel so screwed la. The damn Windows Media Player won't rip my CD :( ARGH!

I hate CIP.
I hate IDMI.
I hate WMP!

I told you I don't like Mondays.

9:10 PM.
" Sunday, July 08, 2007

NO ONE WORE GREEN TODAY besides some random people on the bus :( it was appalling! Omg LIVEEARTH failed in Singapore and Jess is equally disgusted. Where is your spirittt?!?!?!? I think I'm too passionate about this thing lol. Even my desktop picture is LIVEEARTH global. Sigh, I'm so disappointed I thought everywhere I went would be people in green! But no, boohoo. Anyway, I like the whole morse code thingy for live earth it's so cool :) SOS PEOPLE!


I am such a noob. I bought Harry Potter tickets on Sat at 12.45AM! OMG RIGHT! Zzz, that's Friday night somemore. SO! Luckily my mother went to change it (: And she's super funny. She called and said:
"Nic ah, how come the tickets says Harry Dig hah?"
I was like "HARRY DIG?!"
Then she was said "Ya! I thought it's supposed to be Harry Potter?"
And it took my highhhh intelligence to figure out it was Harry Dig for Digital.
LOLOL. Can you imagine watching Harry DIG?! Okay, nvm.


I hate LA film project. It's time consuming. Boohoo.
And CIP project too. Takes more people than needed :(

zuo ren zhen nan
Love, Nic.
Tell me why, I don't like Mondays,
Tell me why, I don't like Mondays,
Tell me why, I don't like Mondays,
I wanna shoot the whole day down!

Olivia, Olivia, where are you!
I need albums! =X

9:41 PM.
" Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh! I just remembered! I had my fillings done today. Can you imagine? FILLINGS! IN THE TEETH! Like some ahma or something. It was soooo awfully sensitive bleh. So! I rinse&brush&floss my teeth very often now :D [I had to fill 3 decays! Bloody hell. Luckily TRANSFORMERS! made it alright (:]

2 things you should know:
1. Citric fruits make you have decays, cos they burn your teeth. Omg right? So! Rinse your mouth after you drink/eat citrus fruits.
2. Floss your teeth! You will realise how disgusting your mouth still is if you only brush.

I should consider becoming a dentist lol. You know what? I think I'm SICK. I have a lotta poks on my hand, like little poks, not chicken poks (hopefully) and it'sDAMNITCHY.

Anyway, go watch LIVEEARTH! :D:D:D
Love, Nic.

4:50 PM.

I've quieten down on the whole anime craze and now I'm into blogging again! Damn, I want an 'I LOVE NY' skin, please? But that'll be very ego&[(narcissistic)<-- however you spell this word] but that's very me, no? :D

Anyway, I hate CIP planning! :(

Nic's bored, you can tell that when Nic starts typing in third-person. Nic also likes to blog one-liners when she is bored. Nic doesn't wanna study now. Poor Nic. :(
So, Nic's gonna drink barley. Bye Nic's friends! :)

2:25 PM.

TRANSFORMERS IS SO NICE! It's really not a guy-ey kinda show, it's damn cool la! And the special effects are like whoaaaaa. AND Josh Duhamel is cute :) A MUST-WATCH! The robots are damn cuteeeee esp bumblebeeeeee! Yay, go watch hor.

I was so appalled today! I thought that everyone knew about the LiveEarth thingy but apparently they're so dumb! So fewwww people were wearing green and those who were didn't look like they were wearing it for a good cause. Zzz, wake up people! It's 07/07/07! WEAR GREEN! SUPPORT UN-GLOBAL WARMING! Gees. Appalling.

I'm starting violin class tmr with Ms Ku! This is so exciting :)

Watch transformerssssssss! Any takers for Harry Potter? I'm uninvited, yet.
Love, Nic.

8:20 PM.
" Friday, July 06, 2007

NICENICE? So glad I revamped it. It looks so CLEAAANNNNN!

Gonna shower now, I'm the new secretary! :)
Love, Nic.

8:42 PM.
" Thursday, July 05, 2007

Omgosh hello people. If you're reading this, thank you! For visiting this lousy blog which supposedly has died if not for the miraculous revival yesterday. Maybe I was so pissed at studying for the physics test, it decided to not rage me any further. Okay, enough crap. I actually have forgotten how to blog! I think I need a change of template before I can tell you more about my mundane life. So! please come back in a year and you may be able to see this blog of junk actually functioning. Thankyou.

you know you love NY,
and NY loves you too :)

8:02 PM.
" Wednesday, July 04, 2007


heh, :)

a bona fide smile

Hello! And welcome to my blog (:
I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
Dunman High
Gold with Honours
[2G]olien'06, j[4J]eremy'08

you know you love NY,
and NY loves you too!



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