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8:34 PM.
" Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm in 3Jay. NO MORE 3LER and I didn't even appeal. Donno what Dunman High is up with but who cares. There's Wj, SAMUEL!!!(yay lol), Ben, Ching, Pris and ME. Whee so many Golieners whoo. But there's like 8 PRCs in my class -.- According to Rodion, there are nice PRCs and not so nice ones so I PRAY AGAIN.


I like to bowl! I think I have bowling talent lolol. I never learn before okay! But I have to admit Sop's really good :) And so is Ashley la if his hand doesn't sway to the left lol. Cos guys got the strength so they can strike/spare easily hur.

You gotta admit Life Sucks sometimes.

Ooh, I'm addicted to the Mochaccino from McCafe. It's nice you know! Although I was expecting a cold drink -.- it was really nice. Go try and then treat me to one :D

11:27 AM.
" Wednesday, November 29, 2006


10:17 AM.

HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY WEIJIA! ( I know you love orange ;))
Ahh, I shan't do a tribute lest I get emo and gay. So I shall end here with a simple happy birthday woman!

I love the mornings! They're so bright and happy and cheery whee! Unles you have lessons or school or the sky is dark -.- Besides that, HAPPY MORNINGS AHEAD.

My attempt to paint my nails blue has failed terribly. It looks aliented and really badly painted. Like got holes and scratches cos I was eager to brush my teeth after that. I even resorted to using a hair-dryer lol.

I need to do homework! Even Zhou has started, what is this world coming to. Sigh. I have books to read, newspaper articles to do, a book report, cheng yus to write and lotsa other miscellanous like xmas cards. God, I haven't even bought them. Ahh! The stress monster is returning even before December is here.

Nobody's online :( After that little talk I had with Zhou and Wynne I'M SO SCARED LA. Maybe I will change back to SAP la hor? I see 3Ler rejoicing lol. DHP? SAP? DHP? SAP? Sheesh.

Lemme list what I have to do and HAVE FUN CANCELLING THEM OUT! when I do it -.- Wait. I write in my profile lol. Okay then I shall go listlistlist! Bye!

9:00 PM.
" Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Channing Tatum is very hot and is goodlooking from side view, she says.

Karl: how much do u earn advertising green tea?
LOLLLLLLLLLL. My picture with Zhou shall become world famous.

Surprised wj today! At least hope she was surprised. Sorry woman I'll get you your present in the near future :)
I can ride a bike! But I just have to get pass the stage of getting on it -.-

OHHHH! I saw Simon Heng at SE chalet you know! The Simon of 6A'04 in RV. He stared at me and said "You ... you kept your hair long again" ... LOL?! What a comment to say after meeting your longlost friend after 2 yrs lol.
Jess says I have yuan with him lol. Cos he used to sit next to me and stay in the same condo (BUT NOW HE HAS MOVED) lol.

Ah well bla bla sorry for the pics' size I lazy to resize heh.


9:50 AM.

I am officially retainer girl. I have upper and lower retainers! Ahh, i speak funnier now. (Stop laughing JH and Zhou) Shorry Shamshon if I pronounce your name wrongly in the near future of shix months. Soon it'll be Zhou's turn nyaar.

Ohyes did I mention I saw HuiYi yesterday? She will be joining the bracey club! But she'll take my place cos I'm bracey-no-more!

Owells, gtg people. Toodles.

8:39 PM.
" Monday, November 27, 2006

RJC is old but big and the toilets stink. LOL. And some of the classrooms get aircons! I pray and I pray and I pray. Maybe 3eh-Ler the geeky class can get la. Geeks need aircons and special treatment ;) Heh.

Saw Taxy! After so longgg. And Kenneth was kind to come. And THIS ZHOU AH I very very very kindly brought lunch for her and then she doesn't eat wholemeal bread LOLLL. I don't eat white bread okay! :P But at least she ate the kitkat and drank the coke(duh).
Zara got new phone! Quite cool ah 3.2 megapixel whooo! And she sent me the Happy Tree Friends theme. It's so cute! Hahaha I'm so retarded I bet wj wants it too lolol.

SYF pieces are hell but they sound nice :)
Can't wait for SE camp when we get to take initiative ;)

I need to put cooler songs in my phone cos they're not kkool enough!

Txy I still think mooncake is a good idea :D

10:29 AM.

If it's one thing I love to do, it's going to the GV SITE! LOL. You discover a lotttta funny things. Like if you see the Happy Feet site,
Consumer Advice: Some Frightening Scenes
Isn't that funny?!?!? Like boo! and then a penguin appears -.- Let's watch Happy Feet cos it's a scary movie HAHAHA.

Or if you see Charlotte's Web, (Now only I know got Charlotte Web movie -.- Yala JH you damn smart la)
Look at the cast. Isn't Charlotte's Web supposed to be a jolly happy movie? And then they get the goth girl Dakota Fanning to star in it. Haha, how funny. Let's watch it lol.

Just looking at this title makes me laugh la. Trust the Chinese lol.

9:55 AM.

GOOD MORNING! It's 9:47, I gtg at 11:45 to make my way to rjc. Whoa, it sounds so grand if you didn't know it was the old campus. Like I study at rjc dudes! LOL spasm.

Finally JH replied. I need the SE contact list to start sending xmas cards! Time is running outttttt. Leaving from the 4-13 Dec then still need to buy the cards, write the cards and send them! Ahh! I think I'll spend a lotta moneh on this year's cards. Got like 30+++++++ people to send to. Cards+stamps+penink sigh.

Who can go WJ's house tmr?

Ahh, do you think I can survive in Turkey? The weather is like super cold and I'm a complete loser when it comes to the cold. Sigh.

I'm hungry I didn't eat breakfast.

When's apunehneh outing?!?

Ahh, I'm gonna find something to do now.

9:40 PM.
" Sunday, November 26, 2006

me: go see how to go rjc tmr

me: go see how to go rjc tmr
timo: huh?
timo: ur in dhp
timo: how to go rjc?
-.- What lame ducks.

Anyway I didn't get to watch Happy Feet cos weekend tickets are extremely pricey. I went to Vivo though but didn't get a beret -.- I went rollerblading! With Mike and Isabelle whoo. They're really good compared to the 2g guys lolol ;) Excluding our dear Ben heh.

Listening to Goong song again! (Zhou please don't kill me.)

10:26 PM.
" Saturday, November 25, 2006

MORE SE PICS! Actly only 5 spastic ones -.-

The spastic bicycle I drew as one of the clues for treasure hunt ;) Zara even asked if the 2 handles were radars -.- That's how good my art is.

ZARA AND MEEEE!!! After many attempts of trying to take our lovely picture lol. LOOKY! NO BRACES :D

Don't you think I look highly intelligent?!?!??! But everyone says it doesn't look like me -.- How pathetic. NO BRACES AGAIN!

Rodion's lame face with Samson looking real blur. Outside BK where we were waiting for it to open lol.

The back of Zhou's head after she woke up. I think she looks like an anime character. Shuai! Hahaha.

That's all folks! I was just feeling real random :)

9:02 PM.


Today many people came over to play :)

I feel so embarrassed/sad for those young people who go on the pu wei zhi ye show and embarrass themselves like shit while singing/dancing reallyreallyreally badly. For the young ones, it's their parents that dress them up to look like a cream cake and completely ruin their lives when they grow up. For the older ones, it's self humiliation. They say it's experience or getting to know their hidden talent. I say it's really entertaining lol.


I'm going to Vivo tmr I think. I want to get a beret :D And I'm going to watch Happy Feet!

Tag people, tag.

4:09 PM.
" Friday, November 24, 2006

Hello people! I'm back from SE chalet. It was so fun! AND I got over the Goong obsession after being deprived from Goong for 2 days? But still addicted to the songs, they're so wonderful! :) But you never know I might just get mad again since boredom can drive people to do insane things. Anyway I have an important SE-online0conference in an hour ... cool eh?! ahahaha.

I just came back from watching Material Girls with Yeo. It was okay la quite predictable but it's a feel good show :) I was left with $2 -.- I FEEL SO BROKE! I have never just been left with $2 when I'm out before. This is pathetic. Secondary school makes you poor.

Okay SE chalet time! We bonded. Yay.
First day was okay. Met Jiahui at Downtown East where I realised it was only 1 stop away from Pasir Ris MRT. I felt like such a noob okay but anyway Pasir Ris is not my di pan xP
JH finds me very funny cos I kept laughing. I think I was high. Ohyah, I met a Dorothy lol. Weijia's senior I think.
We sneaked into the chalet place! SAVED $1! But when I picked Yeo and Gloria up they couldn't sneak in maybe cos they looked too nice lol.
Went with Rodion and JH to find locations at the park for the treasure hunt which I thought was a success! Considering it was my first ever time hosting a game -.- (Sorry Samson's group for not highlighting the B's) Hope you guys liked the rocher, I wrapped it -.-
At night we had potluck and then Kenneth introduced me to XBOX! My first time playing with an XBOX! I have driving talent okay! JH also LOL.

Second day was treasure hunt day and in the morning my saga happened. IT had to do with CABs and a very embarrassing moment. You don't wanna know. Ohyah, JH is CAL, I am CAB and Downtown East is CAB/CAL founding place whoo.
I had another saga! People from Cheers wanted to kill me. I bought green tea without checking the color of the tea -.- I mean WHO WOULD RIGHT?! Then I realised that it was expired! So i went back to change it and we realised that the expired tea was like Oolong cha color and the normal tea was so much lighter and I drank HALF THE BOTTLE! Chicken la. But I didn't die :) But they changed it for me.
Ohyes, this is Zhou and me. You can hire us to sponsor for green tea and coke x)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wonderful hor?
Then we had BBQ where Zhou made the perfect BBQ-ed marshmallows and Zara the luncheon meat woman BBQ-ed the luncheon meat. And Ms Ku said she forgot what she wanted to tell me! The she say she will look for me when she remembered but she didn't. OMG I'm gonna die on Monday lol.

I slept for 3 hrs on each day and I did shower lol. And I won Chin and Rodion in Stress!!!! MUAHAHAHA. Thankyouthankyouthankyou *bows*
Ohyes! We watched Hide and Seek and it was super funny. Shi Rong was like warning us of the scary parts and then we would just scream. Esp Meihui, her scream is damn scary. Then the disc was like corrupted so we couldn't watch the ending -.- And retried like so many times. And we had to laugh at the scary parts LOL. KeeChin farted during the show and Chin snored lol. Funny people. Although the show wasn't exactly freaky I was damn scared. I had to feel Kawai's presence behind me lolll.

Anyway it was damn fun :D See you guys on Monday.

9:20 PM.
" Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm lazy to blog. See you tomorrow with for SE chalet details.

Bloody Hide and Seek.

1:13 PM.
" Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Before I leave (as you can see now is 1:06 and I need to leave at 1:30) I will tell you of my DISCMAN! Actually it's not mine it was my erjie's who gave it to me but that's not the point.

Okay, as you have seen in my previous-previous-I-don't-know-which-post you would have known that I lost my MP3 right? But since I'm so nice, I didn't want my mommy to waste money on an MP3 cos I just got a new phone, so I have decided to use The Discman!

Yesterday was the first time I took The Discman out. I was on the bus and then you know discmans have to be on a flat surface but in the bag cannot flat surface right? So it was like standing up so it kept pausing and continuing and sometimes I have to reach my hand inside to press play. And it was damn funny cos I refused to take it out and show the world that I use a discman! So anyway everyone was staring at me cos I was like a mad woman with hands inside a green bag and fiddling don't know doing what. LOL.

Whee my discman adventure lol. Later when I go to SE chalet via MRT lugging everything (your gifts and my clothes and your titbits) I will listen to my handphone! to avoid all glares and stares from people who don't know the plight I am in :)

HAH, I'm so intelligent.

Ohyes I must tell you that I am content with using The Discman. Makes me feel so retro and funky. LOL. Maybe Discmans will come back in fashion cos of me ;)

Owells, goodbye world and hello SE!

10:15 AM.

Where's Nicky?! I want my Goong song!!! He's been missing since Sunday lol.

I'm leaving! Be back on Thursday to talk to you, my little friends :)

Today is Goong last episode on Channel U. Sigh. Are you guys getting pissed off with this Goong obsession? I am. Pfft, maybe after watching My Girl, it'll die off and change to My Girl obsession LOL. But the girl and guy is not nice to look at yet. I like watching shows with pretty people so I feel happy. But maybe like Shin liddat, NAI KAN! Lolol right, SoPhia?
According to Jess, Yul is a lousy singer lol. Anyone got his songs, send me one please? Heh.

Omg I sound despo. Ahh, whatever. Toodles people see you soon.

9:39 PM.
" Monday, November 20, 2006

This withdrawal symptom thing is pissing me off.

Tomorrow is SE Chalet whoo! Though the goth theme is off, I feel so excited! Like get to bond LOL.

It's the 21st of November tomorrow. OHMYGOD. Does time fly? Or does time fly? TIME FLIES! And right now it sucks. Soon it'll be December, and then rush homework time, and then last minute Christmas shopping, and then 3L. Gosh, this is damn freaky. I'm gonna be 15 in hmm, 1 month and 21 days o.0 weirddd. I couldn't even imagine myself being a teenager.


Tick tock . . . . . . . .

11:16 AM.

Hooked to the song Step Up man! And I'm gonna master the violin part of I'mma Shine ... eventually! MUAHAHAH. Lol.

Last night's EZCO was great. Well, at least I didn't fall asleep xP I knocked into Amanda's cousin's head. LOL. Sorry again! And the two guys beside me and Sop were Prida's cousins (whom we thought were her ex bfs ahhaha). Cheh! And WE COULD JY SO CLEARLY! xD And Daniel was so dao. Like 'I wear long pants, got seniors around, shoo!' HUR. Chicken nehneh la.
After that was even better. Me, Nicky and WeiJia just sat at Mcs and talk and talk and talk. So fun! Then my mother smsed and told me to go home -.- But it was real fun :)


No matter what we go through
You step up I'll step up too
It don't matter what the haters say
As long as you are my boo
And no matter how hard it gets
This love will have no regrets
As long as when we steppin on the dancefloor
It's me and you

1:53 PM.
" Sunday, November 19, 2006

AHH! I GOT THE STEP UP SOUNDRTACK!! I went all over Orchard Rd okay. Everywhere was sold out until I found the LAST ONE in Sembawang at Orchard MRT! WHOO! Listening to it makes me wanna dance. LOL I KNOW.

Happy Belated Bday ZAARRAAA!! My lovely senior whoo! Hope you make the right choice ;)

Ahh! Feeling very high now cos I'm listening to the Step Up soundtrack hehehe.

Oh I finally finished watching Goong! It's so happpy!! Except that I feel for Yul. I mean he's a good guy and a really nice friend and not too bad looking too! Hahah. I wanna get his album xP Yesterday I got withdrawal symptoms after finished watching the series LOL. I want to watch it again! Lol hua chi hua chi! The more you watch the more you like the people hehee. Right Rosalineeeee? Hehehe.

Going to EZCO concert laterrr. After all the hiphop music, must calm it down with some oriental music LOL.
JY, Daniel, Amanda, Pi, Siew Eng and Hui Yi JIA YOU! WHOOOO!

Kay bye people!

6:55 PM.
" Thursday, November 16, 2006

The cinema was freaking cold! But besides that, Daniel Craig as Bond actly wasn't that bad. Quite a good movie, go catch it. Got excitement and quite gan chiong lol.
Oh and there were a few old people (like oldddd like ahma kinda age people) who went to watch and my mom was like maybe they're reliving their younger days. Lolol so cute right?!?!?! But it was so sad seeing the uncle unable to see the steps to walk to the toilet and back to his seat. I was like omg imagine 50 yrs down the old I liddat. Die la.

Ahh gotta go eat dinner bye!

10:15 AM.

I wouldn't mind staying at home to watch Goong the whole day *drools*. Unfortunately, I have a life.
I have to go to violin class and then to lunch and then watch Casino Royale starring the unseh Bond (don't worry I'll tell you how it goes). All these shall be done with my mother dear! And then I'll come home and watch Goong :) Sounds like a plan to me! :)

PS. I am at episode 7.
PPS. My dentist appointment is tmr.
PPPS. I can't watch the final epi of Goong on tv cos of SE chalet! But nvm it's but a leetle problem :)
PPPPS. I know you love me so bye!
PPPPPS. This is getting annoying. Happy 16th of Nov!
PPPPPPS. If you're going/performing to/at CO concert this Sunday, leave me a tag.
PPPPPPPS. Seriously, bye.

8:38 PM.
" Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm addicted to Goong! I know I sound like some crazy gay woman which I am. Maybe not addicted but I keep wanting to watch moremoremore. Okay, that's definitely addiction. Yes I know I'm late and slow but who cares! ;)

You know whats! I'm removing my upper braces tmr and officially will be bracey-no-more! :D I shall be retainer girl for the next six months LOL.


9:26 PM.
" Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room. I hate packing my room. I don't wanna pack my room.

Help Nic's going mad.

8:20 PM.

My stomach has a problem. It's veryveryveryveryveryveryVERYVERYVERYVERY bloated and so uncomfortable. It's like blown up to the fullest size and will explode anytime, BOOM.


9:13 PM.
" Monday, November 13, 2006

Today just the 4 of us chilled at Wj's house :) Me, Jy, Wj and Nicky. We watched some shows and listened to Duck and admired class vids (and other people's class vids) again. And we realised that no one can beat Wj or Nicky at making class vids. Whoo! They were either no timing, really really lousy photos or just crappy. Go youtube and search for other people's class vids, quite entertaining I must say ;)
We ate icecream and felt young again! Though Jy claims we're not old.

I missed my violin class thinking it was today that was the holiday. Oops! And my lao shi called me wu long wang LOL.

I have soo many things to do! Rarrr.

Every wound will become a memory

3:37 PM.
" Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm feeling very screwed but I'll just blog anyway.

I slept for 13 hours yesterday, from 7pm-8am. Heh. It was a goood sleeep but I'd rather not have woken up. At all.

Chalet was greeeaattt! Besides the fact that I lost my mp3 and had to brush my teeth with my finger, kudos to you all esp Nicky and Eustance, need I say more? ;)

Step Up is reealllyy gooodd though Channing Tatum isn't as good looking as Steven Strait. (Channing is a really bad name lol.) The dancing was sooo cool and the girl's really good. Sorry, I don't know her real name. I think the soundtrack'll be good too. Buying, anyone?
Watched Honey this morning, another dancing show. I think Alba's reaaalll pretty.

I feel tired and lost and confused and stupid.

6:23 PM.
" Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ohnoes I just realised that I'm off to macau tomorrow and you will miss me! (Don't deny it) So I have very kindly decided to blog :)

As you can see from the previous post, the class streaming sucked. It more than sucked, it sucked thoroughly. You have no idea how they streamed you cos it ain't according to marks or sub comb, so one question, why bother streaming? Just for the fun of making people angry? Or you want the whole sec 2 level to 'bond'. A little advice, the 'bond'-ing part may work better if we were in our original sec 2 classes. And if your intention was to make people angry, whoohoo, you've succeeded. Congratulations.

On a happier note, I got my new phone :) Sony Ericsson W850. A pretty white phone with gold little bits of detail and lights up orange when you click on the walkman button. It was supposed to come with Wang Li Hong downloads but the promotion ended, so I'm stuck with Robbie Williams lol. But they gave me a free Wang Li Hong LiveCD of his Gai Shi Ying Xiong concert, so it wasn't that bad. Ahh, I love my phone to bits. Shan't bring it to Macau in case choychoychoy! it gets stolen but will convince mom to let me bring to class chalet to show off a lil ;) And take photos!

Want anything from Macau? Tell me by tonight.
I'm hungry and hungry people are angry people. Rar.
Thanks SoPhia for that lovely phonecall last night which reminds me I have to call JY and write in my diary which I have abandoned.

I love my 2G, my friends, my phone, myself, my family. And whoever's reading my blog ;)

12:12 AM.

Everything is effed up straight from the heart or maybe from class arrangements.

11:11 PM.
" Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ooh, The Man did reply just now lol.

I went for dinner with the Yim family just now. We were talking about Fast and Furious:Tokyo Drift (you know the lame song) and then when I got into the car they were playing it! Damn funny la.

Tomorrow gonna watch either Sinking of Japan or The Covenant whoo! Feel like watching the covenant cos the trailer is so seh! Until Eustance said it's a stupid show -.- Nevermind I shall go look see look see.

Guess what? I can get my Wang Li Hong W850i phone THIS SATURDAY! WHOOO!! *Does the victory dance* AHH! SO EXCITING! WHEEEE!

I have a guest tonight ;)
Good night lovely friends!

5:18 PM.

Ashley's in my house! And The Man ain't replying ;)

10:23 PM.
" Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I just watched The Prestige with my mom, my real mom, and I don't want a magician for a husband. Whoa, lately I've been watching shows that kill innocent people for no rhyme or reason just for their own pleasure. What a heartless world. But I have to disagree with Zhou and Gloria cos DEATH NOTE IS BETTER! :) Maybe I'm the more don't-wanna-think-just-to-the-point kinda person. Or maybe cos I'm just dumb and slow and don't understand. I pick choice two, but to each his own, I guess.

And you just had to pick today to rain cats and dogs. When my mom couldn't fetch me to school, when I had to carry my violin to school. Bleh, I got WET cos I stepped into a puddle -.-
Anyway, today's video shooting was a waste of time if you ask me. We stayed for like 2 hrs in school for a 10 min shot? Whoohoo, what a great way to cure your boredom.

What shall I do tomorrow, what shall I do tomorrow, what shall I do tomorrow? Lalalalala.

My nose is running again, and my eyes are starting to itch. Is the haze coming back? Ohman.

Roseline the Bimbo abandon me and Ash tmr. What a goodan evil friend.

11:25 AM.

I am bored, you are bored, we are all bored. Boohoohoo.

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