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9:41 PM.
" Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm feeling very high! But no one's replying me so I'll have a monologue here :)

You know today my right butt downwards was sooo painful la! Like muscle ache. And I was whining about my painful butt on Orchard Rd and even singing a song about it. HAHAHA.

I have looped the Goong song for 23 times! LOLOL. Told you I'm a bit mad.

I have noticed that EnNing likes to reply smses which is very good. Cos you don't have to wait and wait and wait only to discover that that person ain't gonna reply you. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE, ahem.

It's 9.50pm on a Tuesday night and I'm gonna call Ashley so TATA! Good nights!

8:51 PM.



This year's is a bit duller :(

6:15 PM.

JY's archives are from last year lol I forgot to put that in. And I didn't go to Nanyang whoo! Hehehe.

Went out with Yeo today. Wandered around rather aimlessly and bought a lot of food. Hahah. Scheduled to eat my Beard Papa during Death Note but was toooo engrossed. Bought a card for JY and a pen.
Talking about Death Note, it is sooo nice. A bit tragic but very twisty-wistily nice. And I don't think L is shuai, but Light is! Whee, will buy the VCD Yeo, so we can watch again! It is sososososo nice. Bla, hope Yeo&Ash don't read this or they'll be like I TOLD YOUUU. Yaya, you did. Ahh! I shan't get obsessive :D :D :D :D YAYAYAYAY.

Any comments on The Prestige? BESIDES ZHOU cos I wanna catch it tomorrow.

Oh I must tell you I'm such an idiot. I was scared to walk home by the eerie jungle place cos I saw a SHOE on the rock and was scared I was going to get a heart attack and die. Hahahah what movies can do to you lol.


11:23 PM.
" Monday, October 30, 2006


so sad nicc's going to nanyang. duno what i'm going to do without nicc. before school, every recess, every test or exam... haiz..

Hahaha, I'm indispensible. LALALA.
Owells, good night people!

9:08 PM.

What a taxing day.

I went to Chia Chu's house! It's really clean and ... clean. LOL. A total opposite of mine. And guess what? I played tennis for the first time! It's really fun whoo. I shall go borrow rackets and play cos I have many tennis balls in my house for no apparent reason lol.
Ohya don't ever buy barley from Tampines Mall foodcourt. It's like sugar and more sugar and sugarsugarsugar plus barley flavouring, you get the idea.

Daniel and Amanda! I think we made the right decision! Whoo!

What shall we do tomorrowtomorrowtomorrow?

Oh you can see my blogskin now. Nice nice? Read the random facts about me, you may learn a thing or two ;)

People who went today, in case you wanna know: ME, Ros, Dawn, Weijia, Daniel, Amanda, Samuel, Nicky, Ben, Charlie, Chia Chu, Eustance

10:08 PM.
" Sunday, October 29, 2006

Omgosh, blogger keeps getting errors. Hope not everything disappears tmr cos it'll be really frustrating. Anw, how'd you all like my new blogskin? Funky eh? I like the tagboard. It's so contrasting.

Haya, Tuesday DOA on or not? I've got other plans too know!
Sorry Jess again if I have to postpone!

Owell, I'm gonna go continue with my social life after being cooped up with this blogskin. Tata!

8:55 PM.

Oh I'm in the mood to blog again lol :)

Why Shou Yu and Ben never tag at my blog oneeee T.T lol.

Ahh, I have decided to go fiddle with my new blogskin now, buhbye.

I'm such an anticlimax freak.
LOVE, Nic.

8:45 PM.

Okay! I shall watch DOA with Jess. So I'm all outta dates :) But you can still ask me out though I'm not free this week(tmr's week) and next week.

OH SHIT. %(*&#^(%JHF852HF(*&$@#^&^(& DIE LA DIE LA.

Now I'm in no mood to blog at all at all at all.
Just a good luck! To all O Level candidates tmr and all the very best.


5:20 PM.

I wanna watch:
The Prestige (after Zhou's LOUD advertisements on msn lol)
Happy Feet!
Sinking of Japan

Hahaha. Watching The Prestige with my mom I think. Then Sinking of Japan with Ash. DOA anyone?! And Happy Feet's opening on 23rd Nov.
Still gotta plan our Apunehneh outing in Dec somemore.
And class chalet! 8-10 Nov! Whee!

Tmr'll be fun. Going CC's house to play and then CCA. So'll Tuesday too. Ohnoes, I gotta make phone calls.

Ahh! My comp is laggggginngggg.
LOVE, Nic.

8:23 PM.
" Friday, October 27, 2006

Today was fun :D
Surprisingly, Timo, Eustance and Shou Yu showed up :)

Watched JustMyLuck, ate Macs, played captain's ball, drank bubble tea, played some cards and went home. This should be often, so we can sweatsweatsweat! And have fun.

Joke of the Day:
Benjamin was (very happily) holding the ball and running when he crashed into the bush. How intelligent. Hahahah.

Hope I can make it for class chalet man!

Shou Yu you ahh!
LOVE, Nic.
in another life you must have been mine.

5:35 PM.
" Thursday, October 26, 2006

Can't wait for class outing and chalet and moremoremore 2G!

Cried today like many times. Lemme see ..
1. When Daniel started reminiscing
2. When I read Nicky's card
3. When we watched the CREDITS!
4. When we sang Graduation

Sigh. So many photos taken today, so many memories etched :

Tomorrow someone organise something! And everyone'd better turn up rar. I shall pay a tribute to everyone and blog it in 2G's blog. ;)

2G jie3 san4 xin1 bu2 san4! <-- Our genius Mu Qiao.
LOVE, Nic.

6:43 PM.
" Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I dumped Charlie and am going to DHP, what are the odds of that? :D Yay.

4:26 PM.


9:33 PM.
" Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am working on my next gay blogskin :)

Went to ECP again, lol. Hurt my feet again! I'm cursed at ECP lol. But everyone improved in volleyball and rollerblading! Yay, rejoice. Btw, SoPhia didn't come back because of US, it's cos of the JAM. Sigh.

Charlie and I are so gay man.

I'm listening to Breaking Free! Hahaha, erijie will KILL me. LOLLL.

Two more days, how pathetic.

Happy B'Day Gloria! :)

Tomorrow Samuel and I shall seek the truth! Hahaha.

LOVE, Nic.

8:48 PM.
" Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey lovely people.

Today was a sian day.
Choices to make, promises to fulfill, disappointments to be accepted.

SESESE! 2G2G2G! Whoo! <3

I'm so gay :D
Love you darlings out there! Nic.

6:20 PM.
" Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look what happens when you search for Charlie on google.

In case you can't see, it's The Charlie Rose Show hahaha. Fate, I tell you.

6:17 PM.

*Prances around like a mad cow singing 4ever*

2:39 PM.

I would tell you how Charlie became my bf but I have forgotten :)

Today was an expensive day. We went to see Happy Diamonds! And so many expensive watches. I aim to own a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso watch, it's $61 900. Any sponsors? All I bought was FOOD. Beard Papa and Fizzy Fish and some Marks & Spencer food. Yay. What a fat day. Maybe I'm saving to go cheap shopping on Tuesday.

Imma bored. I should go read ... nah! I feel like rollerblading but I hurt my big toe :( Ohyes, halloween! :D I shall go make phone calls. Bye!

C'mon baby we ain't gonna live forever
LOVE, Nic.

10:22 PM.
" Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm in a blogging mood wheee!

Now playing - Xin Zhong De Ri Yue
Ahh, I don't know what to say. Err, I LOVE YOU 2G! I'm so boredd.

Now playing - Wei Yi
Ohnoes, I can only get my new handphone in December. Bla.
Class chalet! Oh man! I hope I can make it mannn. Already got two holidays planned plus SE practices ... *cross fingers* I won't miss it for the world!
I wanna buy the CCS VCD! Hope it's in Jap la not the chapalankang chinese or even worse, english. Eeyer.

Ladies and gentlemen, this song is dedicated to you. Yes, you.

Hahahha, I'm so funny. Okay byebye.
LOVE, Nic.

9:42 PM.


Now playing - Julia
Today was so fun! It was one of the most successful 2G outings. It was sooo funny. The guys were the ones who didn't know how to skate and we were like helping them. Charlie was like skating with his legs facing inwards la! Damn dangerous. Like gonna fall but not falling and Ben and I were so scared lol. And Nicky was super unstable aahaha. Daniel grasped it real fast and was like running instead of skating damn damn funny. And we had soo much fun playing captain's ball and volley ball! Aww, it was real real fun. But I didn't get to eat my soursop hahaha.
Ahh, just wished the rest would have come :)
There was me, nicky, jy, ros, sop, sop's cousin, prida, linda, pm, weijia, samuel, daniel, ching, dawn, charlie, ben. YAY!

Now playing - Kiss Goodbye
Omg, Nicky make me play some MSN game with him. BRB PEOPLE. Lol. Omg, it was Saving Momo?! Some spastic game -.- I shall abandon him and continue. Oh, didn't get my new handphone cos the Singtel woman was EVVVIIILLLLL. Refuse to gimme the $100 off. So colddd hearted.

Now playing - Bu Yao Hai Pa
Oh ya today our toes had a bit of a problem, namely me and PM. I hurt my big toe but I didn't know how. And PM's big toe was a big hooha. Ouch, that's all you need to know. Heh. But it was just an accident la. Ooh, Eustance has abandoned his title of geek so I'm the only one! :)
The wonderful thing about Tigger, is that I'm the only one!

Now playing - Ni Bu Zai
I miss my Wang Li Hong. Hahaah. I'M GONNA MISS 2G SO MUCH TOO! Only 3 more school days lehhhh. This song makes me sad :( Must have more spastic outings like today and train the guys to skate! And bond and have fun and exercise. Yay, what happy outings. And take more photos! Cos memories are sosososososo precious.

Owell, muacks.
LOVE, Nic.

8:42 PM.
" Friday, October 20, 2006

Go here to see my wang li hong :)
I don't just like any dumb guy you know.

5:16 PM.

Can you believe it?! School is ending in THREE days. No more 2G in THREE days. No more lower secondary blabla in THREE days. I don't think I like the number 3. I'm OLD. Eeyer, Hi, I'm Nicole, in sec 3. Oh tian ah, so unimaginable.

Well, on the otherhand, no more scheming tests for the next few months muahaha. The results are back! And I must say I did quite well except for art -.- 55. Sigh, I just don't have the artistic flair you know.

CHOOSING SUBJECT COMBINATION SUCKSSSZZZSZSZSZSZSZ!!!!!! Gotta choose SAP or DHP, what elective, Geog or Hist blablabla. SUCKS LAAAAA.

I am going to write in my diary now, byebye.

9:03 PM.
" Thursday, October 19, 2006

CHEER UP EVERYONE WHO THINKS THEY DID BADLY! There's always next year lol. Go listen to super happy songs or super sad songs to numb yourself by either jumping around or crying then GET OVER IT and go play cos it's the holidays. Yay.

Lol I just got off the phone with my popo and she didn't say byebye again -.- Did I tell you the popo story? Anyway, she never says byebye. She claims that 'wo men jiang shou liao, bu yong jiang byebye de la' hahaha damn cute right? Funny popo.

Let me tell you something random too. I love mail boxes! I love pushing the little thing open to see if got letter cos I think I like the sound of the metal. Hahaha. And I like collecting letters and looking through to see if I have any which 95% is a NO. It's either from my penpal which is super rare or if I bought stamps or from the police station. What a variety.

My mom has sort of convinced to give up on waiting for my lovely handphone. So I have decided to get W850i! Cos Singtel is giving out $180 off all 3G phones and there's Wang Li Hong wallpapers/ringtones already downloaded inside :) And cos I like Sony Ericsson and it's a walkman phone! Yay. But I hope it's pretty and nice buttons to press lol. Ahh, it's a slide phone with weird buttons :S Hope it's good. Shall go down this Sat to have a look see look see, heh. Should I get the black or the white? Ohyah, and there's this weird orange light thingy in the centre, haya go here help me see

Go listen to I've Got You by McFly! Whoo!
LOVE, Nic.
G'luck to Geog, Math and Chi mannn~~

10:39 PM.
" Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm doing this cos imma bored and partly because imma bored and partly because Ash asked me to and partly because I've seen it before but never done it :) But won't be so effective cos I changed my comp and the list is rather pathetic with songs I've never heard before. Lol. Well, I shall do it again when all my songs inside la. And here goes, I'm not gonna do instruction 4, lazy la.

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesnt make sense. NO CHEATING.
4. Tag 5 ppl at their tagboard to ask them to do this!
5. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

How are you feeling today?
I Will Be Around - Nick Whitaker
Whoo! I love this song! Anyway, yea apunehnehs rock! They were around ;) yay.

How do your friends see you?
Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
Muahahah. I'm so important, they're all saving tonight to be with me! Lala, treasure me people, ME!

Will you get married?
Tui Hou - Jay Chou
I guess that's a ... difficult marriage?! BACK OFF!

What's your best friend's theme song?
I Can't Take My Eyes Off You - High School Musical
Yah true true, I only mix with pretty people! Heh.

What was primary school like?
Who Knew - Pink
HAHAHA. It was all a big blurrr, wasn't it?

How can you get ahead in life?
Bop To The Top - High School Musical
This is so cool! I'm gonna bop my way to the top! Sounds fun lol. Whoo.

What is the best thing about your friends?
Good Day - The Click Five
They give me Good Days! Yay. What a happy thing yay.

Which song describes me?
Overweight - Blue October
OH GOD THIS IS FUNNEH. AHHAAHAHA. But quite true I must agree!

Which song will they play at my funeral?
Unraveling - Patrice Pike
I have no idea what song this is. Hmm, their lives start unraveling after I'm gone?! LOL. I'm so ... influensive.

How does the world see you?
1234567 - F.I.R
They see me as numbers o.0 How mathematical can I get?

Will you have a happy life?
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
I won't cry when I'm big, I guess?

What do ur friends think of you?
I Think We're Alone Now -The Click Five
Oh no, they all wanna be alone with me. This is wayyy freaky.

Do people secretly lust after you?
Xin Yu - Jay Chou
Heart Rain. That means YES? Cos their heart means their lust is like the rain you know - EVERYWHERE. Muahahaha.

How can I make myself happy?
All About You - McFly
By being self-centred! Aww, how nice :) Yay me!

What should you do with your life?
Get'Cha Head In The Game - High School Musical
Focus, baby, focus.

Will you ever have children?
Every Other Time - LFO
Dang, that means Yes? Cos it sounds like I'm gonna have a lot. Oh Shit.

Lolololol. Have fun spastic peoples! :) Nights!
LOVE, Nic.

8:48 PM.

This week is going well so far.
Meeting up wth Birdy was real fun! I miss RV lots now. Esp Mr Loh! I don't know why. Hahaha. Probably cos of all the harsh training! Ahh, we should all meet up with the oldies one day. It's real nice catching up :) And knowing some of your friends are lesbians!=X

Today was kinda fun too. Ooh you know! THREE more weeks till no more Bracey! (I hope) And I put red and blue so Dunmanian spirit hor! Hehehe. Ashley came to play! And couldn't watch Spirited Away cos it was bilingual! And we didn't know how to change the lang. Cantonese and Chinese lol. So watched Monster House. Not badding la, except that the quality was really bad! But it was kinda kool. Ooh, we were gay so we did tarot card reading ahya fake one la. Anyway here's the 'results' for the week:
Life: King
Love: Queen
Academic: King
Wealth: Six
Not badding right! Except for wealth. Let's hope for the best! *Crosses fingers* Ahh, the deadly Thursday is coming ...

I REALLY REALLY MISS MY HANDPHONE! So depressing. Which phone should I get now. My old one? Ben's one? W850i? Nokia 6111? Blah, I don't wanna waste moneh =(

Pretty pretty please?

10:17 AM.
" Monday, October 16, 2006

Some stupid idiot was eyeing on it I bet! Then we left the restaurant and walked back in like 10 secs and it was GONE! Then the woman was like "Never see! Never see!" HAYOO. I went to the police station but no reply yet leh. The policeman said chances very slim. OHNOES! I'M PHONELESSSS! My photos! My SMS-es! My contacts!
GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:08 PM.
" Friday, October 13, 2006

Shan't say more, go read class blog. Today was fantabulous :D

Happy birthday JY and Dunman tomorrow!
And to SE-ers, Jia You! We will definitely not get forgotten anymore ;) Same goes to all other performers, let's make Dunman proud!

LOVE, Nic.

9:21 PM.
" Wednesday, October 11, 2006

... Depression.

1. Eden make me so sad =( He don't like me anymore. Never email me or tell me any news. All tell that Ashleigh. And then didn't get chosen (don't know who chooose or not) to make okonomiyaki, but Ashleigh and Siswo did. Sigh, jap never get top only what. So big deal meh? Still A1 right? Biased Eden make me so sad and unwanted =(

2. Sigh, the gala dinner thing is so ... sad and makes me so scared about SYF. Like SE is so small and pathetic and looked down on. Sigh, band and CO big mah.

3&4. The two issues are heartwrenching, seriously.

5. Tomorrow's gonna be a boring day (again) besides SE prac and 3rd lang. Boo.

6. Tomorrow is my grandfather's 100th day death anniversary :(

Can't wait for interclass, can't wait for our outing, can't wait for my happy ending.
Cheers, Nic.

8:51 PM.
" Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm bringin' sexyback, YEA!
Whoo, hiphop was soo fun! Carol is so nice la, though she looks gothic and stuff. And she's damn seh! I look like a chicken dancing btw, yes you can imagine. But hey, new experience la. Damn fun! Wheeee~

My mother's reading some funny book to me. About some woman who refuses to use a handbag and about woman troubles. HAHAHA.

Err. Oh, jap was a tragedy. But nevermind, Ash and I decided that we are just gonna enjoy and love it! And we are gonna get damn high next year. Both of us. (:
Jap wan sui! Eden wan sui! HAHAHA. Go Eden go!

What a tiring day, yawn. I'm gonna go call Ash and Erj now. Bye people!

LOVE, Nic.

6:16 PM.
" Saturday, October 07, 2006

The haze is damn scary la, like 80+ now. This morning was like baadddd. In school the person announced that it was 130. Like o.0 sheesh right. Can you imagine KL now is like 200+? Ohman. The visibility is like 50m I think lol. This reminds me of Ms Tang ... ... :) Lol.

I love ting mama de hua! I let my mama hear it and then she was like "Hmm, I must be nicer to your popo." Heehee.

Last night was fun. Our tradition was a success and Michael is the fire extinguisher lol. New additions - our little cousins! Which aren't that little anymore hoho. Dreary won the Shortest Candle Competition which I was supposed to win! Damn funny our nails got stuck in the candle. Lol.

I wanna watch John Tucker Must Die! Going with Yeo (hopefully) next Monday cos there ain't no school. Whoo!

Damn scared to check email la. Yi Xiang's class got back jap marks liao! Lionel got 3rd highest wor and DeBorah (the bra hahaha) got highest leh! So seh all these Dunmanians. Lol.

Sian. What to do now? No Timothy, I don't need a bf

Oh, I cut my hair! But I look the same -.-

LOVE, NickNickNickNickNickNickNickNickNickelodeon!

5:15 PM.
" Friday, October 06, 2006

Today was supposed to be a sad day cos I had no plans at all :(
Then the chinese paper was a killer :(
But it's finally over! :)
Then I went home all alone :(
Then I decided to go out by myself to buy presents :)
Then Jess smsed and we went out together! :)
And I managed to buy Ashley's, Roseline's and SoPhia's present :)
And I bought stuff for myself :)
Then i received the letter from my penpal saying he got Leukaemia :(
TRAGEDY. I think it's real la, got people lie abt this kinda thing meh?

Anyway it turned out great. :) Gotta buy JY, Christine, Mama and Yeo's present.

Ooh, later got tuan yuan fan :) Our tradition!

LOVE, Nic.

Cheer up, when you're rock bottom, the only way to go is - up!

8:16 PM.
" Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tmr's paper ah, heck la. I'm so tired I don't wanna study.

This haze is reaaallllyyy bad if you know what I mean. Poor PSLE people, all my cousins falling sick then exam time. Sigh, Indonesia ahh.

Anyway, aren't you glad sakura is back and running? We get to see the lovely Li and Touya again. Whoo!

Maths today was a fun paper (:

LOVE, Nic.
As you can see, I'm not in the mood for blogging right now, yawn.

12:53 PM.
" Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ooooooohhh. So fast 3rd October liaooooo :D

Jess and I had a niceee talk yesterday before my mommy started reading History to me.

Haya so tragic again. 6th October the bowling people need to stay back then CO people got CCA then cannot go out liao. Tragedy! Oh, what a nice 'T' word. I shall find an accomplice. Any takers? I need to buy presents! Lotsa lotsa presents for many many people.

History was okay today by my standards. I should be able to manage a 55 and above (: whee.

Science oh Science! Nevermind la it's a fun subject to study. By fun I don't mean the sexual reproduction part tsk.

Okays people Go Go Jia You! Whoo!
LOVE, Nic.

PS. Wang Li Hong 21st October! *faints

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