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10:48 PM.
" Saturday, September 30, 2006


Sigh, tmr my Wang Li Hong got autograph session at Bugis but I can't go cos gotta study T.T And apparently people with Sony Ericsson phones have some special thing but I Can't Go! TRAGEDY! Neither can I go to his concert cos bimbo don't wanna go then no one else fun to go with. Sigh, mei you yuan fen. Never mind, I shall quietly await his next album ...

I watched Forbidden City! So nice! And tragic. I wanna watch A Twist Of Fate again =)

Exams are tragedies.

Owells, good night and good luck for your exams!
Peace, Nic.

9:13 PM.
" Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You hurt us, you bruised us, you stang us, you scarred us, you betrayed us, you put us through the pain, you made me hate you, you shattered our hearts, and you'd like to make it all fine with a 'sorry'.

Dream on.

8:33 PM.
" Sunday, September 17, 2006


I binged on chocolate today! The Haigh's Almond Dark Chocolate Coated ones from Melbourne. Yummm! Heehee, damn seh right? Hahaha the word binge reminds me of anorexia nervosa (binge and purge) hahahaah lol!

Anyway, I tried cooking for the 3rd time! Not badding la but I think I'm allergic to prawns cos it gets itchy when I wash it. Oh you know I like the word itchy? Think it's damn funny hahaah. itchy itchy itchy, I'm feeling itchy!

Miss my erchee and pachee so much now! Hurhur. Still in no mood to study which sucks cos exams are just ard the corner! Stinking.

Oh, my lucky number seven! And this JY never email me her workplan, that chicken nehneh.

Had a great talk to bimbo just now. She's damn funny to talk to la. Laugh and laugh and laugh. I shall call Christine tmr to talk! Hahah, new target everyday hurhur.

Eeeww!!!! My hands still stink of prawns!!!! Yucks. Oh and i ABHOR the stupid oil/water/liquid that squrts out and burns you. Makes me jump!

OHOHOH! THAT BOOB'S B'DAY TMR NEVER GET HER ANYTHING. I plan to go out one day and get presents! After exams la. For Denny, Ash, Bimbo, Jess, Christine, Boob, JY and Pi! You see, I'm such a lousy chicken nehneh present buyer. Hahahaah. Anybody wanna follow? Then you can choose your own present. Heehee. Ohman, 8 people = 8 presents = $8000. DAMN. Hahahaah you wish $1000 for each person, dream on!

I wanna watch JOHN TUCKER MUST DIEEEEEEEE. See that fella get killed, muahahaah.

They're showing Da Chang Jin again. Lolol this Daniel ah never return me my CD. Hahah! Just talking about him and he came online!

sometimes, i wanna be a guy says:
wat toking u** says:

How random (:

LOVE, Nic.
i'll keep this my dirty little secret
(No, it's not Daniel -.-)

3:19 PM.

Those were words of anger and I didn't mean it so I deleted it. Not because I am a coward or whatsoever. We wish it can be salvaged but it can't, can it?

9:15 PM.
" Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I have a BIG pimple on my nose! And Charlie said "Nicole, your nose like bleeding one" ... SO EVIL RIGHT. Chicken nehneh la. Piss me off. But that proves I'm still going through puberty and have a chance to grow tall! (:

Lotsa homework, yuck yuck yuck!

OMG I have to say this, the 4 guys behind me are sooooo lame -.-

I was supposed to have a lotttt to say but my mind is blank now. Owells, byebye!

LOVE, Nic.

OHYAH! Practised cooking today. Not badding except everything was messed up -.- But! It turned out pretty aright (:
And i wanna watch Devil wears Prada and JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE! xP

8:47 PM.
" Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Finally, a test I pretty much don't care about -- ACC! I was so happy last year when I got a B3 ;D

And I forgot to bring home all my homework -.- How pathetic.

Random things only we will understand:
1. BFF!
6. SOUTIEN-GORGE nah, that just means bra in French (: (and it's not pronounced the way it looks)

Heh, how very random. Ohyah! Our LY family. Daniel's Chilly Samuel's Milly I'm Silly and Roseline's Billy! It all started with Daniel being QiLi and I'm XingLi then he said he was Chilly and very hot -.- and that's how it all began (: Spastic us. But Samuel's in denial cos he refuses to admit he's Milly although he can sing the Milly song! ... trust me, no one else knows it, tsk.

Lol, I just wanted to say that, heehee.

Oh! Third lang was fun cos the new teacher (although she looked a bit scary) let us have 20 mins break! And finally let us off early! Whee! And the break was how shall I say it, enriching ...

Love my third lang friends ;D and hope can go make okonomiyaki (: oh!! and hope se can go london! cos it's only tentative la. *PRAY!


PS. Although spelt Milly, Sam says it's Mili so yea.

10:31 PM.
" Monday, September 11, 2006

Finally finish the insane chang wen suo duan. Yucks, I don't like Chinese.

And I realised that the MSN problem doesn't just apply to me! But I'm rather jinxed. I can't view my tagboard. It says undergoing maintainence but I went to Charlie's blog and it was perfectly fine ):

Anyway, you know in Sweden, Bra means Good and Moron means Day? Yea, so cool! Have a Bra Moron tomorrow! But I don't know if it's spelt this way la. Heh. Heard it on the radio!

I pray MSN will heal tomorrow. Never realised how muchI craved it! =X

IMF is such a big deal but Mr Lee Hsien Loong won't be here, how saddening (though it pretty much doesn't concern me ;)).

LOVE, Nic.

(tell me why) i don't like Mondays!
(tell me why) i don't like Mondays!

8:27 PM.


Un-lovingly, Nic.

4:54 PM.

I LIKE VOLLEYBALL! I whack it with my palm lol. You know I typed volleyball as bolleyball! Hahahaha okay nvm random -.-

MSN cannot sign in! Don't know what's the problem la. But I got my comp fixed! The monitor and the printer and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g works now (: Yay.

I still have a ton of homework left, bleh. And EOYs are in 3 weeks? Yes, I remember because probably 3 teachers (and above) said that today, which is the first day of school! Sadists I tell you, sadists! Pfft. Yes, neither have I started revising. Stop glaring at me with that face, I haven't!

Oh no more Red Sea in my fringe! Cos in Melbourne my hair was seriously BAD. The fringe had a BIG HOLE in the centre, right down the middle, and it looked like the Red Sea. But after washing my hair and combing it to side parting, voila! Gone! Oh, and i used new shampoo - Asience (LOL) the one Zhang Zi Yi advertised for. Not badding leh! Say it in Jap, it's damn fun - A-JI-ENN-SI! Lol, like in the adverts.


LOVE, Nic.

8:36 PM.
" Sunday, September 10, 2006

I think after this holiday I've become a total slacker. *Nods

Get me away; far, far away

10:47 AM.

Back! Bleh, what homework ah? Been looking ard blogs to see who got write hmwk but to no avail -.- someone go blog leh. Whoa, sian ah don't wanna so hmwk. Oh, I must blog abt the plane ride home:

Bunch of Australian School People sat in the same carriage. SO BARBARIC I TELL YOU! When the plane was landing they were like onning and offing the lights like never sit plan before (or maybe la) and then this girl was like

atsui desu ne! (meaning its very hot in japanese)
and then she repeated it time and time again and then she said
wow, chinese is fun

ya LAUGH. Whoa, so spastic. Dumb leh. Then they shout and shout and then the girls were like Ben! Ben! Like people trying to sleep or watch tv can?! Siow Zha Bos. Not that I don't like Australians (Cos MOST are really nice) but they just disgraced their country. Sigh, imagine the IMF people on the plane la, they just DIU GUANG AUSTRALIA DE LIAN.

So retarded, anyway, I watched JustMyLuck like 2 1/2 times on the way there (: Ah, it's so nice. Then I watched The Art Of Seduction (some Korean film) and Crazy First Love (another Korean film) on the way back. Quite spastic la but funny and sad. Yes, Koreans are sadists, always make the female star die -.-

Tomorrow is deadly

LOVE, Nic.

11:54 AM.
" Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Arlow. I'm in Melbourne! It's so coldddd. Partly because I'm such a loser. Lol. I wear a skiing jacket which is like used in 0 degrees places and here is like 13? 14? 15? Sigh. Put me in the north pole and I'll DIE. Lol. Plus I need gloves and scarves and like 3 layers. LOL. Poor me.

But nvm I get to see pachee and erjie! WHEEE! I love them to bits and pieces (: Yay.

Shall continue shoppingggg~~ lala.

I refuse to do homework! STRIKE! Bleh.

Ohyes, I joined hiphop. lol. Think it'll be fun so why not? Laugh la laugh la xP Anyway only 19 slots leh! Try la heehee.
Oh, I don't miss Singapore and school yet. I DON'T WANT EXAMS! T.T

OkayDokay, going out now bye!

LOVE, Nic.

a bona fide smile

Hello! And welcome to my blog (:
I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
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