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3:07 PM.
" Friday, June 30, 2006


I like Try Too Hard and A Million Years if you know what I mean (:

So random. Anw today Youth Day Celeb was sorta a waste of time but 2G won practically all the games. What's new? Hehehe.

Just My Luck is so nice! Not very funny but really nice and Chris Pine is not badding wor! Hahahahh, how gay. But that's a movie. MOO-vie. Cars is nice too! I'm the louyeh tow truck -- MATER! x)

Owells, I'm gonna get hooked to Sakura again. Byes!

I LOVE YOU ALL! In case you didn't know that.

10:02 AM.
" Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"I'M HOME!" said Nic on 18th June.

Bleh, sorry la, damn lazy to blog. I feel guilty! Cos i have only done like 1% of my homework and yet I'm still slacking. Boo.

The Bees are coming over later and we're gonna do ACC. Bleh. When's SE BBQ again? I like forgot. Haha.

Owells, byebye! Nic.

PS. I'll blog abt Japan soon (:

9:19 PM.
" Friday, June 09, 2006

Ahya! No time to read other people's blogs. Owell, I'm leaving tomorrow brightandearly in the morning! Miss me yah? I know you will la xP SoSo, chocolate for boob, something for mel and something for Chin and something for Amelikan and book for Ashley right? Nothing else? Okay, I'l write it down. Heh, all the rest of you! Depends on my mood la hah!

FINALLY got the bag. Went night shopping with YeeYee, damn fun la (:

The imperial couple are absolutely adorable! *Squeals. Nono, seriously soooo cuteeeeeee! And the Empress is taller than the Emperor. Muahaha. And she said "Thank you for coming to see me!" And we were like thank you for letting us see you! Ahaha. And she spoke like 1 line to us in Japanese veryveryvery slowly. So cute right? Heh.
And that RI guy! How can you steal Yan Lin's feng tou?! You rudimentary. So what if you're Sec 4 from RI. BigDeal. Haya, appear on the news la, make people's TV screens break. Whahaha. I'm so evil.

Owells, I haven't done much homework and when I come back it'll be like the LastWeek! Gosh. Anyway, have a great remaining June Holiday! Enjoy while you can! See y'all soon!

Oh, and ThankYouAshley! For that unexpected letter written in Jap. Gonna miss you all so much! (:


PS. I hope you got the letter.

9:49 PM.
" Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ahaha. Mel just reminded me. He spilt Sugarcane juice ALL over half my t-shirt and my bag and made me all sticky -- in the bus! Bleagh, and since Mel, Jess and I were really really bad at direction, i mean really bad, we took a cab in the end. Lalala. And that was the best part of the RV BBQ. Oh! And the fact that Jess and I eloped to go to the BBQ . HwaHwaHwa.

Okay, a quiz in a long time. Compliments of Ros(:

1. My ex is: shouldn't it be 'My ex was' ?
2. Maybe I should: stop being addicted to CCS ... Nah!
3. I love: the world, cos the world loves me!
4. I don't understand: why I'm so smart.
5. I lose: my stuff veryveryvery often *yes, ros.
6. People say I would: 'grow taller soon but i dun see this happening -_-' adapted from the Bimbo, i agree.
7. Love is: just like math, a simple concept but it can get complicated! Heh, look at my math file.
8. Somewhere, someone is: thinking of ME xD
9. I will always: BE NIC.
10. Forever is: quite impossible
11. I don't want to: have the 2 freaking huge pimples on my nose! *squeals.
12. I think the current US President: stays in the White House and gets to eat whatever he wants. Yum!
13. When I wake up in the morning: I stare at the 2 freaking huge pimples on my nose and wish it would go away.
14. My past is: xiang dang nian ...
15. I get annoyed when: people ignore my smses. Haha.
17. My dog is: Do i have a dog?
18. My cat is: Do i have a cat?!
19. Kisses are the best when: they are eaten semi-melted. Ooh, yummy!
21. I really should: start packing for my Japan trip!
22. I have low tolerance for people who: are smart. Urgh! I can't stand myself!
23. I am tagging: Jess, Samuel, Weijia.

Did you realised 16 was missing? Heh.

Tomorrow I'm seeing the Emperor of Japan! Whoopee! But like 5 mins of Meet-and-Greet. Yay? Nevermind, maybe the media will like spot me and I'll become famous! Come get my autograph hor! (:

Anw, gonna have my beauty sleep fellas. Byebye!


8:34 PM.

Maybe I'm antisocial, or maybe you're the ones.

RV BBQ was a blow-off (: If, you get what I mean.

Nic- I'm fat, I know.

12:16 PM.

Missed my chance to buy the green Nike bag, or black Mizuno one. I think I'll get the green one. Heh. Vomited this morning, and Mama says maybe i shouldn't go RV BBQ cos flying off to Japan this Saturday! But I really wanna go so see first la! See? I'm so nice to want to see all your pathetic faces. HwaHwaHwa. No la, just joking (:

Did you all see Jess last night on Incredible Tales? She was so funny and pissed off. Hahaha. MY BEST FRIEND - THE FUTURE (err. can't think of any nice actresses. Oh, oh,) THE FUTURE NICOLE KIDMAN! *Bursts into uncontrollable laughter* Lol.

Well, I gtg get ready for the briefing to see the Emperor tmr! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!


PS. I will get my bag Today or Friday. Whoopee!

9:35 PM.
" Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waiting for CCS to load. All Ashley's fault la! Got me addicted to it. Rarr. But it's really nice! Ahahha. And Li is so shuai! *Nods at Jess* and so is Toya! *drools* Okay, i shan't get obsessive here ...

Today's outing with Jess was really funny and JESS YOU OWE ME $10. Just bring it to RV BBQ this Thursday hor. And we ate Swensens. I haven't eaten it in a longlonglong time. It was heavenly (: And She's The Man was really funny but i don't think Amanda Bynes is pretty xP Anw, Jess bought a nice pretty pink bag! But i want the Adidas wan, hehehe. Well, tmr i shall decide on the Nike or Adidas or some other brand's. Lol.

Bleagh, looking forward to RV BBQ this Thursday! Whee, reunited with fellow RVians. We must watch the movie RV together! Hahahah. Lalala, i think i put on like 561429561751982 kg and going to Japan would make it worse. Dang.


8:54 PM.
" Monday, June 05, 2006

Wow. My dad just gave me 20k yen to spend which (according to mommy) is abt S$280. Now that's Cool Man!

I'm leaving nextthis Saturday! Miss me loads, cos I'LL MISS YOU! Woo, the long-awaited Japan trip is finally here. 9 of us are gonna squeeze into one neoprint booth and take lotsa lotsa neoprints! Common, we could even fit 10 during class outing lor. Plus Andrea and Yeo are like skinny bunnies. HwaHwaHwa *bursts into evil laughter. So yea! Please email (lol, what an exaggerated term) me your longlonglong -IWANT- list and Nic will see what she can do (:

Ohyah, and to edit my previous post, 'I can't imagine what's gonna happen next yr when my beloved Zara and Zhou leaves.'


OkayDokay,ByeBye! Nic.

10:46 PM.
" Sunday, June 04, 2006

There were so many things i wanted to say but it's all blank now.

SE concert was a blast and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. was very very happy to see so many familiar faces and receiving all the presents (: thanks guys. The encore was superb and everyone loved groovy strings! And the 'bye bye' was hilarious. What can I say for this Gold with Honours ensemble concert? It was a success indeed. I Love You DHSSE! and for all SE-ers: did you know some people wanted to join DHSSE after the concert? hahaha, yup! xD
Supper was funny, i mean sitting with Txy, duh. and sharing the coke float with Oxy was fun too (:
Seeing Zhou and Chin made me emotional. I almost broke down.

Well, I'm gonna miss you guys so much and I can't imagine what's gonna happen next yr when my beloved Zara leaves.

Till next time, Nic.

10:36 AM.
" Saturday, June 03, 2006

dedicated to Wynne, Chin, Li Ying, Wei Ting, Yao Hua

today is it! the day we've been practising for for the past err. i dunnoe how long. but anw, it will rock! so if you dont come then nyaar nyaar. and todays the day our 4 seniors leave with proud and honour! whee, we'll miss them terribly but we'll wish them all the best! WE LOVE YOU!

nic*crossed fingers

9:25 PM.
" Friday, June 02, 2006

TOMORROW IS SE CONCERT! whee. must shout encore okay? shout like many many times kay? hahahah. comecome see me in gown -.- WHAA. thats the only bad thing -- the gown. bleh, but im looking forward to SE SUPPER! where we get to BOND. lala.

got the rihanna cd! and daddy bought the teddy geiger cd which i stole. hehe. its really nice though (: anw x men III was really cool. and so many people died. and JEAN GREY IS SO UGLY! they changed actress. eew? anw wolverine is still shuai ahahah and and and i wanna watch pirates of the carribean dead man's chest cos i like johnny depp! yay. next class outing? hahaah.

ah, thats basically it for today so tata people! TOMORROW IS IT! *crosses fingers for all soloists and everyone!

nic. byebye!

7:05 PM.
" Thursday, June 01, 2006

the pathetic class outing was damn fun la!! we took like 30 mins to find everyone we were like where are you? WHERE ARE YOU?! ahahaah. and nicky tricked me into calling charlie darling -.- okay nvm. hahah. then we went to the food court to eat! and sorted out tickets. lemme tell you the seating arr:


ya. anw ben left halfway cos he was gonna meet his mama at taka. anw, we went to the arcade! and played the drum game. hahahaha. we are PATHETIC. but ben and charlie and like damn seh la. anw, it was just veryveryveryveryveryvery fun. and WE TOOK NEOPRINTS! lol. yes all 10 of us in 1 BOOTH. imagine that (: and the guys were really cool too. yups, whee success for my first class outing (:

nic. spirit of strings!

a bona fide smile

Hello! And welcome to my blog (:
I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
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