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8:35 PM.
" Wednesday, May 31, 2006

whee. se was fun today (:

tmr is the patheticclass outing! hope everything will run smoothly and people, BRING MONEH. LOTSA LOTSA MONEH. ohyay!

i shall go do maths variations now. tata!

9:48 PM.
" Tuesday, May 30, 2006

im bored i shall do another one. heh.
Your Answer: Your Age
Just a %
[ ] I know how to make a pot of coffee
[ ] I do my own laundry
[ ] I can cook for myself
[x] I do my chores after being told once
[ ] I actually enjoy intellectual conversations
[ ] I think politics are exciting
[ ] My parents and grand-parents have better things to say than my peers
[x] I show up for school/work every day unless I'm sick..really sick..
[ ] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse
[x] I've never gotten a ticket
[ ] I watch talk shows and point out the incredibility of it all
[x] I know what incredibility means without looking it up
[ ] I drink black coffee
[x] I know how to run the dish washer..or do the dishes
[x] I can count in more than one language
[ ] When I say I'm going to do something, I do it.
[ ] I mow the lawn
[ ] I wash my car
[x] I can make adults laugh..without being stupid
[x] I study when I have to
[x] I pay attention at school/work
[ ] I remember to feed my pets
[x I'm generally organized
[x] I can spell experience without looking at the line above
[ ] The first thing I do when I wake up is get coffee
[x] I can go to the store without getting something I don't need
[x] I understand jokes the first time they are said
[x] I understand the fact that the world always screws someone over
[x] I can type fast, because I type every day
[ ] My choice in clothing is acceptable in an office or something like that
[ ] I can watch politics and laugh because I understand what is going on
[ ] I no longer watch cartoons.
[x] I have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour
[x] I can look at someone hot and not think of sex
[ ] I have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
[x] I can read a book and actually finish it
[x] People have said that I act older than I am
[x] I can be sent on an errand and not get side-tracked

20 yrs old! WAHAHAHA. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
i shall go download that song. hahaha.

9:14 PM.

I AM SUCH A COW. whahahahaha.
this girl added me and i cant rmb her form my pri school.
and so this happened.
me: so you sec 1 this yr?
her: no..sec2.
HAYAA MALU LEHHH. okay nvm i shant give you pple another chance to suan me xP

finally booked tickets for class outing whee. i miss 2g! oops, ive said that like a gazillion times. although the number of pple going is like 11, bah, nvm.

SE prac was so funny. in the audi everyones like freezing and then outside we defrost. can you imagine whats happening to our strings, lol. anw, Andrew wants a G-string. tsktsk TAXY! xP

concerts in like 4 DAYS! who wants tickets please approach any one of us! (:

oh! go to 2G's blog. its revamped! yea!

im not caring abt you hmwk xP nyaarnyaar.

okay quiztime.lala.
Name 3 schools you went to?

Name 3 things in your purse/wallet?
money, inspirational quotes, fortune cookie strip of paper! lol. from england okay!

Name 3 things you always wear?
underwear? err. tshirt and shorts? ...

Name 3 things you do when you are really stressed?
call someone and talk and talk and talk, cry, blabbering real loud.

Name 3 favorite songs right now?
everything im not, you get me, i think we're alone now

Name 3 favorite persons in life?
me, erjie, dajie. i miss them sosososo much ):

Name 3 places you go to on a daily basis?
toilet, tv room, study room. HAHAHA. so pathetic.

Name 3 things you like to do?
BOND with like nice pple, listen to music and sing my heart out.

Name 3 favorite fruits?
mangosteen, mango, watermelon

Name 3 things you are addicted to?
staring at my phone waiting for that msg icon to appear, cancelling things outta my handbook (feel accomplished mah), LOOKING PRETTY.

Name 3 favorite hobbies?
err. shopping, buying, spending.

Name 3 career choices?
i hate this question.

Name 3 goals in 2006?
first in class! =X, be tall?, be hardworking

Name 3 plans for tomorrow?
get through se prac without sleeping, finish some hmwk?, be excited abt class outing(:

Three Names You Go By?
babboon, nic, geek

Three Things That Scare You?
darkness, ghosts, things that CREEP.

Three of Your Everyday Essentials?
toilet, laughter, contact with the outside world

Three of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists?
the veronicas, the click five, ME!

Three Things You Want in a Relationship (OTHER THAN LOVE)?
trust, sincerity, honesty

Two Truths and a Lie (in no particular order)?
i love myself
i love myself
i love roseline
AHAHAHA. no la. hmmmmm.
i dont know =X

Three Physical Things about the Opposite Sex That Appeal to You?
smile, personality, HEIGHT. HAHAHAAAH.

Three Places You Want to go on Vacation?
USA, France, Hawaii

Three things you want to do before you die?
just to be happy, like truly truly happy. like when SE got gold with honours (:

Three People I would Like to see take This Quiz?
any nice soul.

sorry my quiz ans a bit dead one cos im very tired la. anw, night people!

7:39 PM.
" Saturday, May 27, 2006

my links look pathetic now.


its been a boring day. and no one dated me ): but yeo came and we watched teevee and be bored. boohoo. can i not do homework yet?

i feel very fat now. must have eaten too much. anw 2G CLASS OUTING DETAILS!
1stjune; thursday; plaza; 1130 meet; Xmen3; YOU'D BETTER GO.

soso, we had auditions today. i think i did quite badly, provided andrew wasnt exactly helping. bleagh. practisepractise!

i know you miss me. HA-HA-HA. right zara? (:

owells, shower time. tata! nic.

7:59 PM.
" Friday, May 26, 2006

report book has no ranking! ahahah it sorta took away the excitement but nevertheless, IM 3RD! whee. and so is linda and chiachu. im squashed between 2 MEP-ers. cos they dint count DnT but i think its fairer this way(: anw, I LIKE SPRING CLEANING. we were MARIAS! and home ecs was cleaning too. so PATHETIC. anw, samuel owes us a dare.

SE was so sian today and the following week will be SE SE SE SE SE too. but we must PIA! only 1 week left leh. anw, all you desperados who want SE tickets, tell me! or call me at 81988413 yea. WHEEEE. comecome. cos ill be performing (:

i counted. 31 days left to school. lemme list the homework and days im free(:

jap: compo + revision ex + print lesson 20 notes + REVISE!
eng: 8 articles + poster + book review
chinese: cheng yu 151-200 + book review + sui bi
math: worksheets! + exam paper(at free will) + asknlearn thingy
sci: -
history: -
geog: 2 articles
lit: -
art: -
home ecs: task analysis + goal setting
ACC: proj


1st, 5th, 7th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th

and somemore maybe im going ipoh. so pathetic. hahaha. well, ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS! and do ure homework(:


9:49 PM.
" Thursday, May 25, 2006

tomorrow is the last day of the term. and then only half a yr left. boo.

I LOVE YOU 2G! i already miss you all.

10:03 PM.
" Wednesday, May 24, 2006

(compliments of Me, Roseline and Daniel!)
and who the hell is that mystery JY postcard giver? show yourself.

8:51 PM.

WHEEE. i love pm. HAHAHA. shes a quizzer and im a quizzee. lol. yup! yet another one! BEAR WITH IT. ahahaah.

Your Answer: Your Strict Parents Just a %.
[ ] You have to make your bed every day.
[ ] You have chores.
[ ] You have a bedtime.
[ ] You have no allowance.
[ ] You can't have friends over unless your room is clean.

[ ] You can't go shopping by yourself.
[ ] Your mom buys your clothes.
[ ] Your mom tells you what to wear.
[ ] You have to look for "good deals" on clothes, otherwise you can't buy it.
[ ] You can't go to stores like Hot Topic.

[x] You can't have a bf/gf until a certain age.
[ ] You can't go out on dates. (NA)
[x] You can't kiss or anything further until a certain age.
[ ] You have to tell your parents "how you feelabout sex".
[ ] You have to tell your parents when you have sex.

[x] You can't swear.
[ ] You get grounded for stupid things like swearing.
[ ] You have a time limit for the computer/video games/tv.
[ ] You have to get along with your sibling(s) otherwise you get grounded.
[ ] You have to share your room even if there is an extra.

[x] You have to ask to go to a party/friends house in a few days advance.
[ ] You have to have a parental unit at the friends house.
[ ] You can't go anywhere without a parent/adult.
[ ] You can't stay home alone.
[ ] You have a babysitter.

[ ] If you talk back you get grounded.
[ ] You're not allowed to have a tv/gaming system in your room.
[ ] You can't be on the computer without someone watching your every move.
[ ] You can't have a door on your bedroom.
[ ] You have to eat what your parents tell you to.

[x] your parents get mad if you don't want to do something simple that they ask.
[ ] You can't swim without an adult watching you.
[ ] You can't have a friend of the opposite sex over.


8:13 PM.

the flu bug's back. like 3 people dint come to sch today. get well soon peoples! well, anw it was a slacking day. we watched our fellow CHARLIE! and his chocolate factory and the oompa loompas (: ahahah. and did some failed experiments. but we still rock siew eng! ahahah.

i really dont care abt marks anymore. well not for this semester. so SHUT UP AND DEAL! (:

oh, surprise surprise! eustance has a new blog so go link. hahaah. its quite WRONG. xP

anymore quizzes? NIC IS BORED.

the holidays are coming! but it wont last long. i mean 1st week is SE concert preparation, 2nd week is EMPEROR WEEK! and RV BBQ! 3rd week, is JAPANNNNNNNNN! and 4th week is homework, projects, pet rocket and ERJIE WEEK. :D nic is booked. but i have time n the 2nd and 4th week so DATE ME (: ill see what i can arrange for all you people.

i think i like spring cleaning and tmr and friday is (supposedly) my lucky day!
NO LINK! yay, i win.


9:11 PM.
" Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i got 9.5 for show and tell! haha, thanks daniel!
and i think i have an affinity with the number 3 and 2. hmm.
anyways, another one of the SPASTIC THINGS I DO, quizzes (: seriously, im getting annoyed with myself. BUT ITS FUN! seriously.

[x] I'm afraid of silence.
[ ] I Talk A LOT when I get really nervous.
[x] I am really ticklish.
[x] I'm afraid of the dark.
[x] I'm afraid of facing my back to open doors at night.
[ ] I can't sleep in a room if the door is open
[ ] I can't sleep in a room if the door is closed
[ ] i am afraid of gay or lesbian people.
[x] I believe in true love.
[ ] I've run away from home
[ ] I listen to political music
[ ] I collect comic books
[x] I shut others out when I'm sad.
[ ] I've stayed out all night.
[x] I open up to others easily.
[x] I am keeping a secret from the world.
[x] I watch the news
[ ] I own over 5 rap CDs.
[x] I love Disney movies.
[ ] I am a sucker for green eyes.
[ ] I am a sucker for brown eyes.
[ ] I am a sucker for blue eyes
[ ] I dont kill bugs
[x] I curse.
[ ] I have an "x" in my screen name.
[x] I've slipped and fell in public.
[x] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation
[ ] I love Spam....
[ ] I bake well
[ ]I have worn pajamas to class.
[ ] I have owned something from Abercrombie.
[ ] I want a better job
[ ] Talked on a phone for 6+ hours.
[ ] I love Dr. Phil.
[ ] I like multiple people
[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
[x] I am self-conscious.
[x] I love to laugh.
[ ] I have smoked a pack in one day.
[ ] I loved Lord of the Flies.
[ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
[ ] I can't swallow pills.
[ ] I have a lot of scars.
[x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
[x] I love chocolate.
[ ] I bite my nails.
[ ] I am not comfortable with being me.
[ ] I play computer games when I'm bored.
[ ] Gotten lost in the city.
[x] Thought of suicide before.
[ ] Seen a shooting star.
[ ] Had a menage a trois.
[ ] Gone out in public in my pajamas
[ ] Have kissed someone really strange....
[ ] Hugged a stranger.
[ ] Been in a bloody fist fight with someone of a diff. sex.
[ ] Been in a fist fight
[ ] Been arrested.
[ ] Laughed and had some type of beverage come out of my nose.
[ ] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator.
[ ] made out in an elevator.
[ ] Swore at Liberace.
[ ] Kicked a guy where it hurts on purpose
[ ] Been skydiving.
[ ] Been bungee jumping.
[ ] Gotten stitches.
[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
[ ] Bitten someone
[ ] Been to Niagara Falls.
[x] Gotten the chicken pox.
[ ] Crashed into a car...
[ ] been to Japan.
[x] Ridden in a taxi.
[ ] shoplifted
[ ]Been fired.
[x] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.
[ ] Stole something from your job.
[ ] Gone on a blind date.
[ ] Had a crush on a teacher/coach.
[ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
[x] Been to Europe.
[ ] Slept with a co-worker, and/or employee.
[ ] been to New York
[ ] Been married
[ ] Gotten divorced
[x] Saw someone/something dying.
[ ] Have a list of people you want to kill.
[ ] Driven over 400 miles in one day.
[ ] Been to Canada.
[x] Been on a Plane.
[ ] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
[ ] Thrown up in a bar or club
[x] Eaten sushi.
[ ] Been snowboarding.
[x] Continued to care for someone sooo much even though you know you can't have them
[ ] taken a picture just for the sole purpose of putting it on myspace/friendster..
[x] Been ice skating
[x] Cried in public.
[ ] Walked purposely into traffic with your eyes closed.
[ ] been at a party and instead of giving out your phone number you give them your mypsace name and say look me up
[x] liked someone even though you knew you shouldn't have.
[x] Thought of someone a lot lately.
[ ] Hate the world.
[ ] Love someone who doesnt realize it
[x] have your cell phone permanently attached to your hand/hip
[ ] cried over a guy/girl you didnt even go out with.

i feel very guai. HAHAHA.

9:36 PM.
" Monday, May 22, 2006

i think i think too much. haha, that was ironic. well, i do. like start of the day panic panic panic and realise its all for nothing. i seriously need to chill. yup. and today bazaar was great and so was yoghurt. hahah. i supported you okay zara and zhou! but you never came to buy my paperweights. hmph. anw i shall do this. HEHEHE. you know, boredom kills? anw we're really proud of you xinyi! and tmr's the last day of third lang for the term. feels like a relief but i guess 4 weeks aint that long, is it? time flies, seriously.
oh, it's official, call me nic the geek (:

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
i hate my nose and my hair and shit, today's a monday.

When is the next time you will have sex
what do you mean next time?

What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"
bore ):

Favorite planet?
pluto. its cold and small and isolated.

Who is the 3rd person on your missed call list on your mobile?
ashley. HAHAHA. that was a long time ago.

What is your favorite ring on your phone
EXCUSE ME WALKMAN PHONE LEH. what rings. CHEH! ahahha. anw my current ringtone is 4ever! (:

What shirt are you wearing?
ahahaha. it was the same as PM, community drumming fest! ahahha.

Do you "label" yourself?

Name the brand of shoes you're currently wearing
err. Nicole's feet.

Bright or dark room?
BRIGHT, YES EVEN WHEN IM SLEEPING. just that i dont waste electricity. duh. im scared of the dark.

What do you think about the person who took this survey?
she's tall and pretty and slim and loved by the whole world :D yes, that's me!

Take a break...

What were you doing at midnight last night?
beauty sleep

What did your last text message you received on your mobile say?
err. from that jy asking abt MONEH.

Where is your letter box?
lobby lor.

What's a word that you say a lot?

Who told you he/she loved you last?
was it roseline? or maybe zara? nono, JY! eh, dont remember. QIANHUI! yesyes, haya too many people liao.

Last furry thing you touched?
err. my stuff heffalump!

How many drugs have you done in the last three days?

Favorite age you have been so far?
3 (:

Your worst enemy?
no one. im too lovable to hate anyone

What is your current desktop picture?

What was the last thing you said to someone?
okay to my mom. HAHAHA.

If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly, which would you do?

Do you like someone?
someones to be precise.

Are you dating them?

If the last person you spoke to was getting shot at, would you jump in front of the bullet for them?

If you could punch one person in the face who's in your life right now, who would it be?

What is the closest object to your left foot?


8:16 PM.
" Saturday, May 20, 2006

another quiz. lalala. YOU CAN SEE HOW BORED I AM -.-

anw talk first hehe. i talked to some minister Sam today when my dad officially became a singaporean! haha. and he said DUNMAN IS FINEEE. no la he said Dunman is one of the top schools! but then again, duh it is so yea. haha.
PTM was okay. I AM HARDWORKING. and i was angelic (: but its still not fair that they don't count third langnvm i shant say more (:

today is such a sian day. i slept and went to PTM and watch people take ICs and then now, bleh. MY IM QUIZ SUCKS! i cant believe im NOT MUSICAL T.T so pathetic. nvm see who i get grouped with (: alrights, begin the quiz! similar to the previous previous quiz but diff ques.

First, write down the names of twenty people you know. Then, read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions until you write down the twenty names you're going to use.
1. pm
2. ros
3. jy
4. sam
5. daniel
6. ben
7. shouyu
8. tashi
9. eustance
10. prida
11. yixiang
12. ashley
13. yeo
14. sop
15. christine
16. bing howe
17. ms tan [LOL I DONT KNOW WHY]
18. mr chew [ahahahaha]
19. erjie
20. dajie

here goes!

Is #09 a boy or a girl? [eustance]
a guy? but then again im not sure cos he's in 2g!

Would #01 and #02 make a cute couple? [pm and ros]
interesting ... no.

How about #18 and #04? [sam and mr chew]
gosh. samuel might be interested but i think mr chew's married, so nah.

What grade is #17 in? [ms tan]
err. err. err. ohnoes i dont know?

When was the last time you talked to #12? [ashley]

What is #06's favorite singer? [ben]
me, duh.

Does #01 have any siblings? [pm]
a younger bro. hehe.

Would you ever date #03? [jy]
she's too fair for me (:

Would you ever date #07? [shouyu]
hmmm. maybe not?

Is #16 single? [bing howe]
oh noooo. he's taken. by ah long, muyadisimun, xiang yu ...

What's #15's last name? [christine]
chan mali chan!

What's #10's middle name? [prida]
bra-ney (:

What's #05's favorite thing to do? [daniel]
what toking you! got problem ah?!

Is #13 hot? [yeo]
put her near gasoline to find out tsktsk.

Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? [sop and erjie]
ya. the drama mamas.

What school does #20 go to? [dajie]
The University Of Melbourne. SEH HOR?

Tell me a random fact about #12. [ashley]
errr. he's the apunehneh chairperson!

And #03? [jy]
she's black like an apunehneh.

Have you ever had a crush on #15? [christine]
ohno, can i not say?

Where does #09 live? [eustance]
errr. bedok i think?

What's #04's favorite color? [samuel]
whatever prida likes la.

Would you make out with #12? [ashley]

Are #05 & #06 best friends? [daniel and ben]
hmmm. they're okay i guess.

Does #07 like #20? [shouyu and dajie]
i think shouyu doesnt even know dajie exists!

Does #08 like #19? [tashi and erjie]
they haven't met yet dude.

How did you meet #02? [ros]
the bimbo association. hahahah (:

How did you meet #12? [ashley]

Does #10 have any pets? [prida]

Is #12 older than you? [ashley]

Is # 17 the sexiest person alive, or what? [ms tan]


3:44 PM.

Your Answer x 2: Your Life.Just a %.

[x] You know someone that cares about you.
[x] You have your own room.
[x] You own a cell phone.
[ ] You get good grades.
[x] You have an ipod/ mp3 player.
[x] Your parents are still married.
[x] You have more than 2 best friends.
[ ] There is a swimming pool in your backyard.

[x] You live somewhere other than a box.
[x] You dress how you want to.
[x] You hang out with friends more than once a week.
[ ] There is a computer/ laptop in your room.
[x] You have never been beaten up.
[ ] You never cry more than twice a month.
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room is big enough for you.

[ ] People don't use you for something you have.
[x] You have been to a concert.
[x] You laugh more than twice a day.
[x] You get allowance.
[x] You collect something normal.
[ ] People don't make fun of you to be mean.
[x] You look forward to go to school.
[ ] You don't wish you were someone else.
[x] You play a sport.
[x] You do something after school.

[x] You shower daily.
[ ] You own a car.
[x] You usually don't fight with your parents.
[x] You're healthy.
[x] You've never had a cavity.
[ ] You are happy with your appearance.
[ ] You aren't self-consious at all.
[x] You have never got a failing grade in your life.
[x] You have friends.
[x] You have so many inside jokes with friends.

[x] You know your parent(s) care and love you.
[x] You know what is going on in the world.
[x] You care about sooo many people.
[ ] You are happy with your life.
[x] You usually aren't sick.
[x] You know more than one language.
[x] You have a screen name.
[ ] You own a pet.
[x] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
[ ] You don't have any enemies.
[x] You are happy you're living.

my life is 68% perfect.
o.0 ohgosh. gtg. BYES PEOPLE.


8:07 PM.
" Friday, May 19, 2006

gosh. why am i always associated with that #19. --'

ANYWAY. i LOVE YOU 2G! we even created a song for you! it goes:
(to the tune of the dunman high song, not sch song)

the letter G,
stands for golien.
this is where
we all belong.
fun and laughter,
peace and joy,
united forever in Go-li-en!

hahaha (: LOVE Y'LL!


8:50 PM.
" Thursday, May 18, 2006

i ate mcdonalds. i feel happy! heh, and fat. I FEEL FAT AND SHORT. dont worry dont need to comfort me, i have mood swings abt this issue all the time. anw, I MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. hallelujah.

show and tell was a success. EVERYONE THOUGHT I WOULD GET FULL MARKS but i dint (: WHO CARES, i know they loved it. HEHEHE.

im staying in dunman? and weijia was like YAYAYAYAAY. so nice to know people WANT ME TO STAY. (: yays.

I HAVE MY FIRST FAN -- PUIMUN! who kindly LOVES MY SINGING and has discovered my talent. i shall be starting a fan club soon! (:

okay, wj&pm asked me to do this :
Name 20 people you can think of right now. Dont read the questions until you have named the 20 people. At the end of it all, choose 5 people to do this.

How did you meet #14? [txy]
my lovely sexy senior.

What would you do if you never met #1? [pm]
the world would be deprived of lameness and laughter

What would you do if #20 and #9 dated? [ben and dajie]
one word: ohnoes.

Did you ever like #19? [eustance]
*laughs uncontrollably.

Would #6 and #17 make a good couple? [sophia and yixiang]
hmmm. firstly, ben would kill yixiang then prida would kill sophia. so, no.

Describe #3 [ros]
the bimbo whos not chio and not bitchy. HAHAHA. no la! shes MY BIAN TAI NU REN OKAY! and shes verrryyynice to pinch and slap. you should seriously try. and also, shes very DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. thats why charlie and daniel are like walking souls (:

you think #8 is attractive? [erjie]

Tell me something about #7. [jy]
something? you mean somethings. shes mad. absolutely SIOW. and has like 258725658720 kinds of laughter. but you'll love her (:

Do you know any of #12's family? [zara]
ehhh. a mom and a dad? hehe? SORRY LA I DONT KNOW. i will ask her tmr.

What's #8's favourite(s)? [erjie]
food, cooking, music, MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!

What would you do if #18 confesses he/she likes you? [ashley]
but ... the whole world likes me already!

What language does #15 speak? [aaron]
hmmmm. pink balloon language?

Who is #9 going out with? [dajie]
that's for me to know, you don't need to find out.

How old is #16 now? [yeo]
NINETEEEN. so she can marry her keita.

When was the last time you spoke to #13? [yunshan]
errrr. like last last last friday.

Who is #2's favourite singer/band? [charlie]
err. black eyed peas? or maybe me (:

Would you ever date #4? [prida]
NO. shes a purple bra! i cant date BRAS.

Would you ever date #7? [jy]
maybe? indian and chinese may work?

#15 single? [aaron]
ehhh. dunnoe?

What is #10's last name? [daniel]
general LIM.

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with #11? [samuel]
no. he'll suan me until i die unmarried, unhappy, undead.

What school does #3 go to? [ros]
Beauty Queen in the making Association

Where does #6 live? [sophia]
tanah merah with her dog, happy.

What's you favourite thing about #5? [christine]
her SMILE xD

and now the five people to do this:
whoever is free and bored. (:

9:36 PM.
" Sunday, May 14, 2006

okay! i just checked the ACE groupings and it refreshed my memory. ahaha. sorry la! getting old.

okay! so the scout is called yong seng! i rmbsaw hehe.
and sunday boy! xing qi! how could i forget. ill miss him for his holding of grass and dirtying of his shirt! HEHEHE. and for dancing so funkily, you rock!
oh, shenn linn ya for being a forest haha jkjk. for being so white and having so many mozzie bites!
okay the flag bearer is kian siong (:
didi i write gek teng in the previous issue? but anyway she shared a wooden plank with me! (:
yeayea thats it! (:


watch mi3 today! so action lol. THE RABBIT'S STINKY APPENDAGE! xD


the great 'S' word is backbackback.

wanna watch poseidon on tuesday? as a class outing? huh/? HUH? 2G?!


9:04 PM.
" Thursday, May 11, 2006

i was just checking whats bra in jap because of the whole mune futa thing and look what came out --


i was eating an apple in my mouth! and then juice was like spurting everywhere. hilarious man. ahahaha. bra buster! woohoo!


lol. i feel okay nowwwwwwww. "Darlie's not a group, its a family!" -- Chak. our beloved chak. (:

ill miss ~
the guides for their enthu-ness;
anthea! for her cuteness;
dilys for her love of the toilet;
xiuli for her niceness;
gek teng for her shyness;
chak for his motivation;
wayne for his funniness;
melissa for her motivation too;
junhao for making fun of him;
yi mei for her longness;
simin for being so sporting;
the flagbearer! (shit, i forgot his name.something siong wan.);
the scout! (shit! all the names are slipping my mind!);
xing yun for her luckiness;
chiu yee for her quietness;
jesmine for being able to stand up to her fears;
alvin for ... being in darlie?;
and 3 more people that i forgot. dammit. ohno! i feel so bad. bleh. i WILL find out. hehe?

and FABIAN! (:

7:43 PM.

back from camp!
hope you people had fun! and i dont really wanna talk abt it.

torned up!

10:42 PM.
" Saturday, May 06, 2006

just came back from EDS night. it was sooo good. i enjoyed it thoroughly (:

congrats to roseline and sophia! for putting on the extraordinary performance *clapclap!
sanpeng was sososo funny heehee. irresitably funny
mr ken was hilarious too! BUTTS and WEEWEE and PUPU. lol!
count dracula and the mad woman, literally o.0

haha, anw whoever hasnt watched it yet! DONT HESITATE NOW! go buy tickets for the 13th.
p.s this is free advertisement from eds and is absolutely optional by the ever so kind, me (:

tata! nic

8:13 PM.
" Friday, May 05, 2006

im dedicating this blog post to charlie, ben, chia chu and jy!
thanks for being there today, i was so touched. haha. esp charlie, lol (:

i like 2.4km run. makes me feel slim, and not fat and healthy and energised! haha def better running in east coast than that 8 torturous rounds. i got 73! (: yea, im happy.
2g went hyper after the run. cheer and dance. hehe. so sad sophia and roseline and eustance werent there or else it would have been better (:

thanks jess! for everything.

and my whaley and woofie too.

pathetic nic no more (:

9:35 PM.
" Monday, May 01, 2006

i think im stressing out with the whole exam-competition thingy as mrs kumaran says it. haha. just hope this week ends soon and level camp comes? well, thats another thing to ponder on.

japan in a month and ill miss melbourne. boo. busybusyme.

anw i feel so dead.

165 IS REALISTIC right? hahaha. wtvr, im in denial! (: and WEIGHT TAKING THIS THURS. hur. so fun.

ill keep you my dirty little secret (:

a bona fide smile

Hello! And welcome to my blog (:
I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
Dunman High
Gold with Honours
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