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7:26 PM.
" Saturday, January 21, 2006

i swear im dying.

you are so disappointing.

5:21 PM.
" Wednesday, January 18, 2006

i have so many things to blog about but i feel so lazy la. anyway i will try my best.

okay. classroom deco is over. HALLELUJAH. and then comes everything else. wth. i give up.

and today it was like raining sheeps and pigs when i walked home and i like pranced around in the rain and got my shoes and socks soaked. but it was really really fun and i felt so young. omgit rhymes -.-

errrr. i absolutely hate lit. i mean i read the freekn book but got 12 -.- upon 20. bah. my brain was not made for lit. its made for slacking. bah.

and i think nothing else. haha. thats not a lot but bah. i feel so lethargic. tmr got jap quiz lesson 12 T.T eew. and im gonna die.


youre too despo, hes too old. actually it sorta matches (:

and thats all i have to say. byebye.

9:16 PM.
" Saturday, January 14, 2006

a quiz that weijia made me do. but since im waiting for someone to get online i shall.

RULES: Express your love for SE7EN and get others to know more about you. ;D Copy and Paste the following into your own blog and complete all SE7EN bullets of the SE7EN questions. Then, pick SE7EN ppl to pass it on! Have fun!

SE7EN things that make me smile:
1. 2g working together.
2. happy family!
3. im tall and skinny and pretty.
4. the bestest friends one can ever have.
5. im happy!
6. jokes and jy's and yunshan's laughter
7. going insane.

SE7EN ways to win my heart (right now):
2. get down and boogie
3. be in a movie where everyone i love can act in it and i can act as me!
5. like if you can make me happy forever.
6. let me eat everything and never get fat!
7. be me.

SE7EN things I believe in:
1. me, myself and i.
2. my mom. HAHA.
3. everything happens for a reason, you just havent figured it out.
4. if you dont like me, theres nothing i can do abt it.
5. destiny and fate
7. i cant think of seven things that i believe in. OH I DID!

SE7EN things I'm afraid of that are just BLAH:
1. you!
2. boredom.
3. rainy days where you cant go swimming, cant go play, cant do nothing.
4. having insomnia
5. hanging out with ppl that you dont know well and absolutely dunnoe what to talk abt
7. like going to watch a movie with denny and bina and laine and who not.

SE7EN things that I do everyday:
1. be zi bei. HAH.
2. eat and sleep and shit
3. get stressed out
4. feel fat and short. BOO.
5. communicate. its a necessity!
6. think.
7. sleep. DUH.

SE7EN people I want to see right now:
1. you. i really should have!
2. and denny!
3. and jiantong. GOD I NEED MY MONEY.
4. and mel
5. and nicole kidman. HAHAHA.
6. and you.
7. and some rich handsome dashing young billionaire!

SE7EN people who should also do this:
1. ashley
2. jezz
3. buina
4. punkrockprincess
5. jiantong
6. zhou
7. sexy txy

yeaaa. see ya around!


6:06 PM.

hello again. so schools been a week. its okay i guess. i like ms tan! shes so nice. ahhaha. and its quite XIE the way she has friends with the names NICOLE VICTORIA and LAETITIA. *brrrr. but its kinda cool. and heard from 1h wendy that ms seow is nice. so GOGOGO 2006! my lit teacher is so cute. hahaha. and mrs wong is well mrs wong. haha. and the rest are fine, so far. well, yesterday was friday the 13th. OOOH. haha. i watched weny meets casper. HILARY DUFF WAS SO CUTE WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG! now its like --- nvm. and today was so fun! ahahah. only samuel came amonmg the guys and WE COMPLETED THE CLASS! hahaha. think 2f will win. theirs is damn nice. and on our classroom door its written, winning isnt everything but who doesnt love to? haha. judges, hinthint! lol. and then we went to mackers and tricked ros and yuhding. SERVES YOU RIGHT HAN YUH DING. ahahah. evil. well, HE CALLED ME SHORT!

okayokay. anyway i saw yu cong with his sister and bro and he stoned when he saw me. i felt so idiotic. urgh. *slaps myself.

wellwell, the wet spell has stopped. has ure spirits brighten up?



9:13 PM.
" Wednesday, January 11, 2006

its this whole rainy season. yea i know i mentioned i LOVE rain cos its so LO MAN TI KE, but this heavy rain, stop, heavy rain, stop, is pissing me off. its making everyone feel so down and damp. eeeks. ever heard of overdose?

school. class deco and class tee and noticeboard and class blog thing we wont win la. but its all the process right? then we go to the process la! nobody even cares besides some pathetic souls. SO! whats the point now. boo.

guess what. its raining again. rarrrr.

i cant wait to go to se on friday i have no idea why.

drenched, nicc.

12:14 AM.
" Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i love midnights. there are always surprises. =))

see the date?

10:32 PM.
" Monday, January 09, 2006

first day of official school. EEEEEEE. i know what ure thinking. but it wasnt that bad, really.

okay. so it started off with a bad hair day and then the thought of not practising my violin and going to violin class was like scary. and then very tiring couldnt get up plus the huge pimple on my nose and the i-have-no-idea-thingy under my mouth made things worse. i know this sounds like really really bad, but it wasnt! i confirm! okayokay. i was later to school then usual but reached at 7. [YEA.thats late for me] and so i entered the class and i was like HAPPPYYY BIRRTTHHDAAAAYY AMAANNDAAA!! and samuel and daniel thought i was absolutely insane which i actually am. xD and then jy came in and gave me my SECOND THIRD present of the year! [the first one was the watch from MOM AND DAD and second from ERJJ] yea. and then christine came! tadaa! fourth present! and then prida. WHEE! fifth present. how contenting.

and so assembly blabla. and then class was like ACC. i know. pure torture. but this wang yanchun was actually nice! shes a much better teacher than AHEM. so it wont be that boring but im sorry, ACC cant get not boring. yea. and then maths. ms joyce seow is nice. xD yay. and then recesssss!!! i kept walking pass SOPHIA'S xiao shuai ge. haha. he isnt exactly shuai! but considering dhs guys, YES. hehehe. im so sorry. HAHA. and after recess was science. ms tan bh, the pe teacher may look fierce and act so, but shes really nice too. shes funny la! and talks a lot, LIKE ME. hehehe. and then english was mrs wong. LOL. who got cheated HAH? you chicken nehnehs. HEHEHE. and then went for assembly. *YAWN. and MY PEE WAS COMING OUT! so once i was dismissed, TOILET AHHH WO LAI YEEE!! lol. serious case of pee emergency. thanks siew eng again. haha. my toilet companion.

then went to collect JAP CLASS!! WHEEE!! IM IN THE SAME CLASS AS ASHLEYYY!!!! OHYEA OHYEAA! but so sad! not same as yi xiang la! ROSELINE DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA. you doodoobird. haya. apunehnehs not same class. BOOHOOHOO. missing delphine already la! anyway then se. somehow, rodion and kawai and joel look EXTREMELY weird in their long pants but samson looked fine. o.0 anyway, samson has increased his shirt from 17 to a size 20. HOHO. and then we were discussing xuan wos and what not. and OH SAMSON! JIU WO IS DIMPLE! not xuan wo -.- xuan wo is like some tornado thingy. lol. and it was fun la today!


and i know you love tmr. xD

hahaha. and oh! i have received greetings from errrr. nickkay, mel, jy, prida, sop, ros, yixiang, ash, buina, karl, jiantong, mom, daj, erj, zara, txy, and everyone who was in se room today who heard our DEAR txy. hehe. JESS YOU ARE SO DEAD. ohyah. ill be awake till like 12.30 am today! so ill be waiting for your beloved smses. THANKYOU.

oh! and then violin turned out fine! lao shi even sang me a bday song! wheee.

happy last day being thirteen, me! i rock.

oh and did you watch xiao yuan superstar? just SEND TO F3! there! i have done my part for DUNMAN HIGH. xD

over and out! nicknicknick-

2:57 PM.
" Sunday, January 08, 2006


bah. its been raining the wholeee dayyy la. so nostalgic yet romantic. gjy called me alien for liking rain. you absolute weirdo. and jess, YES RAIN IS ROMANTIC. WHO AGREES?! i see many hands. xD yay. see?

well, lets start blogging from dhs xplore. hoho. the day before that i thought i had an f*ed up group but it seriously turned out fine. im sorry if ure in my group and i insulted you. haha. sorry. YOU TURNED OUT FINE. besides the 2 honeymooners -.- they seriously thought theyre strolling on the beach in miami or smthing. gees. anyways, we completed all the tasks and then we were supposed to go to boonlay la. then we were like already late and everything so forget it! go back to school. then it was so funny. we lost 30 marks for not going to boonlay and another 30 for being late. that doesnt matter anyway, we were on 158 back to sch when we met *ahemNICKKAYS ADMIRER HUIYUANS GROUP. how unlucky can i get. and we were there first and they blocked the exit. so we moved to the front and blocked the front of the bus. [i know, so barbaric right?!] but anyway daniel was like IM SO GOING TO WIN!!! so immediately when the bus stopped daniel rushed out and it was like green man so he ran and grabbed the mallet to the gong and we hit it first! MUAHAHAHA. hehe. and the amazing race music drives me mad.

ERJIE BOUGHT ME IT! im going insane. they so rock.

dajie and i was singing and going mad last night with 'because of you' by kelly. HAHA. seriously.

errrrrr. class tee was ABSOLUTELY MAD YESTERDAY. hoho. so lazy to blog. but it was damn funny la. and i think 2g wont win single components BUT! might win overall? but dont get our hopes too high. just HAVE FUN! wheeeeeheeeheeehee.

zara chan you are so guilty. BOOHOOHOO.
i know the true story of TXY.


8:44 PM.
" Thursday, January 05, 2006

i have like very random things to post.

1. i am not a geek.

2. just call taxy sexy although you dont think she is cos you'll make one taxy feel sexy. =D

3. joel is a geek.

4. 1g'o6 is nerdy.

5. zhou has a sexy voice at the moment.

6. i sat on a ghost bus today.

7. daniel looks like mr teo o.0

8. i dont think my group will win the amazing race thingamabob tmr.

9. i dont think 2g'o6 will win the bestest class thingamabob.

10. 2g'o6 rocks no matter what. :)


nicknicknick- i feel stressed that i cant nag abt ppl on my blog. nagnagnag-

7:36 PM.
" Tuesday, January 03, 2006

haha. i just finish deleting evidence. like all ppl who are in my links, BEWARE. dunman high teachers are gonna be watching you. HEHEHE. so byebye! and best of luck to all classes. the winner shall win. HEALTHY competition. dont be so xiao qi. and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

i feel intruded. like anytime ppl are WATCHING YOU...


5:52 PM.
" Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year! it hasnt been a very exciting one though.

can you believe it?! todays like 2ND JANUARY 2006. gees. its my birthday in 8 days. its that a hint or what? hoho. anyway went out with dreary and peiyuin today. absolute madness involving dessert, a short man and people who are not twins forced to wear the same clothes. i feel for you dudes. and we walked until we were hysterical and started dying on orchard road. 2.30 is the lucky hour!

and have i blogged that the --- maybe she'll die of cancer? maybe she'll get eaten by a shark? oh wishful thinking of mine. you are 30 times more likely to die of getting struck by lightning.

oh and did i mention i saw junyang? well i did. yes that guy. the guy who sang jie kou. the guy who prida idolises. that guy. at wisma topshop. HAHA. but stewpid jess [whos absolutely blind] claimed she dint. COS SHE WAS RUBBING HER EYES. bleagh. well he was wearing a hat. WHO in the right [or wrong] state of mind wears a hat to a shopping centre? and he had long hair. like shoulder length. EEEE. but nevertheless he looked rather good. =) but i dint take photo or autograph or anything. yes. im LYING. what a big fat lie posted on my blog -.- PRIDA DOUBTS ME.

if wisma topshop gets swarmed by girls. you may thank me now. anytime now.

well, im crapping. as usual. so heres wishing all of you people a happy new year. and hope 2006 is the magic number. OH AND! my birthday is in 8 days. xD


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