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5:28 PM.
" Friday, December 30, 2005

im still freeken sick. pfft. like i almost died of asthma while shopping. OUCH. oh god. errrr. few things to cover. first isetan then the oc [HAHA] and shopping and the se bbq and i owe the doctor $20.

yeaaa. isetan. this year i have queued madly for 2 things. first rose chan if you see the previous previous previous previous i dunnoe what previous post. xD anyway and this time shopping. like EXCLUSIVE MEMBER SALE. whoa. like no big thing la but we have enquired dear dear singaporean spirit. so we went and we went like round and round the building and queue to just GET IN. yes. and i got my shoes! and watch and clothes. whhheeeee.

the oc. trust me. its a crappy show thats really really lame. dont watch it. eew. trey is an asshole. =X

oh yea. shopping. i feel so like guilty. i dont think i have bought so many many nice nice clothes for new year. wheee. all thanks to erjie and dajie. i have like 5 sets of clothes liao. hohoho. im ready for chinese new year! COMECOMECOME! ps. youll be shocked at what clothes i wear now. NYAAR. but i love it.

se bbq. hurm. i was sick so mom drove me there. thankthankthanks. then when i reached zhou, jh, lh, felicia, bram, xiaowen and jefferson was there. they were playing some stupid lame game that i solved. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! but felicia was damn good la. she was so damn fast. unlike SOMEONE. like lh. AHAHHA. lalala i dint say no nothing. and then we ate la. haha. i fast fwded a lot lazy to type la. then me and zhou were like food tyrants. lol. we literally GRABBED the food. hoho. and then zhou was thirsty and then we went to the vending machine to buy some ice cream soda.
but obviously dont have i mean which vending machine in spore still has ice cream soda? so anyway there were flashing words saying thirsty? insert card. thirsty? insert card. and then we laughed like shit for no reason. haha. and so zhou inserted a coin and then it said no card vending. like WTH?! hahahaha. yea. and then inserted the 2nd coin and it got stuck there so we laughed again. HAHA. so anyway we went a second time cos of thirsty zhou and she stepped into this muddy deesgusting pile of shit. lol. no la its just mud. and she was so grossed out. and we saw the thirsty? insert card. thing again. lol. go figure what happened. then we went back and she literally washed her foot with guava juice thinking of water. hoho.

but overall it was good and very filling. =) oh yah, wenjing was on his bike and the red light was blinking and it looked as if he had a blinking butt. HAHA. oops. and XI YOU JI IS IMPORTANT! xD

owells, someone please remind me i owe the doctor $20. thanks. =)

byebye. and merry christmas!


8:36 PM.
" Monday, December 26, 2005

i watched like 2 love stories yesterday. princess diaries and sweet home alabama. i think im absolutely lovesick. LOL. princess diaries yeayea watched like a million times before but michael is soo cute! i mean yea BOSS is in love with him and everything but hes such a nice person. he 'saw her when she was invisible' HAHA. here i go quoting lines from movies and going absolutely bonkers. whee. and then sweet home alabama!! not a nice show. wanna watch just watch the first 5 mins and last 10 mins. =)

its a thunderstorm, theyre at the beach. theyre 10 yrs old.
girl asks guy : now whyd you wanna marry me?
guy replies: so i can kiss you whenever i want.


and the same thing happens at the end except that the guy asks the girl first now and theyre at an age where they can get married. =)

so yeah. i hope erjj isnt reading this. =X

wellwellwell, lemme see. ohyeah! se camp. DAMN FUN LA! first day was like practice and then lunch and then sectionals and then BOOGIE. practice was okay. then lunch was horrid. eew. i dont usually use the word horrid. so yea. HORRID. like in those american shows where they go to the cafeteria and slop on the gruey grey stuffs. just that it has color and probably isnt that bad. mmhmm. then hoe down dance was funny. HILARIOUS. im dance coordinator. yes. i can imagine you laughing now.

second day was sososo fun! practice then lunch then sectional then games then dance. haha. lunch was so much better. poof. and the games was HAHHA. like first whacko. okay weird whacko. and 2 things then happened to me. errr. someone shouted my name and i panicked and shouted out someone else's name and sad oops. HEHE. the person on ure right was suppose to reply. if you dont get it, NEVERMIND. so i became the whacking person. and then it came to samson. he was like errrr. NICOLE! then i paused and whacked him. AHAHHA. so he and linghong had to do forfeit cos they were ahem! the lousiest. and they were suppose to write the words sexy with their butts. ms ku was like so do we need paper or something? LOL! she thought we're suppose to stick a pen in their butts HAHA.

then we played charades. hoho. black gp went first [MEMEME!] meaning our dear dear txy was up. errrr. i dont rmb anything funny but i rmb kenneth and elizzz's. LOL. elizz was like the tree and ken was ramming into her. HEHE. george of the jungle. ^^ and ms kus kingkong was sosososo cute. HAHA.

and the absolutely gross obstacle course. i dont wanna elaborate. go zhous blog. HOHO.

and then the last day was the bestest. the DANCE! wheeeehehehehe. we got BEST DANNCEEE!!! YAY GO BLACKKK! yunxiu, rodion, wynne, txy, jefferson, linghong, me, gloria, liying and felicia!!! WHEEEEEE.

lala. im so high. and im sick. boohoohoo. like sore throat and cough and flu. okayokay one more thing caroling!

it was so fun. like kanon is the money making piece. and everyone hates it now. LOL. and txy and her ahem! acquaintance with the YOYO! man. HAHA. ohyah! and there was this sweet guy who [i think] made his wife angry and wants to apologise by hiring ONE violinist to play at a dinner. but ms ku say too dangerous and only $50. BLEAGH. PASS! okayokay.
then break me jefferson wynne and aaron went looking ard for FOOD! while i cursed and sweared at the high heels. BOOHOOHOO. i HATE HEELS! there i have declared my hatred. HEHE. okayokay. and on the way discovered that aaron and wynne have a fear of heights. hoho. then i met up with yeo and we went shopping! and a lil mad cos the guy cant sing THIS LOVE! god. help him. haha. and while walking back from the back gate we sang bu pa bu pa. LOLOL!! maddness.

okay. wow. i think i have a lot more to write but im gonna watch teevee so BUHBYE.

ohhhhhhhhhh. help.


9:52 PM.
" Sunday, December 25, 2005

okay god. MERRY CHRISTMAS! im gonna rush a blog post cos like i wanna catch sweet home alabama. HAHA. okayokay. this year not bad leh! at first dint seem like a christmasy christmas but the presents are pretty good! hahaha.

well, my mom and dad got this super cool camera. like its pink and like has like frames with it and its so super cool. WHEE!

then erjie got me this like purple pack or smthing. like purple clips purple scrunchy purple puch purple belt. UBER COOL LAA!!

and dajiee!!!! she got me this branded bag. like its pink with SWIRLS. wheee!

auntie eliza got me some super funky earrings chosed by our dear dear dreary wongg!!! which is roxy branded. woots.

and yee yee pok got me MINI TWISTIESS!! hahaha. COOLIO! and yeo got me a rain cd. GOD URE SO FUNNY!! and dragonfly earrings. YIPPEE!

yeeyeechoo!! she got me a black skirt and a hello kitty with pink balls hanging on my handphone thing. THANKS!

auntie choo haha as usual got me borders voucher. YAY!

and err auntie audrey got me some funny looking pendant. but nevertheless ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!

lala. WHEE!! had super cool lunch at ahqius house and WHEEE! dontcha love christmas?

ill blog abt se camp next time. btw. IT WAS HARDCORRE! ahahha.

ohoh!! and auntie cynthia got me some funky girl thing. HAHA. thankkks a lot pple!!!

cos you saw me when i was invisible.

4:43 PM.
" Monday, December 19, 2005

wellowellowellowellowello!! haha. okayokay. i shall blog. back from bangkok! like duh. yea. i bought stuffs. and the food was so YUMMMM. i think ive put on 5857235691425671940 kg. i need liposuction like taxy[whos paranoid].yeaps.

you despo shit.

well, i went to ikea just now to get stuffs for christmas. it was rather crowded and me and erjj sorta got lost. HAHA.

i have a craving for a hotdog and im so lazy to blog. BAHH.


6:16 PM.
" Monday, December 12, 2005

GOODBYE FAREWELL SINGAPORE. AND BANGKOK HERE I COMEE!! whee. going shopping. hmwk not done and everything else is a mess but bahh, who cares. ERJIES HOME! have i blogged that? who cares. bringing pots along this time cos twisties went to england. if you have no idea what im talking abt again, its stuff toys. xD anyways, coming back on friday so ill be able to watch mah teevee and go se and celebrate christmas. WHEE!

my mom has THREE front teeth and i want that princess skirt.

ps. dont be shocked if you get ure christmas cards in june. =)

nicc- in love with my phone.

1:47 PM.
" Saturday, December 10, 2005

i wetted my pants just now at centrepoint. it was like HOT CHICKEN RICE SOUP. and then to the pants. and then DAMN HOT PANTS LA! then VERY COLD. a whole big blur. anyway i love my phone. a lot. a lot. a lot. a lot.

christmas cards. dont be surprised if you get them in june xD


10:43 PM.
" Thursday, December 08, 2005

hello!!! sorry i had no time to blog fully yesterday but this is it. hmm. yesterday rights. i went out with jess and felix la. so fun!!! we took neoprints and it was like cos jess kept insisting that shes soooosososo fair so must put the blackest one for at least once. and for that last time we did. and our faces turned out CHAO TA. i swear it was THE funniest. and jess and felix are like GLUTTONS! yeahyeah. cos they admitted it. xP. first like felix ate err mos burger and pao pao cha. then mackers shaker fries. and then tori q. and then yakun kaya toast 5 PIECES. mygod. yes. just the 2 of them. i bet jess is already laughing her head off la! and well, YADA YADA YADA. the list of what happened can go on. like PUK and CHOMP. lol. and we walked so much by the time at night i had like MUSCLE CRAMP DAO SIAO. lol. and i bought quite a few stuffs. burned like 2 holes. HAHA. as we intended to.

then after that, MAMA CALLED!! actually when i was with them la. then i was like nodding and shaking and dancing like a mad woman on the phone cos THEY HAD MY BEAAAAUUTIFUL W800I!!!! wheee. so we called daddy and arrange and blahblahblah and i got my phone anyway. LOL. my pretty orange clean W800i. xDDD

and at nightt!!!! ERJIE CAME HOME!! need i say more?

we talked till like 2am and it was raining. ahh. so perfect. and i woke up at 8. YAWN!

and then today went out with erjie in the morning and bought stuffs. haha. then went to eat mos burger and shopped with yeeyee. then went to her house to see her christmas tree. yada yada. I ATE BOON TONG KEE CHICKEN RICE! whee. lol.



8:34 PM.
" Wednesday, December 07, 2005





12:00 PM.
" Monday, December 05, 2005

yesterday wasnt fun. bleagh. had some christmas lunch with uncle kelvin and his wholeeeeee family at some mediterranean restaurant. wells, the garlic bread was AWESOME! but the rest of the food was rather eew. then kk thoong had to leave half way cos he had a coach ride to catch. then nothing much else happened.

tmr might be fun. im going iceskating with yeeyeechoo. but like since mike and belle are taking lessons, ill sorta be skating alone. T.T well, whatever.

whee! everyones coming home! peiyuin, dreary, erjj, nicholas, pach and who have i forgotten? but peiyuin and dreary are backs already. xD so WHEEE!


so NOT fated. BLEAGHHH.


10:18 PM.
" Saturday, December 03, 2005

i finally finished organising my zen. blahblah. i feel so sad for the songs under 'OTHERS' i mean you wouldnt like to be placed under 'others' no matter how nice it sounds like miscellanous or whatever. you know? but i dont have a better name. so others it shall be. omg. im so stupid. i just transferred everything to my zen and now it feels like its HOT. i mean BURNING HOT. shit. D 'OH!

okay. if you completely did not understand what the above was talking about, i shall exp. i thought i blogged abt it but it seems i havent. haha. so my zen *hung* yesterday. i took it to the service centre at JURONG [thanks mom], and the situation happened.

lady : pls wait for 20 mins. ure zen seems to have hung.
mom: and meanwhile can you remove the scratches?
lady: NO?
after less than 20 mins,
lady: ure zen's hardware is spoilt. [which i figured they cant fix] here is a new one.
me: cant help smiling.
mom: haha. you removed the scratches
lady: whatever.

LOL. and thats what happened. but before i went buina already told me that creative sucks! lol. and they will give you a new one. THANKS BUINAA! love yah boss.

and today was UTTERLY boring.


1:37 PM.
" Friday, December 02, 2005

i finally remembered what i wanna blog liao. did you watch tong xin yuan yesterday? it was like damm funny lah! the ppl were talking about the blooooody parry. they were like [as it goes in the subtitles] hes gentle, kind, rich and dashing and attentive. just like a panda!! ahahahah!!!! LOL! and the next thing you know he slapped her cos she refused to marry him T.T what an asshole. lol. DONT MARRY A PANDA!!!! lol.

and this morning. mom went to queue to buy her rose chan. i thought she was mad. but when i reached the queue was already soo longgggggg. then i realised oops! this is singapore. HAHA. ^^ and then she bought her bally shoes. so funky! matches her bagg. then it was like $512. so she could get another 2 rose chans. HAHA. suppositely max 2 per customer but she tried again and now has 4 rose chans. i told her to sell it. like $30-$50 for one. LIMITED EDITION LEH! who wanna buy? haha.

owells, i want BIG FEET!

i have grown to like brown. DARK DARK brown, JUST LIKE BALLY! heeeheee.


10:20 PM.
" Thursday, December 01, 2005

i just finished watching wu chu cai hong. sighh. like jian yi and yoyo are so meant to be. heehee. and the xiaoqian. not that im discriminating china peoples accent but she pronounces david as DAH-vid. lol. like da vinci code the DAH. lol. and i cant stand the way they say happy birthday. its BIRTHDAY. not BURSTDAY. lol. what a sad thing huh. burstday. anyway yeah. so thats wu chu cai hong.

sheet! i wanted to blog smthing. but i forgot. anyway IM GETTING BACK MY $13 TOMORROW!!! xDDD oheayh. finally. after the longgg waiiteddddd MONEYY. i love money, you know? haha.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hahaha. loook at this picc. for despo girls. hahha. take it! lol. its kinda cute hurh. but ashley says its not malevolent enough. hmmm. i think its quite evil isnt it?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comand how could we forget the despo guys. tsktsk.

well, goodnights! nicc.

8:29 PM.

guess whats? i tried the oreo with peanut butter thingy. NAHH! not bad but orginal still better! haha.

i totally suck at collecting trading cards. i mean ashley has like sosososo many holographic cards and i have 1. and i have SOOOO many repeats. lol. i am a loser. T.T

anyway. im getting my $13 tomorrow!whees.

nicc. GET A LIFE.

6:00 PM.

haha. HELLO AGAIN! i suddenly feel so happy. i have no idea! maybe cos i have the ceedee!! yess. they sell it at bras basah popular. A LOT LEHH! they should sell some stock to other populars instead of making insane ppl like yours truly and good accompanists ros run around like mad ppl. LOL. buts anyways. there are 7 songs and its $15. BUT WHO CARES! i have free vouchers. lahdeedummm. wheee. i told you im going mad.

jt asked me to try oreo with peanut butter. i shall do just that tonight! hehehe. OREOS HERE I COME!


12:55 PM.

hello!!! im so addicted to oreo! though i havent tried it with milk. lol. or peanut butter like in parent trap. it just is NICE on its own. lol. and you know the original brand is nabisco or smthing. and then this kraft came up with oreo. and this oreo EXACT SAME PACKAGING. SAME NAME! like so confusing lah! then my mom was like HUH?! in the supermarket. and wanted to call me in violin class. lol. then she bought nabisco. and then she realised that she should have bought kraft cos it doesnt contain transfat. -.-'' okay nevermind! im not here to blog about the facts of oreo. HAHA. and i never got the oreo motto. i mean twist lick dunk. no mentioning about eating! lol. you twist it, dunk it in milk and lick it. man. CHEW IT LAH! like yeo and i came up with the song. lol.
imagine the song in ure head.

common lets twist lick dunk put it in ure mouth
lets twist lick dunk put it in ure mouth and
common lets twist lick dunk put it in ure mouth

isnt that better? you get to taste it. HAHA. SPAAAZZZZM.

okayokay. yesterday went out with rosss. to buy someones present =X. HEHE. then we went to 3 populars! to search for the wu chu cai hong ceedee. you know at first i went to 2 populars to look and BY ACCIDENT i saw the ceedee. and then yesterday went to 3 PURPOSELY! and dint see. -.-'' i brought the vouchers lehh! nvm. OMG! I JUST ASKED KARL! HE GAVE ME HIS VOUCHERS! WHEEEE. lol. ^^ im $20 richer. WOOTS. anyways. so then ros came my house and we watched a movie. not revealing the title. =X then we saw OBSCENE SEA GAME SWIMMERS. you know the guy was oh nvm. doing smthing that provoked his so called *muscles* thus causing a WRONG reaction. hahaha. and you know! female swimmers are manly women. sorry to say this but URE UGLY! but gogogo win ure medals. =) and ros and i realised that one swimmer from singapore was 13. and got bronze. GEES. MAGNIFIQUE! like mel says. ^^

and we played boggle and text twist. AHH BLOOODY BETTY. haha. rights ros? and wu chu cai hong was so nice yesterday! the ending i mean. hahaha. and I WANT THAT SONY ERICCSON W800I!!!! hahha. BUY FOR ME?



ps. im going to popular today to try one more time. HAHA. wish mee luck!

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