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12:53 PM.
" Tuesday, November 29, 2005

hello! changed my skin. bleaghhh. i just went round tagging people telling them to relink =X sorry! im such a pain. HAHA. erjj will agree with that. xP well, i love this skin noww. its so ME. haha. purple-d. xP im bored bored bored. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEIJIA!

poor ashley. =X hope you enjoyed!


tagggg please. its dying.


8:57 PM.
" Saturday, November 26, 2005

bahh. i dint carol today. cos HAHA. my gown's zip was STUCK. either im too FAT or it was just STUCK or both. i think it was both. ADMIT IT! i put on weight T.T it was like damm funny lah. first shu min tried to zip it. then zhou tried. then 3 people in the cubicle LOL! then me and shu min switched gowns in 1 cubicle. roflmao. and we were like DONT LOOK! WHO WANNA LOOK! lol. ahhaha. then shan came and now 4 ppl in a cubicle. ahahha. then liying came and i was suppsoed to wear the gown with the jacket which looked completely wrong. HAHA. but we promised the people that must wear gown so i couldnt carol. but anyway the stage was PUNY. only 12 people can go up there. lol. TANGS GET A BIGGER STAGE IDIOTS. but it turned out great. ^^ but a bit soft. and the salvation army people will like RINGRINGRINGG!!!! -____- annoying. sighh. next week they dont want us to carol anymore, i think. EVIL PEOPLE. and we should have stuck a violin case in front of the audience's faces to get more $$$ wheee, i hope get to carol at paragon BLACK BLACK on the 19th.

okay weijia made me like say 5 random things abt me.

1. i love long juan feng. it sounds sadistically nice. HAHAHA.

2. i think derrick ho wei jian cant sing and isnt handsome. ill probably get killed by thousand of people now but HAHA. its random enough.

3. im collecting harry potter stickers now. LOL! who collecting? wanna trade? ^^

4. i feel old after passing by an m&ms show today. you know those that 'm&ms' go on stage and start dancing and singing at robinson? yeah. THAT.

5. i asked my mom to say something random abt me and she said FUSSY. like immediately. EVIL. I AM NOT FUSSY.

done! whee. okay i dont wanna choose 5 people. =X just 1. JEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. go random ureself when you come back from beijing.


10:22 AM.
" Wednesday, November 23, 2005

hahaha. ros made me do this thingy. some 10 questions thingy. well, i shall do it since im so bored. owell, here i go!

01 you get one wish of anything, what would you ask for?

err. i wish to be happy forever. meaning yao feng de feng yao yu de yu. HAHA. so when im sad cos i need money, HEHEHE.

02 what animal would you be ?

a babboon. HAHAHA. nono, just joking. i dont want a red butt. hmm, maybe a whale or a dolphin. ^^ WHEE! quite funky ahh so BIG and FAT.

03 something you want to do in your life:

i dunnoe. someone draw a caricature of me? WHEE, that happened yesterday. haha. so...maybe create a world record! of i dunnoe what. HAHA. the world's longest couch potato..

04 one time there were these ninjas (cont')

who came in fours and also walked on fours! yes, they were the teenage mutant ninja turtles. ooh, michaelangelo. -.-''. hahaha. sorry. every time i see the word ninja, reminds me of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. LOL!

05 one song you could listen to over and over again:

just the girl by the click five. woots.

06 coke or pepsi?

COKE! duh, put the lime in the coke you nut.

07 something you currently desire:

more people will go iceskating with ashley and i today!

08 what's a "mastoid" (no peeking of dict)

sounds like some retarded spacey masterman incharge of some spaceship thingy. LOL!

09 one good deed you've done lately:

i emailed some like makepovertyhistory man thingy. haha. I SAVED THE EARTH!

10 a funny moment in your life:

did you say A? okayokay ONE. hmm. JYs and moles. HAHA.

donedonedone. so 5 singled outties. well, buina, yeo, jezz, birdy and jessica.

toodles! niccniccnicc.

10:33 PM.
" Tuesday, November 22, 2005

sighh. today if not for the boredom in the morning and now, it was rather purrfect. ^^ wheee. the tea party was great fun. we [dad and i]had our pictures taken and they were made into stamps, for free! and then we queued soo long for the caricaturist [the guy who drew faces into cartoons] to get our pictures done, when some rude indian man asked his son to 'CUT IN! CUT IN!' asshole. not that im discriminating indians, but HES A DISGRACE TO THE INDIAN RACE! ALL THE INNOCENT APUNEHNEHS! urghh. asshole. anyway by the time i got mine done , it was time for the show. we entered, and 1 advertisement and the show started. like PERFECT timing. ^^ the show was good! to me, cos i dint read the book. yes ashley, blahblah it rocked to him. tsktsk. wheee. tmr going iceskating! if not for yixiang and roseline! you two latecomer POKEYES, we would go as a foursome tmr. but since only the two pathetic pals, sighh, we'll make the best outta it. right, pal?

haha. owells, goodnights!

i should be happy. i AM happy!

nighties. nicc.

2:25 PM.
" Monday, November 21, 2005

i just came back from an outing with yeeyeechoo. YOU ARE MY IDOL GODMA! when i grow up, im gonna buy clothes from cheche and own a black convertible. ahaha. you should have seen man. we went to holland flyover and drove at a speed of 120 and no car could overtake us! ahahah. andandand! we wore sunglasses. like WOOTS! with the soft top up and the wind in our faces, SIGH.

haha, ignore my previous post which i have deleted. im TROUBLE-FREE! for now at least. sighh, im gonna go daydream noww. byebye!


7:34 PM.
" Friday, November 18, 2005

hello!! I LIVE. hahah. so long never blog. i feel like today. i hope i can remember what i wanna blog. okayokay.

today went to speech day. i dunnoe why but i was so looking forward to it. but it turned out. wrong? or was it suppose to be like this. and i felt so. cold. like i didnt know this place anymore. new teachers. new people. new pink punk gay man. i felt so. lost. owell, then 2 yrs down the road i leave dunman high again. leaving. entering. missing. crying. LOST.

okay, that was sadistic. T.T this is gonna be a sad post. cos im listening to a sad song. and i feel sad. and theres no one to talk to. even yesterday morning. i was listening to long juan feng and suddenly i cried. at that moment only houshun was online. and i told him. and i think he was like 'WTF AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?!' hahhaha. sorry dude. if i scared you. what are you going with your life? <-- a line from cinderella story. hah. okaynext. i found out that danielle panabaker's [the girl that acted in sky high and stuck in the suburbs] sister, kay panabaker, is the crazy woman from phil of the future who is pim's ultimte enemy. cos shes psychoticly funny and NICE. weird-o. ahahha. yah. great discovery. i think its true. hahaha.

I WANT LONG JUAN FENG. anyone have?

im gonna change my blog. the entire thing. hah. just a few peeps this time. unless you wanna noe, then just ask. cos ill give it to you. =)

ohyah, third lang. not the same class as ashley. not the same class as yi xiang. not the same class as delphine. not the same class as yi ling. same class as chong yu and ying jie and elaine. J2K. my life is SCREWED.

ill scream for help, if anyone can hear me.

why you?

i dont know why. suddenly i feel un-loved.

-off to find me, byebye.

10:13 PM.
" Friday, November 11, 2005

so we ended up not making clay cos i was too lazy to teach. wahhaa. and we played comp and found out some WRONG facts. anyway, roseline has funny-colored undies. haha JKJK. err, we ate TUNA FISH SANDWICH. which i found nice. but i dunnoe abt the others. hur. and we watched my boyfriend is type B. and we talked. i mean TALKED. nvm. you know what i mean. yeahyeah. and i found out a horrible truth. but i dunnoe if i should go SEE it. owells, tmr theres se. lahlahlahh. i practised! whee! so accomplished although it still sucks. bleagh. i dunnoe what to write. i think im in shock O.O or rather fear.

toodles, nicc. i shant bother elaborating lest i give ppl the wrong idea.

11:20 AM.
" Wednesday, November 09, 2005

i plan to change my blogskin. i dont wanna generate hate for me in people. but somehow they seem to hate me. well, let me tell you this : I DONT GIVE A DAMN, ANYMORE. hope you got that. =) and to dear puimun, i agree, you are a genius. i cant find ure blog anymore! =X poorpoorme.

ignore the upper part if you feel lost already. okay. i got the harry potter tickets. but NOT to england. dammit. to GWC on the 22nd - -; yesyes. i hopw its GOLD CLASS LOUNGE. but then who am i kidding? theyre probably too cheapskate. i mean like 1 gold class ticket costs like $25. POOF* and before the movie got goodie bag and some tea party. omg. can you imagine. a PUBLIC tea party T.T so ATTENTION:


sighh. hope mom lets me watch JUST LIKE HEAVEN tmr with buina and some other unknown people. LOL. anyone from rv if you wanna watch the 250 show at cine tmr watching just like heaven - -; please tell me or buina. thankyou. blahblahblah. im so lazy to type already. owells, happy holidays!


oh and i just realised, my previous post i wrote : 7/8 cliche. its actually clique. sorry i copied the spelling from some loser blindly. thankyou.

12:46 PM.
" Tuesday, November 08, 2005

lahlahlahh. this morning i woke up HAPPY. thinking of all the crap i can blog abt. but suddenly, *POOF* everything went busted.

harry potter. ahah. i thought WORLD PREMIERE meant the whole world opened the show at the same time. never expected ahhh, nvm.

and yesterday was admm nice. SKY HIGH ROCKKED. ahahahah. wheeee. went with dawn and sop and ros and jy and christine. wheee. and we ate popcorn. now we know who CAN eat popcorn. heehee.

and then blogs. ahhah. theyre evil. i think. just like mom said. the world is basically evil but i think blogs are basically evil. bleagh, im either in shock or very pleased. cos my cliche is 7/8 of 1G!

yay me!

`my girlfriend became my arch enemy. my arch enemy became my best friend. and my best friend became my girlfriend. woots.


8:46 PM.
" Thursday, November 03, 2005

hello. omg. i wanna play gb. ahahaha. and i bought blades! wheeee. so i shall like post tmr. SORRY LAHHH! i v.lazy to type. yeah. so im just blogging to let you know that IM ALIVVVEE. XD



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