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9:06 PM.
" Monday, October 31, 2005

yo! long time no see. haha. yesterdays halloween party was funn! like i thought we would have nothing to do, but it was fun. =) we played game of life and ashley has 4 CHILDREN. yixiang has noone driving the car. LOL. sophia is just POOR until yixiang owed her loadsa $$$ haha. and we played volleyball. wheeee. and then we came back and ate. AND SCARED OURSELVES. lol. SCARED HUH THE MIDDLE PERSON! and then the suite life of zack and cody made it worse. HURHURHUR. aahaha. and then we played uno and heart attack. ahaha. damm funn lah!

okay, and today was PURE BORING.

im so lazy to blog. BLAHBLAHBLAH. i shall continue. owells, GOODNIGHTTT!

byebye bebe, nicc.

8:42 PM.
" Friday, October 28, 2005

bleagh. todays a sad day. last days of school are always sad days. and PLUS MR KIW IS RETIRING. haya all the rumours over the years, and OUR year had to be the one. well, i dunnoe if its a GOOD or BAD thing. owells, at least hes still coming to teach in dunman. personally, i think THATS WORSE. haha. okayy, and report book time was funny! GO PRIDA GO PRIDA ITS URE BIRTHDAY ITS URE BIRTHDAY. wahahaha. madness.

errrrr. halloween still on this sundayy! and majority ppl still coming. YAY. like ashley sop prida ros wj and jy. WHEEEE. ohh. i T.T again. IM A BIG FAT EMOTIONAL PERSON. dunnoe whether thats good or bad again. indecisive too. ^^

okay, tmr starts the 2 month hols. thats like bad, right? boredom kills. great, that phrase can come back in handy again. pfftt.

so am i going for class outing?

i Love you guys. thanks MOM!

see you next yr! prepare for the worst.

im immune, i hope ^^

nicc-this time, toodles, for real.-

5:16 PM.
" Thursday, October 27, 2005

okayy. just came back from third lang. LAUGH LIKE MADDD TODAYY. cos like MA CHUN LONG. ahahahaa. okay, nvm im mad. LOL. and ashley. SIGH. haha. ma chun long is *DREAMY*. xD owells, and i got a gift from 先生。if you cant see that, its SENSEI. yah.

tomorrow getting back report book! have to wait for like many many DREADFUL HOURS. like at 12.30 only can get back. BLEAGHHH. oh, and i just realised ITS THE LAST DAY OF SCH TMR! i dunnoe whether thats good or bad. HMM.

i cried twice at school. HAH. DONTASKjustknow. yeah, bcos of one of the dedicated person. well, i know not wroth crying over her. but seeing how she *backstabbed* me, i BROKE. bleagh, DONTWORRY! thats not going to happen anymore. im over you biatch.

you can go flirt for all i care. cos hes too dumb to notice you. cos ure a big fat loser. i mean you tail him everywhere and all he can do is say HUH? WHAT TALKING YOU? and he said ure just friends. GEDDIT? JUST FRIENDS. so get a grip, get a life and DEAL, WOMAN.

stop this nonsense right NOW.

nicc-i just cant be bothered anymore.

10:03 PM.
" Wednesday, October 26, 2005

hello! like my new template? haha. i doo. well at first this blog was dedicated to ONE person but sicne you dont like me either. yea sure, YOU CAN BE PART OF IT TOO! so its the 2 of you. haha. dont get it wrong, its not YOU. its YOU! ><

have fun!

i have a major attitude problem. =)


2:04 PM.
" Saturday, October 22, 2005

OKAYOKAY. finally i have come round to blog about SWING GIRLS. hahaha. i know it sounds rather wrong but yeah. its a japanese moovie i watched at third lang. SERIOUSLY ROCKKS. like its about this bunch of girls. the damm sissy, put nail polish, ai mei kinda girls and they like are forced to join this jazz band thingy. so they train and train then after that the actual band come back and they can leave. but they all like LOVE it liaos lah. then they form their own band. and then do SIOW things to get MONEY to buy instru. then they can only afford second hand VERY FUNNY. everything. DIED. lol. then they ask someone that works in the car scrapping place to fix. haha. then in the end they PRAC AND PRAC and then WHEEE!! THEY ROOCKK!


there are 2 types of people in the world
1 that CAN swing and 1 that CANT.


nicc. THANKS ASHLEY. lahlahlahhh~~

6:28 PM.
" Friday, October 21, 2005

lemme tell you all my SA results. cos i know ure here for them or you wouldnt be here. yes, im a genius. okay lets begin.

english - 71.5/100 highest: 84/100 yuesinggg. MADNESS
chinese - 75/100 89.5/100 wenbao. AS USUAL
maths - 86.5/100 full marks binghowe.
science - 74.5/100 79/100 chiachu
history - 53/80 64/80 sop+wenbao
home ecs - 34/50 45/50 sop+wenbao
lit - 50/75 53/75 MOM! hui bin
art - 73.8/100 i have no idea but i noe its WENBAO

happy? well. im not. i cried for history. and im sad forrr english and home ecs and art and lit. YAHYAH. but who cares. like i said everything happens for a reason. and i hope thats TRUE.
report books. are. EVIL. if there weren't such a thing, ppl wont be sad. but then again it makes things FUN. i cant believe i said that but yah. agree right? well, not in the mood to blog just err. gonna change my blogskin on monday to 'my hate for you knows no bounds.' dedicated to the very own YOU-KNOW-WHO. haha. call me a coward but denny and jess know who SHE is.

-Goodnight, goodnight
Walk away from the door
Walk away from my life
So Goodnight-


5:58 PM.
" Thursday, October 20, 2005

today was OKAY. first, we got back chinese. well okay lahh. 75. PHHEWWW. owells, but my ZUO WEN SUCKS! only 24. T.T then i ask wenbao [AS A JOKE!] ehh, how much you got ahh? then she was like hmm. CHECKCHECKCHECK. then she reply yah, 89.5 i was like O.O ITS A JOKE WOMAN!

then got back maths. WHEEEE!!! 86.5 lahlahlahhh. quite happy ehh? well mr tan was like i have a lotta good news ahh. blHBLAHBLAH. well bing howe got 100. no big deal. AAAAAHHHHH!!!! freek. and he was like OMGOMGOMG! then the WHOLEEEE face went BEETROOT REDD. haha then according to mr tan, 1G got like the highest average in sec 1. WOOOTTS!!!! yah. then benjamin was like NICOLE! how much you got? i got higher than samuel 'BEAAMM' then i was like HOW MUCH? then he dun wanna tell so i dont tell lor. then blahblahblah and finally he said 86.5. i was like -.-'' SAMA SAMA LAH! then after that samuel was like hah??? only 86 ahhh?? mr tan why liddat wan ahhh?? then mr tan read out like the top few. then samuel was like CONTINUE CONTINUE! expecting his name to be TOPPPS. it was rather HIGH UP THERE. but mine was higher. he was like O.O I HATE YOU.

haha. and on next to err. HOME ECONS! dontask. its evil but i dont really care lah! got 34/50 bleagh! sop and wenbao so pro! got 45. WHOAAA. then this BLOODY samuel. got 39.5 think damm pro. keep asking me what i got. URGH! GO AWAY GET A LIFE AND DEAL!

on to lit. BLEAGH! got 50/75 bleagh. who cares? but MOM IS SO PRO! she got HIGHEST IN CLASS 53!! nyaarr!! shes MY mom. =PpP then like practically everyone else in the class got 51. T.T WHERES MY ONEEEE MARK?! sad. life.

brr. tmr getting back hist and eng and art and science. GAY ASHLEY GOT 80.5 GOT ENGLISH!!! evilness. and like 25 for compo. GENIUS. pure GENIUS. owells, i cant wait to get back hist and eng compo and sci. xDDD! OOHYAHH!! MY JAP ROUND UP I GOT LIKE 95!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!!!

okay, i shall stop BOASTING, as some ppl say it. -.-'' and WISH MEE LUCK FOR TMR.



xD moms. love, nicc, elferish-

8:27 PM.
" Wednesday, October 19, 2005


but do you guys still wanna come and like watch a movie or smthing at my house anyway no more school liao?
SOSOSO??!! tell me hor. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

okay, talking to jess is so fun! like you can talk about anything, EVERYTHING. lol. about IM GOING TO BE A GODMOTHER! of SIX children. when jess gives birth. HARHARHAR. see what i mean? anything. even MAD things like this. LOL. and how life is so unpredictable. like when we went to the SAME PLACE as in country, at the SAME TIME, stayed at the SAME HOTEL, went to the SAME GOLD COAST, and DIDNT MEET! god. hahaha. like xiang zuo zou xiang you zou. bleagh.

SLAP ME! is this real? =X or am i living in a dream?

okay. sorry im going bonkkerrs. well today sure was B-O-R-I-N-G. i watched teevee. and slept. and ate. and played the comp. sounds familiar? YAH. thats what PIGS do. T.T anyways i watched WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON. another romantic comedy thats NICEEE. VEERRRYY NICEEE. but cinderella story still better. xD erjj AGREES THAT TAD HAMILTON IS SOOOOOO GOOD LOOKING.

sighh, live your dreams.

'TAD''s Biggest Turn-Off: People obsessed with wealth. "Money isn't everything and it can't buy happiness or love. Just live, no matter what happens. Even if I never get another $20 million movie deal I'll still live my life to the fullest and make every moment count."

wheeeee. money ISNT everything. xD


12:04 PM.
" Tuesday, October 18, 2005

sigh. just came back from soccer. we lost. thats not important. we lost GLORIOUSLY cos they dint even wanna play ^^ knowing that we suck, they kept kicking the ball out after 2 goals. fine, whatever. GREAT sportsmanship. ^^ owells, and the guys lost to 1C like 8 - 19. woowww. aahaha. bing howe came though despite his suspected shin internal injury. he was wearing his funkay red pants. LOL! anyways, yesterday was a fun game like 10 - 4 WHEE!! go BEBE and DOMINIQUE. dominique was like guarding the little man. HWHAHA. yeah. if not for the person who injured bing howe we would have won the second game i think. owells, everything happens for a reason. yahyah. gtg for third lang at 1240. so QUICK QUICK CHOP CHOP. haha. im panicking!! for getting back of results. BLEAGGH. help? and omg. holidays are screwed. dontaskjustknow. its her again.



the undeaded.

10:17 PM.
" Saturday, October 15, 2005

phewww. once again.


lol, just like came home from her house.

me and sop arrived then saw 3 pri sch friends then like keep laughing. SO MALU!! then we go upstairs then like they keep laughing at us for laughing. LOL!! SO MALLUATINGG!! anyways. then a guy came. like he knew hes the ONLY guy but he came. NEVERMIND. then weijia came. OHYAH! and this blur sop go and blurt what prida and christine and ros buy for her. -.-'''' that woman ahh. we played soccer and JIA CUT HER HAIR! i mean not during soccer but yesterday. haha. she looks like christine according to jy but i think she looks FUNKIER. back to the point. we played soccer and verryy tired. bleagh. jys pri sch friend yee see CAN PLAY! she rockks. but not in my team. but it was fun. then beginning of soccer ros and christine came. ros was like CANT BE NICOLE! SHES WEARING PINKk! HURMPH! okayy. then CANT BE SOP SHE LOOKS SHORT! like. OKAY!!! and CANT BE WEIJIA SHE HAS LONG HAIR! poor ros when she realised the truth. LOL. shockkingg.

anyways then blahblahblah. and went to barbeque. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS!? i thought they were only eaten in cartoon campfires. but it WORKS! its like crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. YUM! the longer you cook, the SWEEEETTEERR. mmmmmm! then blahblahblah. barbequing so funny. got like SWOLLEN FINGERS! and what not. LOL. and jys bro jia liang keep calling us losers. -.-''' okay. then we played prank calls and got into some trouble. DONTASK! anyways its cool now i hope. xDD

overall, SO FUNN! and im glad jy likes the present i gave her. she said as quoted from the conversation "its just what i wanted" YAYYY! and i left my shoes at her house. OHYAH! the shoes. ahahaha. okayy. it all started with ME. my mama say cannot play soccer with flipflops so want me to bring school shoes. i was like WHATT!!! look so malu on the mrt but nevertheless. i LISTENED TO MY MAMA. and then i went to sops house. then she keep laughing at mee. then her mama said must bring shoes like me!! put in plastic bagg!! HAHAHAAH. okay anyway not funny but at first sop said i look like maid with plastic bag. HURMPH!

well, monday i think the girls should go watch the guys match. i mean GIVE THEM SUPPORTT!!!! YEAHYEAHYEAH!!!! WHEEEEE!!!! lahlahlah. madness. but PURLEASEE GOO. then after that can practise soccer mahhhh. owells, byebye!

OHYAH! the final ppl coming for the halloween areee:

yahyah. heeeheeee happyy halloween!! AND GOOD LUCK FOR GETTING BACK OF RESULTS. =S

toodles, nicc

9:24 PM.
" Friday, October 14, 2005

sighh. grab ure popcorn.


EOYS ARE OVERR! pheww. though it felt shortter and much less subs then we took, WHO CARES? its overr. WHEE. im rejoicing. i mean like ONEWEEK of studying?! my brain was not made for studying. my hands were not made for writing. NO,NO,NO. bleagh, i got back my jap marks. xDDDDD <-- is that obvious or what. i shall not boast like SOME ppl say i do. =PpP okay, next thurs onwards get back other results. SSIIGHHHHHHHH.

wheee, i updated the links and deleted laines since its dead and rong huis and weilings i realised i linked twice. OOPS! so now hers is under Weiling for leong weiling and weilin for yang weilin. YAHYAH. dunman ppl this DOES NOT CONCERN YOU. lol. and i updated everything. ahahah. so rellookkk my profile. i realised i dont hate the L that much. i just dont wanna have anything to do with her. =D and HALLOWEEN!! details as followwsss.

date: 30 oct
time:4-8/9+++ or until you have enough sweets LOL.
venue: my house
wear: halloween stuffs like orange and black and red and rewally REALLY funky hair. i hope my mom buys face paint. WHEEE.
what we gonna doo: trick or treat. meaning go fm house to house shout TRICK OR TREAT! which is really spastic but youll get sweets. =) ahhaa. and i hope so many ppl well have FUN.
so far ppl going: sop, ros, prida, jy, weijia, ashley, yixiang, jess, buina, laine

okayy, yahyah. hayaaa was on hiatus for soo long.

owells, i hope i will post regularly nowww.WENT OUT WITH SOP, ROS, JY, CHRISTINE, PRIDA TODAYY!! so fun. WHEE! first we finish home ecs exam! THE LAST EXAM!!! OMGOMGOMG YAYYYY. yah i wanted to screeem but ppl dont want think i siowwww. anyways, then at first sop was hesitating then we managed to convince her. MUAHAHA. yah. we chasseddd the bus and jy saw monkey man and was like CONTROLLING HER LAUGHTER. lol. then we went to dhoby ghaut. blahblah. STEWWPID MOVIE THING! i think we reached ps at like 930 and the stewwwpid move thingy open at like 1020. HURMPH!anyway we went to change and saw like joanne that group. POOR jy emotional stress. NVM! we know nickkay is verrryyyy zhan yi to you. HEEEEHEEE. yah. FANG XINN WE SURE SUPPORT YOU WANNN. heehee. then bought ticket for sop and we went to eat mos burger. MMM. YUMM!! and then like ros so blurrr. the person ask her for money she still HUH?! ahahah. then SOPHIA ADMIT SHE AND BENJAMIN ARE A COUPLE. AWWW. heeeeheee. SS. wahahahah.

then we watch the movie. quite funny and nice. then according to sophia ros and prida were like are you crying? are YOU crying? like......... okkayyy....we watched corpse bride. quite funny and niceee. whee. then we went to heeren and took neoprints. really LAMEEEEEE. but when i have time ill scan 'em. then we came back and did FUNNY THINGS. made names and funny quizzes. so SPASTIC. hayaaa. go 1g class blog. LOL! no offence bebe!

well, tmr is jys bday partyy. playying soccer then eat. so HEALTHY. WAHAHAAH.

okkayy, i better go.toodles!

itsMYlife. - bonjovi rockks.


a bona fide smile

Hello! And welcome to my blog (:
I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
Dunman High
Gold with Honours
[2G]olien'06, j[4J]eremy'08

you know you love NY,
and NY loves you too!



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