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9:57 PM.
" Tuesday, September 20, 2005

sighh. finally get the time to blog. haya im like slacking lah. but i really think i gotta start revising and studying T.T i mean jap!!! i gotta JIA YOU LORHH. anyways, got tests and exams. BLEAGH. owells, wont be blogging often at all until well 14 oct? oohhhkkkeee, BYES PEOPLE.

love you always.


4:48 PM.
" Wednesday, September 14, 2005

okayy if i remember what i wanted to type, then its gonna be rather longg. =)

I THINK I ACTUALLY LIKE SOCCER. wahahahah we have been playing soccer for the past 2 pe lessons its soo funny. i mean like ME, SOCCER. sounds wrong. ohyah! eustance found out that WRONG means MORALLY UNJUST. loll. yahyah. but its quite fun when i handball and kick the bola to the 'enemys' goal. HEEHEE. my team rockks! we won 2 in a row. i mean SURE with ppl like weijia and tashi. xD and the other team had sophia and puimun. =) owells, we won 2 times in a row. xD yayy! and my team had mad cheerleaders like me and roseline and christine and the other team how could we forget jy.HEEHEE. then we SCREAMED. literally, when we like got close to the bola or smthing 'EXCITING' happened. LOLS. i love 1g

then erm. we had this maths quiz like yesterday and with ppl like gohjy and binghowe GENIUS, we i think won. -.- ahhaha. and i think im gonna fail tmrs hist test and fris math test. T.T

YES!!! yesterday yesterday liu dint come and today mdm john dint come. OMGOMGOMG. long storyy. no lah actually b4 mdm john came me and sop were studying hist then eustance was like mdm johns baby called and told her their house was on fire so shes not coming. we were like HAHAHAHAHA. babies can call. then HYPERVENTILATE again lahh. then daniel came in and said mdm john on MC. we were like WAHAAHAHAHAHA. super hyperventilation. LOLL.

ohyah!! ros and BRENDA, SHAN NIU. MOUNTAINS AND COWS. LOLLL. we decided to call prida LO BRENDA PRADA. bcos on the first day of school i thought pridas name was prada and ros thought her name was brenda. LOL. yeah, madness.

and ermm. OHYAH! almost close to end of recess so funny. eustance and samuel were like standing outside at the lockers so we saw their back and they were eating mamee. then gjy came and joined and looked like the SAN GE HAO REN. LOLLL. ahaha. and we names samuel HUI GE. eustance CHEN JIAN BING[the guy that always wear dress. WAHAHAH] and gjy LI GUO HUANG. ahahahahah. it was dammed funny. XDDD and gang hao today the canteen was selling the yellow ribbon for the criminal thingy. WHOA SO FUNNY TODAYY.

and hist was cool too. study with pia. LOL. pia if ure reading this. 8 FOLDPATH: know the truth, resist evil, say nothing to hurt others, respect life, free ure mind of evil, control ure thoughts and practise meditation!! OMG I DID ITT!!! and errr. okkayy, 3 gods of hinduism. Brahma, creator, Vishnu, preserver, Shiva, destroyer of evill. YEAHYEAHYEAH! and 4 noble truths.
1. life is full of sorrow and pain
2. because man desires for pleasure wealth and fame
3.so we should end all these desires
4. and follow the 8 foldpath!!
sighh. i rockk. errr. and like no more lahh OOHH!! islam errr.
Iman:faith to Allah and the messenger Prophet Muhammad
Salat:Prayer 5 times daily direction of Mecca
Zakat:Giving of alms
Saum:Fasting in the month of Ramadan
Haj:pilgrimage to Mecca, birthplace of Islam.

WHEEE!! i feel so accomplished. now i gtg study the other 2 SICKK chapters. owells, thanks for reading. BYEES.


toodles, nicc

6:54 PM.
" Tuesday, September 13, 2005

sighh. this cbox is cranking up todayy. hayaaa i dun wanna study for history and doo the freeken op. EEEEWWW. i watched school of rock the other day on hbo. OMG I WANNA LEARN THE ELECTRIC GUITAR. xDDD. sighh. i got back my jap test todayy. as usual i got the highest thankyew thankyew. MAHAHA jk. haya jy wnna buy muvo liaoos. hope her dad allow. WHEEE. omygosh and my lit!!! ahaha. i got exactly the same marks as prida and benjamin sim wei ming. LOL. 13 and 25. 13.13.13!!! sighh. and the highest is tashi 19. SERIOUSLY MY LIT SUCKKS. boohoohoo. hurhurhur. i havent mastered the art of crapping i guess. =( heeeheee. OWELLS, whoos aaron? hes MY husband.

toodles dudes and duddettes. xDD

8:07 PM.
" Monday, September 12, 2005

okayy, me and jess are like COOL. but i wanna keep the previous post to like SEE HOW ANGRY I WASS. =)

omg. this is the funniest ever conversation i ever had. muahahaha. must read to the end! if youknow jt and jess and me. LOLLL. this is the story of how i married aaron and how distorted facts are in hwa chong institution and how i absolutely abhor;detest;despise;HATE;is grossed out at mr NG HOU SHUN. who should die a horrible death for lying. and thankyew jt. MUAHAHA. and of course my pastor, jess.

clueless is mee then i change to IIIIILLLL.
*wil is jt jiantong
jess is jess lah!

clueless?: you like joey?!
*wil: ????
clueless?: isit?
clueless?: my special princess
clueless?: AWWW.
*wil: i make this clear 1st ah
clueless?: haya wait what shes PUTTING A KNIFE AT URE CHEST!!!!!!
*wil: she never force me to write all those
clueless?: so you ZI YUAN
clueless?: YOU LOVE HER?

jEss'lynKHO: love is too strong
*wil: i dunno. anywayz hou shun say you like someone call aaron izit?
jEss'lynKHO: OMFG
clueless?: mee??!!
jEss'lynKHO: LOL[22:38:11]
clueless?: i like aaron???[22:38:16]
jEss'lynKHO: *faints*
clueless?: WHOS AARON?
clueless?: I LOVE AARON!~
jEss'lynKHO: yes yes i know
jEss'lynKHO: i pronounce you both husband and wife
*wil: hou shun whole class say you break up with hou shun because of a guy call aaron ha


*wil: go ask this guy call jing wei
*wil: hs best fren
jEss'lynKHO: she belongs to me

4:54 PM.
" Saturday, September 10, 2005

i hate you.

i dint go ice skating.

i hate you.

im sick and tired of waiting for you all my life.

i hate you.

im not ure servant.

i hate you.

i should have never talked to you.

i hate you.

remember the rgs open house where you stood me up?

i hate you.

remember when i waited for you in all the dates?

i hate you.

remember when you were angry with ure sworn sister?

i hate you.

remember drama where i lent you the teeshirt?

i hate you.

should i forgive you?

i hate you.

i knew you too well yet i thought you would change.

i hate you.

should i forgive you? i dont know.

i hate you.

i dont want to lose a friend but can i trust you again?

i hate you.

9:25 PM.
" Friday, September 09, 2005

ayee! dunnoe why i posted like 3 posts todayy. so bored huh. the stewpid ji1 dan4 show final episode tonight. my mother watching 0.0 haha. GOING ICE SKATING TMR! i think i must be the only idiot to be sooo eggxited (oops, overwhelmed by the ji1 dan4 show) abt this. haii. if only 4 more ppl can comee! and i just realised that 4 o clock got the like cleaning of the rinkk waste 20 mins. budden can rest and check for blisters xD!! owells, im going to watch the stewwpid show. HARHARHAR.



3:24 PM.

i just came back from suntec city. i HATE IT. a big place where everything is happening and human jams occur and when you go to a place nono an exhibition, you PAY. OMG, PAYY!!! some natas fair where you go see what cheap holiday you wantt and you PAY TO GO IN. i cant believe it. anyway we didnt. i hate suntec. HATE bold and underlined. anyways, then me mama and yeeyeekhoon went to marina square to park and then walked to the bold and underlined place, where i almost DIED of boredom. yeshh. and then walked back to marina square to have a PERFECCT lunch. CHARSIEW AND DUCK AND GOOSE RICE. omg, i noe, HEAVEN. HEEHEE. well now im slacking at home. i literally havent done ANY ANY ANY homework. i think now im gonna research on MOLES for my op. XD

ps. moles as in those on ure BODY.

toodles, grossed out, nicc.

9:31 PM.
" Thursday, September 08, 2005

what am i doing? owell, im trying to improve my chinese song dictionary. HEEHEE. as you know how illiterate i am in chinese. 0.0 YESYES. first from jess and now from my bossman buinaa! yeah! she rockks. shes a bossman of few words but it 'irritatingly funny' as quoted from your truly, jesslyn winata. HARHARHAR. so anyone out there!! you wanna help me improve my chinese song dictionary, PUR-LEASEE! LOL, i am so NOT desperate. and ohyes forgot to mention yesterday at yoshinoya AH CHENGG! this sales lady shes called AH CHENG. damm funny. me and buina ordering then the counter put down there BIGBIG CAPS SOMEMORE. [[YOU ARE BEING SERVED BY AH CHENG]] LOLL!! almost died of laughter. and then yesterday met brian the guy from erm. 6E i think. yah, on the escalator. i heard him call buinas name then i look ard then i saw him dunnoe why i [SCREAMED] LOL. seriously, i am M-A-D.


toodles, nicc.

3:39 PM.

yeahyeahyeah! love youu. hope you have a greatt day though ure not reading this. =) owells, chinese gay peer teaching wasnt that badd today. had chicken rice for lunch. asusual was very nice. i mean chicken rice cant go wrong. XD haya, CHICKEN RICE!!! tonight going to choose THE MAID. ahahah. no lah, a new maid cos my maid wanna go back home to study T.T haya then gonna eat BAK KUT TEHH!! WHEEE. im bored. talk to mee!! i wanna take neoprintts. HEEHEE.


toodles. NICCKSTERR.

9:26 PM.
" Wednesday, September 07, 2005

today was fun!! haha went out with buina and jess. whhee. we were supposed to meet at 12. OMG! i must mentioned this. i was wearing a skirt and the wind was like STRONG. OMG. you can imagine what happened. but it dint fly HEHEH. i looked like a doot trying to keep it down. WAHA. then i hate to be early. I HATE TO BE EARLY. I HATE TO BE EARLYY!!!! i was waiting like a complete IDIOT. booohooohooo. yah. then we ate yoshinoya. urr. went to taka to get treated to my coffe bean!!! my pure vanilla ice blended. yes, SLURRRPP!!! yah, then went to watch one more chance. the singaporean jack neo show abt exconvicts. the ending is so -.-''' but its funny. i mean mark lee in a show how can not be funny right? yahyah. then we were bored. ate kfc cheese fries. this jess can really eat!! lemme tell you under her influence what we ate. hmm. yoshinoya for lunch. then stole a bit of her famous amos. then ice blended. then kfc cheesefries i share with buina she BY HERSELF. ahah. anyways, NOFAIR! SHE GROWS VERTICALLY AND I GROW HORIZONTALLY T.T ahha. and she wants to be SHORT??!!!! sheesh, what is this world coming to. and then we walked to heeren and far east for no rhyme or reason ahaha. then we went home. =)) was funn! i mean buina and jess how can be not funn right? haha. RV ROCKKS! yay! and we're going to ice skate this saturdayy!!! yeahyeahyeaH!!! wwwwhhhhheeeeeeee. =)) tmr going to doo chinese proj. DREADING IT. I HATE CHINESE. I HATE CHINESE. I FREEKEN HATE CHINESEE!!

toodles. love, nicc.

dont get influenced by unneccessary people. screw them.

11:19 AM.
" Monday, September 05, 2005

WHEE! DONEEE!! like this skin? well if you dont, I DONT CARE! lol. go see the tagboard. lardeedumm. love it. =)) and yah i got 15 1/2 for science!!! WOW. and chinese bleagh whoo cares 35 1/2 LOLLL. haya i dun care lah. anyways, sorry havent been blogging for a long time. well HOLIDAYYYSSSSS. whee. go see my calendar. im FREE on friday and saturday and sunday. HINTTTT** LOL, jk. anyways, got back class photos. EEW. look like so GONG TOOT. HEEHEE. the more you look the fatter L looks. i mean her THIGHS. URGH. seriously, she needs liposuction. WAHAHAAH. im born evil. yay. 1G rockks! shawn lim was so happy with our bday cake and card for him. XD. BRIBERY. works most of the time. heehee. and teachers day was gay. RV so mean hardly ppl there. =( and then we went to dennys houseeeeee to watch RYAN STARR AND HER BEAUTIFUL EYEBROWS AND JUSTIN GUARINI WITH HIS FUNKKAY HAIRR!! seriosuly, im mad. LOL. haya im gonna cook LUNCH FOR MYSELFF NOWW. whee, talk to ya laterr.


a bona fide smile

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