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8:37 AM.
" Wednesday, June 29, 2005

sighh. school started yesterdayy. well BORING. change of timetable. i wish i had geog instead of history and mrs wong. oh. her hair. ATROCIOUS. she like PERMED IT AGAIN. isnt curly enoughh? owells, its HER life. haha. then the timetable sucks! wednesday still stay till 3.20. eew. the new maths teacher...like mrs gan. blur, easy to bully. MUAHAHA. then got 3 PERIODS OF LIT. i almost nearly dieded. then got back geog exam. i got 63 1/2 outta 80. =) *tou xiao* like 3rd highest in class? WHEEE! and i got highest for geog in class like SA2, then gjy like keep saying wrong marks. WHATEVER. for now im the highest. =D well, 1Gs like normal except we all miss van. lahlahh, getting back acc test tomorrow. fail? yea, whatever. haha,easy to sayy. anyways, no school for 1 week!!! like 18th july, some elearning portal thingg. well, excuse to come online AND can go out. dhs rocks! youth dayy, sighh.

4:58 AM.
" Monday, June 27, 2005

it was a SUCCESS!!! lahlahlahh. after shi rong played her solo , i, oh nevermind. i shall not say. :X hehe, well it was FUNN! we were waiting for the people to shout ENCOREEE! and they did. yah,duhh. and shi rongs solo was like. --!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-- yes, THAT good. wheee! had a good time. stewwpid weijia, if only she told mee dunneed so early in the morning go her house then i would have gone supper with SE. X.X owells, whee people!

boohoo, tomorrows school. and i havent finished my homeworkk. what contradiction.

11:59 AM.
" Saturday, June 25, 2005

well, tomorrow is se concertt. still cant play arensky well, but i WILL TRYY! and please come and support. if you REALLY wanna come, call mee! i can help you reserve tickets. =) ermm, the se days were funn and tired lahh. i really hope the concert will rock the house [in a classical wayy] and everyone will have fun! well, will miss the sec 4s. haha. unfortunately my autograph book is STUCK in someone's hands and i CANT retrieve it. [AHEMMMMMM] anyways, im gonna get rid of HER. KILL HER. HOPE SHE GETS AIDS. KILL HERR. LIKE CUT OFF HER NECK AND SHUFF HER HAIR DOWN HER THROAT. THEN SEW IT BACK. AND CUT HER UP, MAKE IT INTO CURRY AND SERVE IT TO HER MOTHER. YES, ITS HERR AGAIN. dontaskmewho,justKNOW. FREEK. i shall cancel it and not be as unscrupulous as HERR.

1:08 PM.
" Monday, June 20, 2005

URGH! go away lahh! everything also wanna interfere. i cant stand youu! just kill ureself cos nobodys gonna care LOSER [oh, besides ure MOM] i betcha dun even have ANY REAL friends. sheesh, why am i angry over you? sighh, i need consultation. JESS!WAITFORMYPHONECALL! X.X

*thisreferstoYOU.YES,YOU.* <-- someone with 5 and 6 letters in THEIR [meaning 2 people's] name. both are FEmale.
-haiyah GO AWAY LAHH.-

4:44 AM.

sighh...it was like just yesterday when i got mahh tom 25 and saw gay man and now its like OVERR. sheesh, time FLIEES. well, haha [gotta say this] gay man was nice but seriously loso. ok lahh hes not gay man but DENNIS. and DENNIS SIM. so prida created benjamin [cos there was a mr benjamin] sim dennis and jy laughed, uncontrollably. and yesterday was the funnest cos we got into HUGEEEEE s-size tees and performed. during our break me, prida, christine, jy, nicholas, joanne, lionel, gjy and some other ppl played polar bear and i looked very very GUILTY so i was always suspected as da murderer, even when i was NOT. =.='' then we played truth or dare and i was made to hit daniel on the head. HARHARHAR. i DID. it was funn lahh. then i couldnt go supper with 1g cos MOM said too late and ermm when giving debrief , cant believe jasmine cried. lol, talk about emotional. oh mann! se tomorrow and the whole week, 9-5 and i still cant play arensky. am i dead or am i dead?

11:10 AM.
" Friday, June 17, 2005

well, that was how i felt when i came home from the drumming fest. cos the lunch was the HORRIGIBLE, TERRIGIBLE, VEGETABLE. seriously, it SUCKED. so i ate like 1/53476876153645864 of the lunch box. then the gay man in-charge of us was sho naggy when he even said " i dont mean to be like naggy like grandfather grandmother ... blah..." yahyahyahh.. what a liarr. then ermm, i was stinky and sweaty and feeling GROSS. yah, then like we march in the sun and drumdrumdrum WHEE! quite fun but shooo exhausting. [[jess, i bet if you went you'd curse and swear and die of heat stroke]] HAHA, taitai-freek. yahla, thats pretty much my whole dayy. then tomorrow going to simei ite to rehearse. its gonna be worse. i KNOW it. yahh, then jess FINALLY did up her blog. [[PHEWW.]] and i feel like changing my blogskin again. should i buy limewire? =( anyways, gonna go laze around. see yah suckers!

12:16 PM.
" Thursday, June 16, 2005

jy just left mah housee. we watched cinderella story!!! yay! ><. then we ate a great dinner. i mean cos i was famished. we had baked beans with luncheon meat and egg, fish, egg with meat and veges. YUMM! ermm, today drumming ok lohh. got this REALLY POSITIVELY GAY instructor. hes funny but lame and likes dance like those teach lao ah ma to dance in community centre kinda dance. old and gay. SIGHH, poor him? haha. then i BEGGED jy to take neoprints and we did. yay. and i got a WOODEN drum thats brown when everyone else got black. boohoo. so odd one out. but luckily dint get the purple shiny one. X.X heh, well, ok day lahh, sorry i was so pissed yesterday. then ermm, I DOUBT I CAN FINISH MY HOMEWORK. sigh, lazy mee lahh. =P. owells, toodles.

12:54 PM.
" Wednesday, June 15, 2005

today's the worst day of my life. where's my guardian angel?

11:07 AM.



12:23 PM.
" Tuesday, June 14, 2005

went out with jess! whee! it was so fun.
firstly, she was late AGAIN. when i called her at cine she was at home, as usual. =.= then she came with felix and we ate kfc and watched my boyfriend is type B. very nice show. SHOULD WATCH! funniness. then we took neoprints. YAY. then we went to tb and met elaine and houshun and weiyang and simon and yang jie and yi jun at bukit ho swee community centre. took the card to rent comics and knew a big BIG secret. *zippity zip*. then went to tbp. ermm, bought a pair of earrings. then went to funan. ate dinner there and went home lor. on the way it was very funny, knowing jess. YAY! funnn.
-toodles, TOING!-

8:24 AM.
" Monday, June 13, 2005

whoa this is going to be superrrr long.

mah trip to england by me

the plane ride
it was ok lah. saw old moovies. not as bad as i thought.

1st day
went to stonehenge.
drove to bath. small nice place, loved it. bought fudge. yum.
went to cheddar gorge. saw like this HUGEEE cave. veryveryveryverynice. and obviously its the birth place of cheddar cheese so bought lah but died somewhere along the line.
went to torquay and paignton. saw colorful beach houses. hehe.

2nd day
shopped at mcarthurglen a shopping centre.
drove to oxford to see harry potter great hall and what not. it was small but the moovie ppl ENLARGED it. heh.
went to blenheim palace. so exp to go in sho dint go.

3rd day
alton towers!!! a theme park lah. queue like a 1 hour to get in and walk SHOOOO far to get in and only sat 5 miserable rides. cos we dint noe the school kids there had 1/2 term break. sighh. and we queued for this AMAZING ride for 45 mins and it broke down. luckily mom got a ticket to sit the ride like priority lahh. it was AMAZINGLY GOOD. me and yeo bought the pic. i looked REALLY FUNNY.
will upload pics when i get to it.

4th day
went to see a beatrix potter exhibition. really cute though im not a fan.
went to launderette in windermere and washed . like 1/2 the day was gone.
wanted to visit the lakes but it was raining.

5th day
blackpool rocks. its a theme park. like we sat 22 rides. WHEEE. everyone should go there. dint sit the ULTRA HIGH ONE. daj would have. hehe. yeo wanted but too bad im too scared.

day six not much.
haya write until here first. sian lahh.

anyway overall the day was long cos summer then can do alotta things. and bought things for mah close frens. SORRY BINA AND MEL. DIDNT BUY ANYTHING FOR YOU. I WILL BUY YOU SMTHING BIGG NEXT TIME. SORRY!
going out with jess tomorrow, cant waitt!

8:57 AM.
" Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ELLO!! i am in england. haha. its like 6 here and 1 dere. boohoo, things here like SHOO expensive. bought some things for some people. ^^. dunt wanna go bak, homework plus drumming plus se = no time. BOOHOO. well, we still having class outing? and JESS CAN GO OUT ON THE 13TH??? haha. owells, toodles peoples, see yah on da 12th. ^^.
* this time is england timee*

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