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10:02 AM.
" Saturday, May 28, 2005

SEE LAHH! I REALLY FORGOT SOMETHINGG. haya I CANT FINISH WATCHING GOLDEN FAITHH!! $&*^#%*$%*^#@**#$^$(@ boohoo. but luckily jess got the vcd YAYNESS! LEND MEE HOR JESS!!!!!

10:00 AM.

well so many things to cover todayy.

firstly, vanessa officially doesnt belong to DHS anymore. but we'll always remember her as the chio bu. haha. well, she promised to go out with mee and we'll keep in touch and she wrote in my autograph book liao so WHEE. wishing her all the best. ^^

then this morning 1G got 1ST FOR THE CREATIVE CLASSROOM DEISIGN THINGY! YAY!! though EVERYONE thought 1H would win lah but they dun need to sore loser right? then they say we TAIKO. haya, *toot* them lahh.

next, today i was so friggin angry with GJY. he dun wanna go to se concert then dont go lah! somore say the concert only 1/2 hour. WHATS HIS PROBLEM? URGHHH. GET A LIFE TOO.

then, i was so HAPPY! i got back my report and i got 3rd in class. MUAHAHAHA. so unbelievable. then JY also v.happy she got 5th. HEHE.

oh yah and b4 that we had springg cleaningg. it was so BLACK,basically. and we all worked togetherr yay. then siew eng saw a masking tape written AP on it and then we were like OMG IT WASNT THERE B4! then we were angry and told liu lao shi. then we realised it stood for AWARDED PRIZE [[ for the classroom deco thing lahh]] we were like 'OOOPS.'

oh yah then today our new maths teacher is mr tan smthing lahh. TOO ALL GOLIENS:MY COUSIN SAY MR TAN IS NICE. PHEWW. if its the right guy, that is.

then after the report book, we gave 3 cheers to like everyone then when we gave 3 cheers to vanessa, i suddenly felt so SAD. then jy and i SOBBED.

what a day, pheww. and my june holidays are like BOOKED. hehe [[i know i am SHO popularr]]. ^^ and well, GOING TO ENGLAND TOMORROW! see yahh.

i tell you after reading this post, you better come back and read again cos i SURE forget to add smthing onee. [SOTONGG]

9:11 AM.
" Friday, May 27, 2005

haya i seriously have BADDD memory i forgot to add smthing again. today we gave mr bean a tweety bird as a farewell present. then DANIEL was shoo fascinasted with itt. he was like 0.0 and poking it, exploring the eyeball. blahblahblah. then mr gan sang tong hua, which made the whole class laugh and me and jy practically criedd. then steewwwpid mr gan made us take class photo and luckily i was so short i could only see my hair. WAHAH. and then i took a pic of mr gan HUGGING tweety bird. oh yah, ms tang most likely isnt gonna be our english teacher liaoo. ish it good news or badd news?
-toodles- =)

8:42 AM.

SIGHH. oh yah i forgot to add that i saw clive yesterday at RV. he also sama-sama lahh.

VANESSA'S LEAVING. so sadd! just because dhs is mooving. boohoo, our chio-est bu in our class is gone. we'll have to re-elect one lorr. but she's so nice and pweety. SIGH. this world is bad.

to vanessa: 1G will never forget you and you musn't too. ALL THE BEST AND DO US PROUDD. see you in jc? haha. owells, must go out with mee one day during june holidays horr. deal. =) will miss you.

did some crazy stuffs like play polar bear =.='' which is also murderer lah. then imitated JY's SHHHH. haha nicholas. and erm i ate PURPLE AGAR-AGAR!! it was sho nicee. =) oyah, agar is not agar used in biology. =.='' anyways, GONNAMISSYOUVANESSA! ~muackkkz


2 more days to englandd.

8:36 AM.
" Thursday, May 26, 2005

sowwi ahh i forgot to add smthings. more to read haha.
ANYWAYS, tomorrow 1G and 1B is combining to hold a celebration oops, i mean farewell party for bean. by the way bean is my maths teacher but hes so stewwpid and dumb like mr bean so hence the name. then erm i gotta miss some of itt cos got this dumbo meeting. but heck lahh. and ermm.. oh yah the drumming festivall!! YAYNESS I AM GOINGG!!! today so funny cos 1G mep class then after the announcement for the drumming thing to meet at foyer then almost everyone rush out and bean was like GUARDING THE DOOR PREVENTING US FROM LEAVING. wahhaha. sho funny. anyways, SE CONCERT TICKETS LIMITED VERY LIMITEDD! GET IT WHILE YOU CANN! $8 25TH JUNE SCHOOL AUDIT. IT RAWKS. =)

8:11 AM.

wahha. just came back from rv. i saw MEL, DENNY, JAMIE, WEILIN, SIEWLIN, CLIVE, BUINAA. yeah lets talk abt them all.

hes haya the sama-sama lahh. but he likes BERYL. [[pronounced as berr]] HAHA. i dunno why. but thats her anonymous name. but soon ill figure out who it is... =.='' ohyah, and his school shoes are falling apart...

HE HAS FLAPPING POCKETS! haha and he likes eating what he cooks[[home ecs]]. and his school shoes suck. ORANGE AND BLUE for cat high. eew.

same but she cut her hair. actually looks ok lah. she REALLY looks like an RGS person lorr. haha and her school band is performing at botanic gardens playing erm GOODBYE [[sound of music]] and ABC SONG. haha. go see larh. ask her for details.

they look like nurses in rv uniform and siewlin has braces like muahh! and weilin ish EXACTLY THE SAME. and weilin likes ermm was it GONG JI! as in attack or smthing. [[weilin pls correct me =.='']]

my boss so nice hehe never order me ard. plus she so PWEETY. muaha. I LUBB YOU.

oh yah today sho funny my mom fetch me at the school gate lah then i dun wanna get down scared too late then i will ermm.. like be the only one there so we drove away. HAHA. then i saw denny[[luckily]] and then i got down and YAYNESS!

then today at dhs got this ermm like inspirational thingy lahh then after that they say tell ure loved ones you love them today. then prida went insane! and keep saying i lub you. EEW. prida im sorry but one more time i say, WO MEN SHI BU KE NENG DE! go cook ure carrots. ><.
oh yah and and acc we watched this zong zi video then so interesting then tan kb like sho happy when he see the woman. that sicko.

oh yah im gonna fail lit and science. ^^.


8:32 AM.
" Wednesday, May 25, 2005

tomorrow no netball cos mr loh got smthing on. so MAYBE and MOST LIKELY not going to rv lah. cos zhang lao shi weent to BEIJINGG. and i got about a ton of homework. then hor. WAHAHA. GRH I KNOW URE CRUSH AND IM GONNA TELL THE WHOLE WORLDDD. MUAHAHA. no lah, im obliged to *ZIPP* anyways, wish me luckk for tomorrow's science test and lit test cos im gonna FLUNKK. then yeah.

8:52 AM.
" Monday, May 23, 2005

sighh... yeo just left my housee. we played HOPSCOTCH. HAHA. funniness. but it was fun! lahlahh. anyways, this blog looks so simple and plain but thanks againm BUINAAA and ELAINEE!!
owells, i am going to ENGLANDDD next saturday. cantt waitt! again, with yeo and her mom and my mom. its da longestt holiday we're going together for. any souvenirs wanted? just tag or email me at
nicole_yim90@hotmail.com . oh yah! today i bought an autograph book for DHSSE sec 4s to sign for muahh.
karmun, shirong,niang,baopeng,kenneth,michelle,sunny,suhui,annong,zhuen,elizabeth,shufang,valerie,zhiwei,manhao and yifei! [[if i forget any of you, pls remind mee]]
sighh. gtg doo homeworkk.

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