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1:36 PM.
" Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am an icecream monster.

I have started packing this morning and I dunno how I'm gonna fit everything in when there's still so much junk left. Won't be able to bring much stuff given to me by all the lovely people but I brought pictures! And that should suffice. Meanwhile, I hope not too many people appear in the airport tmr OR come late after rushrushrushing there and miss seeing me. Aww.

Feeling very tired at this moment due to the sleepless nights and running nose and itchy eyeballs. I realllly hope tmr'll be a good flight cos I fear the plane. Wish I had a house which could be uprooted by balloons ;)

Till next time.
Love, Nic.

10:34 PM.
" Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What a rare occasion ... I'm blogging! Again!

Anw, I doubt anyone comes here at all but this is an advertisement!

Do come to DHStrings concert on 16th May 2009, it's $6, Free seating!, at Dunman High School's (newly built) Performing Arts Centre (PAC), repertoire includes Mendelssohn, Walton, Tchaikovsky and many others. I ensure it won't be any ole boring classical bobo cos we are the ONLY! Gold with Honours ensemble in Singapore! for this year and our Senior High ensemble is Silver! but definitely Honours worthy hahahah. Come have a listen cos you won't regret and (it's my last concert) and shout encore if you do :D

I wanna learn Korean. Hohoho. So that I can converse with Yijung/Jihu/Junpyo HAHAHA.

Love, Nic.

P.S. xixi if you're reading this, I'm gg to STARE/OGLE at MY WANGLIHONG AUTOGRAPHED poster on my wall now :D

9:59 PM.
" Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm just updating cos I'm bored. My MSN CANNOT WORK COS I DL-ED THE NEW VERSION NOW I WANNA DOWNGRADE THEY DON'T LET ME T.T WTHHHHH HELLO IT GUY A.K.A FACAI I NEED YOUR HELP T.T And there's nothing to do on facebook. And I don't wanna do homework cos I don't understand functions T.T

My cousin's getting married/got married today o.0 today was the chinese tea ceremony thing and tmr's the solemnisation and dinner (I'm wearing my prom dress!) Apparently it's a very good day to get married today cos out of the limited number of people I know, there are about 4 couples getting married wowwhee.

Hi xixi, I updated.

I just read a certain someone's blog, it was VERY funny. Reminiscing the times we spent hating her, oh niao-er, you provide entertainment in our lives. And you will forever be a bird.


I BOUGHT ARMY SPECS HAHAHAHAHAHAH that rodion looks nice in wth.

And SYF is in 39 days HOHOHO.

You know when I start these one-liners, that my post is gonna end cos I will eventually run out of random facts there are currently happening in my life.

So, go watch the second part of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on ch5 now (:

Love, Nic.

9:27 PM.
" Wednesday, February 18, 2009

XIXI! If you're reading this, I miss you! And I love you! <3

Saturday prac is starting and I may not be able to paint houses boohon ))))))))))): but then again the Walton makes me VERY excited during prac lol!

And I'm gg to wach Slumdog/eat icecream this friday! yay! And I've given up/can't be bothered with active communication with a certain someone and 过河拆桥 is a very interesting 成语 :D

I've been coming online quite rarely these few days and I've been sleeping at ard 10pm every night teehee it's 930 now and my brain is starting to shut down and I think I failed the chem pop quiz and netball isn't gonna take part in competitions and woodstock has lost his X-factor (if he even had any to start with) and I've sorta lost interest in him o.0 or not though people are making me change my mind. This is a very complicated sentence. Ignore it.

I feel awfully random tonight and I can't wait for Friday/Saturday! :D
Love, Nic.

11:08 PM.
" Saturday, February 14, 2009


I love the library garden in the middle of the building place and I love MOF! and IMO! and laughing so loud and so hard that the entire restaurant stares at you (and your 4 valentines) and reminiscing about allllllll the embarrassing moments while getting mou mou to confess her true love.

I love AF! :DDDD
(and oh, I love free makeovers ;))

Love, Nic.

11:56 PM.
" Friday, February 13, 2009

Ask me why I'm awake at such an unearthly hour and I'll tell you. My hair is wet and I can't sleep with wet hair cos I came back late on the coldcold bus all alone through geylang after an awesome! dinner with SE peepul :D

And I'm here to update my blog cos kawai says it's dead/dying. Well this short post aint gonna revive it much but it'll just prove that I still care abt this space okay.

Today was damn fun! except ms ye and ms tan were kinda ... datelessweird. I hope the 17 of you liked my handmade/hand-iced cupcakes! (not muffins zenn tan) cos they were made for each of you from the bottom of my heart (:

Am sooooooo looking forward to tmr cos I have not 1 not 2 not 3 but FOUR! Valentines! And I'm gonna watch Bride Wars and sing Lihong's songs! Whooo! :D

And I love my angelllllllllllllllllll aka Steffi Tan! (ashin/me-lookalike says samson) cos she gave me toto/turtur(coined by taxy) that aaron loves to hug and rodion loves to squish it's face into a flattened tofu thing.

Okay, my words are starting to baffle even myself I shall get off this computer and off to bed (with my un-dried hair)

Love, Nic.
Happy Valentine's! <3

10:41 PM.
" Thursday, January 29, 2009


Okay, and that refers to the damn BSP overdue lunwenz.

Anyway I survived netball training yay. It was sooo fun playing the game again after sooo many years! :D

I am kinda annoyed by all the campaigning, it's like a show of desperation or smthing. But I guess that's the way it is huh. Tmr got Dunkit! with AF! And lujixizi is one embarrassing creature. Caution: Do Not Approach. And I don't like senior high uniform cos I LOOK WEIRD hor? ):

Okay, this entry is just to show that I am not abandoning this blog yay.

Happy Chinese New Year, I miss self-exploded fireworks in JB ):
Love, Nic.

a bona fide smile

Hello! And welcome to my blog (:
I'm nic, part of AF.
btw, bona fide means REAL, it ain't French.

Neeeek-ole (:
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